i dermena szampon zapobiegajacy wypadaniu wlosow 200ml

Dermena hair loss shampoo – will it help with androgenetic alopecia?

Dermena shampoo attracts more and more interest among people who fight baldness. It is certainly worth paying attention to in case of weakened and prone to excessive hair loss, but will it be able to inhibit androgenic alopecia?

Dermena – a shampoo from the shelf of modern dermocosmetics

i-dermena-szampon-zapobiegajacy-wypadaniu-wlosow-200mlDermena is an entire line of dermocosmetics, designed to improve the condition and deep regeneration of hair, skin and nails. Among them you can find a shampoo for hair growth for men, which, thanks to its innovative, unique formula is supposed to inhibit the process of androgenic alopecia. The secret of how Dermena shampoo works is a specially developed molecule Regen7 composed of a vitamin PP derivative, a physiological substance and an extract from brown algae. Penetrating into the skin, the molecule improves its blood supply, stimulates the renewal process of hair follicles, strengthens and nourishes thin and thin hair. It also contributes to the extension of hair growth phase, which protects it from premature hair loss.

Dermena Shampoo – opinions of men who tested it on their skin (and hair)

Opinions on Dermena shampoo are divided. More than 50% of men interviewed have positive opinions about this shampoo, about 25% consider it to be average and 20% say that it had no effect. Why are there such discrepancies? It is worth noting that men who noticed inhibition of the balding process and more intensive hair growth after Dermena, in the majority of cases were at the same time undergoing an oral therapy against baldness. Once again, the thesis that the best solution for those fighting hair loss is a combined use of a topical preparation and a dietary supplement for alopecia proves correct.

Shampoo against hair loss Dermena stimulates subcutaneous microcirculation, improves blood supply to hair follicles and nourishes them, at the same time the oral preparation supports protein synthesis needed to rebuild hair cells, fuels their growth and blocks the action of DHT hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia. By acting in two ways, from the outside and from the inside, we significantly increase the chance of truly blocking the balding process. However, when choosing an oral preparation for baldness, remember to reach for those with the richest composition. More information about the best dietary supplements for androgenic alopecia can be found in our ranking.

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