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Dermedic Cosmetics and the treatment of androgenetic alopecia

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia is not easy, it requires arming oneself with patience and finding a really effective method of fighting hair loss. Pharmacological treatments with strong but not entirely safe drugs such as finasteride (you can read more about finasteride in this article: Finasteride – hair loss pills to watch out for! Vitamin and mineral supplements for baldness and advanced dermocosmetics come to the fore. And how does the new line of Dermedic cosmeceuticals cope with androgenic alopecia?

Dermedic – shampoo for hair requiring strengthening and regeneration in several versions

dermedic capilarteThe Dermediccosmeceuticalsare divided into several different product lines, each of which meets different skin needs. One of them is the line of cosmetics for hair and scalp Capilarte. Among them, you can find two shampoos that help with weak, thin and falling hair and one anti-dandruff shampoo.

The first product is Dermedic Capilarte Shampoo – Hair Growth Stimulating Treatment. The product is distinguished by its rich composition, in which such substances as apple stem cell extract, royal basil extract, caffeine, vitamins, glycerin, among others, are concentrated. For shampoo for hair growth Dermedic Capilarte with a capacity of 300 ml we will pay about $ 12.

The second cosmetic is Dermedic Capilarte Strengthening Shampoo, inhibiting hair loss. In its content you can find: PilotantumTM complex, guar bean extract, vitamins E, C, PP, panthenol, glycerin. For the shampoo against hair loss Dermedic we will pay about 15 $ (300 ml).

The Dermedic brand has also prepared an anti-dandruff shampoo for people struggling with seborrhea and various forms of dandruff. Thanks to the content of normalizing, soothing, strongly purifying and fungicidal substances, the preparation fights both the symptoms and causes of dandruff. The composition of the anti-dandruff shampoo Dermedic Capilarte includes: zinc pyrithione, clotrimazole, glycerine, panthenol, olamine pyroctonate, lactitol. The price of the product is about $ 15 per 300 ml bottle.

Do you have problems with seborrhea and dandruff? Do you suffer from seborrheic alopecia? Check here to see which herbs will help you restore balance to your scalp.

Can Dermedic Capilarte shampoos help with androgenetic alopecia?

Although shampoos for hair loss and hair growth from Dermedic Capilarte line increase blood circulation in the scalp, stimulate hair follicles and hair bulbs to increased work, nourish and regenerate hair, they may give too weak effects in case of androgenic alopecia. At the same time with topical treatment it is worth to take an oral preparation inhibiting male pattern baldness, which will hit the main cause of hair loss (harmful effects of DHT hormone) and fight additional causes (bad diet, stress, body weakness). In this field Profolan deserves special attention.

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