dermena complex suplement diety 60 kaps

Dermena Complex – opinions, composition, indications, price – do popular capsules for hair loss really work?

Dermena Complex in capsules is one of the most popular dietary supplements designed to inhibit hair loss and improve its condition. In what cases is it worth to reach for Dermena Complex? Is it to some extent able to counteract androgenic alopecia?

Dermena Complex – product composition

dermena complex dietary supplement 60 caps

Dermena Complex, like most of its competitors’ products, combines plant, vitamin and mineral ingredients. However, it lacks amino acid elements, which also greatly contribute to improving hair strength and quality. The composition of Dermena Complex opens with an extract from field horsetail, which is present here in a moderately high dose (100 mg in two capsules). Further elements are vitamin C, vitamin E, and a rich palette of B vitamins. The preparation also contains elements, which are important for hair: zinc and selenium. They, as well as the vitamin components, are present in the doses corresponding to 100% of the daily demand (in two capsules).

An additional component of Dermena Complex tablets, which certainly deserves attention, is an extract from flax seeds. It is not often found in hair strengthening capsules, yet it can have a very beneficial effect on hair. The unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, bio-elements and lignans contained in the flax seed extract contribute to the regeneration and improvement of hair appearance and prevent hair loss.

Dermena Complex – effects

The elements contained in Dermena Complex strengthen the condition of weakened, brittle, thin, damaged, sparse and prone to hair loss hair. They nourish them, stimulate regenerative processes, strengthen hair bulbs and stimulate their growth. The immediate and fastest noticeable effect of these capsules is reduction of hair loss – during combing and washing hair less and less hair is lost. With the progress of the treatment you can also see faster hair growth, thickening, better nourishment, more shine and easier styling.

The problem is, not everyone finds this product helpful. In general, it works well or moderately well in the case of hair weakness caused by vitamin deficiencies, past medical treatment, hormonal imbalance, etc. However, it does not cope with androgenic alopecia, especially when it has already started to progress regularly. Dermena Complex is too weak in this case. Neither doses of particular ingredients nor their selection is adjusted to the problem of male pattern baldness.

In androgenic alopecia, dietary supplements are strongly recommended, which combine hair regenerating and strengthening properties with inactivating action of DHT hormone – the cause of androgenic alopecia. An example of such a preparation is Profolan which is most popular among balding men.

Dermena Complex – opinions

Opinions about Dermena Complex capsules are divided. Conflicting with each other positive and negative comments prove that this is a preparation with a rather delicate effect, only supporting hair restoration in some cases. Usually the most favorable opinions come from people who, for some reason, complained about weakened immunity, which also had a negative effect on hair. After the treatment, the hair stopped falling out, became healthier and gained in appearance.

Dermena Complex – price

If you are looking for a dietary supplement that will strengthen your hair and make it grow faster, Dermena Complex will certainly contribute to this to some extent. However, its level of effectiveness will depend on the cause and intensity of the problem. As for the price, Dermena Complex 60 capsules cost around €10, which is average, compared to competing formulations.

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