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Detoxification of the body – how to effectively cleanse the body of toxins by natural means?

Last updated: 09.03.2022

Detoxification of the body (otherwise known as body detox, detoxification of the body or simply cleansing the body of toxins) is a treatment that everyone should decide on from time to time. The frequency of its repetition depends on our lifestyle and the degree of contamination of the body. As we know, various environmental factors, excess of stimulants and improper diet lead to accumulation of harmful substances in tissues. Symptoms such as poor condition of the skin, hair and nails, headaches, lack of energy, lowered immunity, digestive problems, may indicate a high level of accumulated toxins. Detoxifying treatment will help us free our body from all the unnecessary and harmful substances and will make our metabolism and body work to return to balance, which will translate into improved well-being.

Why do toxins accumulate in our body?

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Detoxification of the body is aimed at removing heavy metals, unnecessary metabolic products, harmful substances that get into the body with food or unhealthy substances.The aim of detoxification of the body is to remove heavy metals, waste products of metabolism, harmful substances that enter the body with the use or unhealthy food and intestinal deposits, that is everything that is waste material, is unnecessary and disturbs the normal functioning of the body.

Naturally, our body is equipped with self-cleaning mechanisms, so why do toxins accumulate in it, causing a number of annoying symptoms, and even increasing the risk of developing dangerous civilization diseases? The main reason is their excess. We absorb toxins in large quantities because they are practically everywhere. We absorb them with food as well as air or water. They can even be produced by our own body as a result of metabolic changes, chronic stress or as a result of abnormal reactions from the immune system.

The main causes of accumulation of toxins in the body

  • use of stimulants (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee),
  • unhealthy food (highly processed and containing large amounts of saturated fats and artificial sugars),
  • environmental pollution (smog, polluted water, polluted soil),
  • taking large amounts of medication,
  • long-term stress.

The body cleanses itself of toxins through:

  • skin (along with sweat and sebum),
  • liver (one of its main functions is to filter and neutralize toxins),
  • Lungs (through coughing, sneezing, etc.),
  • intestines (through feces),
  • kidneys (with urine).

As a result of absorbing excessive amounts of toxins, self-cleansing mechanisms turn out to be insufficient. The body does not keep up with the elimination of harmful substances, as a result, they penetrate deep into the tissues and interfere with the work of many organs and upset metabolism. They also cause a number of persistent symptoms.

Toxins accumulate in the body in many places, including: fat tissue, the gallbladder, skin, hair, nails, and within key organs such as the liver, lungs, intestines, kidneys, and even the brain.

The most common symptoms of excess toxins in the body

  • headaches,
  • weakness,
  • lower physical performance, lack of vitality, sluggishness,
  • lowered immunity, increased susceptibility to colds and infections,
  • lack of energy, frequent fatigue, drowsiness,
  • digestive problems (e.g., abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, gas, flatulence, irregular bowel movements),
  • skin deterioration (e.g., dryness, frequent skin infections, discoloration, irritation, hard-to-heal wounds),
  • gray, dull complexion,
  • rashes, acne,
  • metallic taste in the mouth,
  • bad breath, plaque on the tongue,
  • bags and bruises under the eyes,
  • brittle, fragile nails,
  • hair loss and deterioration ofhair condition,
  • poor mental health,
  • lowered mood, apathy,
  • depressive states,
  • irritability,
  • sleep problems,
  • problems concentrating, poor mental performance,
  • weight gain, problems with weight loss.

Detoxification of the body – less and more radical methods

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When the body cannot cope with self-cleansing and gives us signals in the form of the above mentioned symptoms, it is necessary to reach for additional measures, which will stimulate the process of removing toxins from the body. There are many methods of cleansing the body, but some of them are very restrictive (incompetently carried out they can do more harm than good) and not for everyone.

One of such radical methods of cleansing the body is starvation. On the one hand, it can be very helpful in getting rid of toxins accumulated in the tissues, but on the other hand it is a demanding and not easy treatment. First of all you need to properly prepare your body for it. Already 2 weeks before the hunger strike you should begin to exclude from your diet products that you eat every day, and for the last few days your menu should consist only of groats, vegetables and fruit. A cleansing fast should not last longer than a few days. Too long lasting starvation contributes to exhaustion of the body. It can also lead to more intensive absorption of toxins by the body later.

Another radical method of detoxification of the body is hydrocolonotherapy, i.e. flushing out deposits from the large intestine. The procedure is performed by introducing filtered, warm water under appropriate pressure into the large intestine. As a result, all fecal deposits, food debris, toxins, parasites, yeast, food preservatives, drug residues, and even gallstones are removed from the large intestine along with the water. The procedure, although effective, is not comfortable and pleasant, which is why not many people choose it.

Cleansing diets are also among the more rigorous ways to detox the body. They generally carry with them large dietary restrictions. The menu of such diets is usually based on freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit juices or vegetable soups or blender cocktails. Some cleansing diets involve eating only one or a few foods for several days, such as apples, rice, semolina, buckwheat or vegetables.

Unfortunately, such diets, due to the narrowing of the menu to a few ingredients, may lead to nutritional deficiencies and cause deterioration of mood, slowing down of metabolism, irregularities in the work of organs and disorders of carbohydrate metabolism in the body. Also, not everyone is able to survive on a diet consisting of only vegetables, rice or juices.

However, we don’t have to resort to harsh and controversial methods. We also have a whole range of more affordable methods for detoxifying the body, including those involving herbs that exhibit diuretic properties. With such herbs, toxins are effectively excreted from the body along with urine. There are also herbs that support the liver in filtering the blood. However, herbal treatment is just one of many home remedies to cleanse the body of toxins.

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Where to start with cleansing the body of toxins?

The process of cleansing the body of toxins should be preceded by the elimination of factors that contribute most to the accumulation of harmful substances. Therefore, we should exclude from our diet products with a high content of animal fats, white flour products, sweets, salty snacks, ready meals, ready-made sauces. We should also avoid red meat, instead of it we can reach for lean white meat and lean sea fish, but not in very large quantities.

Milk and sweetened dairy products should also be limited. It is best to completely give up cigarettes, coffee and alcohol (or at least very strongly reduce their share in everyday life), because they have a They have a very negative impact on our body, not only in terms of accumulation of toxins, but also overloading critical organs such as lungs and liver.

Preparing to detoxify the body, we should introduce to the menu increased amounts of vegetables and fruit, as well as water. Whole grain products, seeds and groats are also recommended. Generally all processed food should disappear from our menu, it should be replaced by natural products. Before the detox it is also advisable to slightly reduce the calorie content of meals and exclude hard to digest dishes. All these procedures will help us to relieve the body, calm down the digestive system and prepare the body for thorough detoxification.

Natural body detoxification – grapefruit cure

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Grapefruit is distinguished by excellent detoxifying properties. It purifies blood, detoxifies the liver and kidneys and improves their work, actively participates in filtering and neutralizing toxins. It also shows antioxidant properties, fights free radicals and harmful microorganisms, reduces inflammation. At the same time, it improves metabolism, helps burn excess body fat, and vitaminizes and mineralizes the body.

How to detox grapefruit?

The detoxifying grapefruit treatment can be performed by drinking freshly squeezed grapefruit juice every day. Optionally, you can use bought juice, but it should be real, good quality juice, not nectar, which is available in abundance. Secondly, it cannot be sweetened or contain any other additives.

We consume grapefruit juice several times a day – the first glass in the morning, on an empty stomach, the second – around noon, later in the day we reach for another 2 portions. For better results we can add fresh lemon juice and a small amount of olive oil to the juice. The grapefruit treatment should last at least a week and preferably 2-3 weeks.

How to cleanse the body with the help of medicinal plants – herbal detox

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By using an herbal detox treatment, you will not only free your body from lingering toxins, but also from the water that has accumulated under the skin.

Water retention in the body is a common phenomenon resulting from eating too many products high in sodium, drinking too little fluids, hormonal fluctuations, among others. Excess subcutaneous water leads to swelling of the body (e.g. in the thighs, face, fingers, toes, abdomen, calvesThe accumulation of toxins and retention of water in the body leads to swelling of the body (including thighs, face, fingers, abdomen, calves, ankles), as well as a feeling of heaviness, fullness, water cellulite and weight gain. Accumulation of toxins and water retention in the body often go hand in hand.

Daily drinking of herbal infusions with diuretic and detoxifying properties will help us to eliminate both unfavorable phenomena, contributing to improved well-being and weight loss.

In order to conduct a herbal treatment, we use medicinal plants endowed with diuretic properties and at the same timeregulating metabolism, stimulating bile secretion, supporting the liver and improving digestive processes. These include:

  • Nettle – by acting as a diuretic, it helps in cleansing the body of toxins and unnecessary metabolic products. It also leads to the removal of excess uric acid from the system, preventing gout. It improves metabolism, supports digestive processes, lowers the level of bad cholesterol. It supports bile ducts and prevents urinary tract infections. It favourably influences the condition of blood vessels and strengthens the body.
  • Dandelion – effectively cleanses the body from toxins, supports the liver, kidneys and bile ducts, helps eliminate heavy metals from the body. The dandelion herb also reduces inflammation in the body, takes care of the proper work of the pancreasIt also supports digestion, regulates bowel movements, fights digestive disorders and helps to get rid of excess weight more efficiently.
  • Birch – abounds in flavonoids, organic acids, trierpenes, mineral salts. It shows detoxifying, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Birch bark, acting as a diuretic, stimulates the excretion of toxins and other harmful substances from the body, while supporting the urinary system and preventing its infections. Thins the blood, dilates blood vessels, shows antioxidant activity, supports the immune system, helps fight colds.
  • Yarrow – has diuretic, purgative, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties. It also shows anti-hemorrhagic effect. It helps to get rid of unnecessary products of metabolism from the system, as well as toxins remaining in it. It supports the digestive system, stimulates bile production, improves digestive processes.
  • Viola tricolor – thanks to its thymphatic and diuretic effects it stimulates the process of detoxification of the body. It positively influences skin condition, fights eczema and other skin changes. It regulates metabolism, removes all harmful substances from the system, it can have a slight laxative effect. It also supports the circulatory system, regulates blood pressure and strengthens blood vessels. It helps in urinary tract infections, kidney stones and rheumatism.
  • Horsetail – is best known for its strengthening effect on hair, preventing its loss and accelerating hair growth. But it does not lack detoxifying properties. Through its diuretic action it removes toxins and harmful metabolites from the body. It also helps eliminate bacteria, parasites and fungi. Field horsetail also has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. It improves digestion and has a positive effect on the work of the pancreas.
  • Green tea – contains large amounts of antioxidants which fight free radicals and slow down the aging process. It also actively participates in cleansing the body of toxins. It improves the work of the digestive system, enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes, improving digestive processes. Green tea infusions and extracts also regulate metabolism and support fat reduction.

How to use herbs to detoxify the body?

We prepare a mixture from selected herbs or use them individually. Pour a glass of boiling water over 1-2 tablespoons of dried herbs and keep covered for about 10 minutes. Drink the infusions 2-3 times a day.

Other herbs and foods that stimulate cleansing the body of toxins are:

  • green barley,
  • ginger,
  • purge,
  • burdock,
  • daisy,
  • milkthistle,
  • calendula,
  • parsley,
  • chlorella and spirulina,
  • sauerkraut juice,
  • beet juice,
  • apples,
  • celery,
  • aloe vera,
  • kale,
  • oatmeal.

Ultra simple way to cleanse the body of toxins – lemon treatment

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Lemon is one of the fruit progenitors of body detoxification! A cleansing treatment with it is extremely simple, fast and affordable. Lemon juice intensifies the production of urine, with which toxins accumulated in the body are expelled. In addition, lemon juice speeds up metabolism, facilitates weight loss, also helps to fight acidification of the body.

How to conduct a lemon cure?

Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water. Drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Drink about 3 glasses of water with lemon juice additionally during the day.

In order to make the body detoxification even more effective, it is a good idea to add other detoxifying ingredients to the lemon juice water, such as ginger, chili, cinnamon or turmeric. The lemon treatment should last for at least 2 weeks, but you should definitely make your morning glass of lemon water a permanent habit!

What else is worth remembering about detoxification?

Applying a cleansing treatment is not everything. If you decide to carry it out, you should also take care that your body is not exposed to absorption of further toxins, which would interfere with the effects of detoxification. So let’s give up stimulants, processed food, colored sweet drinks, fast food, sweets. In order for the detox to have long-lasting effects, we should also make sure that healthy eating habits and avoidance of stimulants accompany us even after the treatment is finished.

How to strengthen the effects of detoxification?

Both during and after the detoxification of the body it is worth basing the diet on products rich in Dietary fiber (vegetables, legumes, whole grain products, cereals, grains).

Dietary fiber is an extremely effective way to stimulate peristalsis in the intestines and sweep out all deposits, by-products of metabolism, food residues, and toxins from the digestive tract. Thanks to it, fermented food does not remain in the intestines and therefore our body is not poisoned!

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