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Detox, the way to health, well-being and a slim figure

Harmful substances accumulating in the body for a long time are the cause of many health problems, including serious diseases. This is partly the effect of natural biochemical processes, but also improper diet and pollution of the environment in which we live. That is why detox of the body is an activity that should be carried out from time to time, not less than 2 times a year, even when seemingly all body organs work without any disturbances.

What is the cause of body intoxication and what can be its consequences?

A normal consequence of metabolic processes is the accumulation of various metabolic residues in the body. In a natural way detoxification, or removal of these harmful substances occurs through the liver and kidneys. However, the modern lifestyle and a significant degree of environmental pollution sometimes makes these organs unable to keep up with filtering and removing toxins. What harms us in this area is an inadequate diet, abundant in highly processed foods, poor in plant products and fiber, alcohol and cigarettes, leaving a lot to be desired for the purity of the air and water.

All these factors significantly affect the accumulation of dangerous substances in the body, which results in deterioration of health, decreased immunity, constant fatigue, lack of energy for action, insomnia, trouble concentrating. This is often accompanied by visible physiological symptoms – the metabolic process slows down, malabsorption and digestion occur, diarrhea or constipation, indigestion, stomach pains and headaches, even allergic reactions. And because the purification also takes place through the pores of the skin, intoxication may also be manifested by an unpleasant smell of sweat.

These types of problems can be particularly aggravated in winter, when metabolic processes slow down, the pace of life and physical activity decreases. However, regardless of the season and regardless of whether we lead a more or less healthy lifestyle, detoxification of the body seems to be a necessity from time to time. On the removal of toxins accumulated in any case will benefit not only our body but also our spirit, we will feel healthier and lighter, we will acquire additional motivation to act and desire to live.

What is the body cleansing from toxins?

Commonly referred to as detoxification of the body, the cleansing process involves the removal of impurities and harmful products of metabolism, i.e. substances generated in biochemical processes, primarily the metabolic residues of protein decomposition (this includes urea and oxalates) and other foods. Cleansing the body of toxins serves to rehydrate, deacidify and oxygenate the body, regenerates and strengthens it. It perfectly supports the liver and makes it more effective in its natural detoxifying action, improves and accelerates metabolism, regulates digestion, and finally promotes weight loss.

In the initial phase of detoxification, some side effects are possible. These symptoms are so characteristic that they are easy to recognize, namely, headaches, weakness, increased intestinal activity, more frequent urination, bad breath, unpleasant skin odor, sweating may appear. However these symptoms disappear quickly, and what is more important, they prove the cleansing process is correct.

How to cleanse the body from toxins, that is the most popular methods of detox

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There are at least several ways to remove unwanted and dangerous to health substances from the body. The cleansing process can be carried out with the help of both so-called home methods and using dietary supplements specially designed for this purpose. Here are some popular home methods:

1. radical method, or starvation

Short, lasting one, two days at the most, starvation will certainly not harm a healthy person, and will bring benefits to health and beauty. It will help cleanse the digestive tract, improve digestion and excretion, contribute to lose a few centimeters on the waist. However, it can be used only by healthy people, it is excluded in case of diabetes, serious liver or pancreas diseases, or other diseases.

2 The trendy juice diet

Unlike a starvation diet, the juice diet should last a week and its main element is a cleansing cocktail of vegetables or fruit drunk daily. The most recommended is the juice from beetroots, carrots and sauerkraut, but for variety we can also use spinach, celery, green cucumber, citrus fruits, cranberries, apples, mangoes or pineapples. Cleansing cocktail should be drunk at least three times a day, at least half a glass. You can also eat soups with a cream consistency and possibly minimal amounts of solid food, so that the daily intake does not exceed 1400 kcal.

3 The dr Dabrowska Diet

The dr Dabrowska complex diet is a long-term treatment lasting about 6 weeks. It is primarily therapeutic in nature, and its goal is to restore health lost due to poor eating habits. In our case, the main focus is on its first stage, namely, the cleansing diet lasting several days. dr Dabrowska believes that detoxification of the body is not only a matter of removing toxins, but also, and perhaps above all, supporting the body’s natural self-healing capabilities, regeneration and increasing its immunity.

In the first phase of the treatment, which is the cleansing phase, only low-starch vegetables and low-sugar fruits should be consumed, preferably raw. One should drink a lot, especially water and vegetable and fruit juices, herbal teas. The energy value of the food consumed cannot exceed 600 kcal per day. It is allowed to eat cooked vegetables and fruits, but of course the most valuable are raw products. The author of the diet especially recommends vegetables such as carrots, beets, celery, parsley (root and parsley), lettuces, all brassica, tomatoes and peppers, onions and garlic and low-sugar fruits – apples, citrus fruits. Moderate physical activity also plays a very important role.

4. herbs for cleansing the body

Another natural method for detoxification of the body is herbal treatment, which involves systematic drinking of infusions of specific plants or ready-made teas or herbal mixtures. The following herbs are the most effective in this respect: nettle, dandelion, thistle, purgative, chamomile, St. John’s wort, burdock, periwinkle, pansy, bladderwort.

5. detoxification dietary supplements

As an alternative or supplement to the traditional cleansing treatment, there may be ready-made detoxifying preparations. One of them, for example, is Detox Dream Shake, a multi-ingredient dietary supplement in the form of a raspberry cocktail. Thanks to natural ingredients with a recognised detoxifying effect, it stimulates the body to get rid of harmful substances more intensively, improves digestion and makes it easier to shed excess weight. Spirulin Plus works in a similar way, containing, apart from herbs known for their beneficial properties, invaluable algae – chlorella and spirulina, which provide outstanding support not only in cleansing but also in slimming.

Effects of the cleansing treatment

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Detoxification, allowing you to get rid of harmful substances from the body, brings tangible health benefits: it normalizes the work of the digestive system, especially the stomach, liver and pancreas, cleanses and regenerates the liver, facilitates digestion and excretion, in addition, improves circulation, increases immunity, restores energy and a better mood.

First of all, however, by restoring the internal balance, it eliminates all health problems caused by poisoning the body – headaches and stomach aches, fatigue, apathy, inflammation.

It is also important that all activities aimed at detoxifying the body, i.e. proper diet and physical activity, also benefit our figure. The body cleansed of toxins, as a result of accelerated metabolism, burns calories better, efficiently deals with excess subcutaneous water and reduces unnecessary fatty tissue, especially in the abdominal area.

Better health and well-being is also an additional impulse to move and act, and therefore to spend more energy.

How to prevent toxins poisoning?

After the detox, it is worth taking care of protecting the body against a potential next intoxification. For this purpose you should follow several important rules:

  • avoid eating highly processed food and preserved products,
  • Introduce large amounts of fruit and vegetables, natural “toxin scavengers” into the diet,
  • daily consumption of dairy products, especially fermented, perfectly regulating the work of the intestines, and whole grain cereal products,
  • We limit the consumption of meat and cured meat products,
  • drink at least 2 litres of water a day,
  • limit or even give up stimulants,
  • we implement permanent daily physical activity.

The so-called healthy lifestyle is by no means a fashionable idea of celebrities. It is a scientifically proven way to live longer and qualitatively better.

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