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Diet for hair loss – what to eat to stop balding?

The way we eat directly affects the condition of the whole organism, including the condition of hair. Well composed, healthy diet is good for the hair, and vice versa – too poor or “junk” diet has a debilitating effect on them and leads to excessive hair loss. Find out more about how a diet for hair loss should be composed, read what dietary mistakes aggravate the balding process and try to avoid them!

A diet against hair loss – protein

Protein, rich in amino acids, is one of the most important nutrients, as it is the building material of all cells and tissues. It is worth noting that protein is the basic element of hair structure and affects its proper development. Protein deficiency in the diet makes the hair grow slower, weaker and more susceptible to falling out.

If your hair is thinning all the time, pay attention to whether your daily menu is not too low in: meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Try to choose a menu where each main meal contains a portion of complete protein. Apart from lean meat and fish, often reach for: cheese, buttermilk, kefir, yoghurt, eggs, seafood, legumes, nuts.

Diet for baldness – essential vitamins for hair

egetablesIf your plate does not often (or only in small quantities) contain vegetables, fruit and wholemeal products, you can be sure that your hair is seriously affected. Biotin (vitamin B7) is particularly important for the proper functioning of hair. Valuable sources of biotin are vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, carrots and cauliflower. Its large deposits can also be found in fruit, nuts, liver, milk.

In order to activate hair growth and strengthen it from the inside, include foods rich in vitamins: C, A, E, and B. These can be found in all vegetables and fruits, bran and cereals, seeds, groats, and wholemeal bread, among others.

A diet for hair loss – minerals

In addition to protein and vitamins, deficiencies in elements such as zinc, iron, iodine, silicon, copper, calcium and magnesium may also result in weakening and excessive hair loss. The daily diet for male hair loss should therefore include such foods as legumes, green leafy vegetables, eggs, bananas, citrus fruits, apples, strawberries, sea fish, offal, bran, oatmeal, and grains.

In the case of severely weakened, falling out hair, in addition to using a well-balanced diet rich in valuable nutrients, it is also worth reaching for a proven dietary supplement for baldness. In this section you can find out which hair loss pills have the best composition among those currently available on the market.

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