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Diet for potency – how every man who cares about his libido should eat

The biggest concern for every man, and at the same time a serious problem that can even cause sleepless nights, is maintaining full sexual efficiency for as long as possible. There’s no denying the fact that potency problems can happen to middle-aged men as well as to those much younger, just entering adulthood. This is certainly a cause for concern, but in a relatively simple way you can avoid all of this and do without even visiting a specialist. All you need to do is change a few of your eating habits and a properly composed healthy potency diet can work wonders, taking your weakened male libido to a whole new, previously unattainable level.

Potency disorders – how they occur and how to counteract them

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However before we start composing a new menu on our own, it is worth knowing what potency disorders may affect us and what their causes are. Among the many examined problems with male sexual performance, the most frequent is erectile dysfunction, i.e. inability to achieve a full erection and consequently to have intercourse. For a man this is almost an automatic reason not only for great, although in our opinion totally unjustified shame, but also for growing strong frustration that may gradually lead even to depression that is difficult to cure. However, this is a wrong approach to the problem, which should be treated like any other disease and an appropriate treatment implemented immediately. It is also important to find out what causes it, among which specialists underline several most common ones:

  • psychological problems, causing a kind of blockade against sex, which often has its basis in the way of upbringing, traditional and very conservative, in a family where the issues of human sexuality were treated as something completely reprehensible. Equally negatively acting on masculinity is stress, this dangerous disease of civilization of the twentieth and twenty-first century;
  • diseases, sometimes remaining undetected for a long time, especially those of the heart and circulatory system; equally often we have to do with untreated diabetes or diseases of the thyroid, its over- or under-activity. Sleep problems can also have a similar effect, and with insomnia lasting for weeks, there is absolutely no question of a satisfying intercourse;
  • stimulants, which we unfortunately tend to overdo, especially alcohol, the biggest enemy of the male erection, after drinking of which we can forget about achieving it for a long time;
  • improper diet, fatty, heavy, high-calorie food, the cause of overweight and obesity and many diseases, including those mentioned above, such a diet causes an almost immediate drop in libido level, and a fat, pot-bellied guy will definitely not look exciting.

Diet for potency – what to change immediately in our diet

Walking the streets of many cities, we can anxiously observe the development of another civilization disease of our times, which is undoubtedly the growing obesity, affecting women and men equally. Let’s face it, in most cases men’s diets are far from the recommendations of nutritionists and other specialists in healthy nutrition, and what we usually find in them unfortunately also has an extremely negative effect on male libido. It’s safe to say that the principle of communicating vessels is at work here: what we eat on the one hand causes growing overweight, even leading to pathological obesity, and on the other makes it simply impossible to achieve a strong and long-lasting erection. So it’s worth listening to what specialists have to say on the matter and completely revolutionize the way you eat, eliminating everything that has such negative consequences.

Products that have a negative impact on male potency:

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  • fast food, all those dishes made from ready-made, pre-prepared semi-finished products that we love so much to replace normal, wholesome meals with, and whose composition it is better not to know in detail. From our menu must immediately disappear dripping with fat hamburgers, pizza and other equally harmful things full of salt, sugar and preservatives, instead of healthy and needed nutrients;
  • alcohol, practically in all its forms; it is also worth limiting the intake of coffee and black tea, replacing the latter with its green variety, for example, or yerba mate, an extract from the Paraguayan holly, which has an excellent effect on general health
  • highly processed products, such as cold cuts, canned meat, which sometimes have only a trace amount of meat in their composition, but are supplemented with extremely harmful fillers, often difficult to identify. This also applies to certain dairy products, and eating large amounts of excessively fatty cheese can be relatively dangerous to your potency;
  • sugars, especially simple ones, which can be found in such seemingly innocent products as white rice, white wheat bread or the much-loved fizzy drinks, which should definitely be removed from the diet. You can replace them with natural fruit juices, but when buying them, pay special attention to the composition, which must not contain fructose-glucose syrup. Its consumption in large quantities is a direct route to obesity, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, liver disease and excessive fatty liver;
  • salt, although opinions on this issue are somewhat divided. When consumed in large quantities, salt is certainly harmful, but the latest research shows that it is less harmful than commonly thought over the past few decades. It does however have a confirmed negative effect on the cardiovascular system, causing hypertension, which is why it’s worth reducing the amount consumed, thanks to which erectile dysfunction can be largely avoided.

Diet for potency – what to eat to maintain full sexual performance

Research conducted for many years, in the most renowned scientific centers all over the world, show that the importance of diet for long-term preservation of full sexual performance cannot be underestimated . We can safely say that next to physical activity it is the most important factor influencing not only male potency, and the right choice of food products gives us possibilities we haven’t even dreamed of before. Male potency is inseparably connected with erection, without which we are not able to have an intercourse, satisfying both ourselves and our partner. That’s why when composing your daily menu, you should always include products that have a positive effect on erection, natural aphrodisiacs, while increasing the level of testosterone, the hormone responsible for a proper erection, among other things.

Products that have a positive effect on male libido:

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  • Whole grain products, which contain many valuable minerals, including zinc. It can be found in dark, whole-grain bread, which should be replaced by wheat bread, bran, brown rice, coarse groats, among others. Apart from zinc, they also contain large amounts of dietary fibre, making it easier to digest even the heaviest meals, suppressing the feeling of hunger and regulating the level of glucose in blood, and in turn oatmeal there are valuable saponins stimulating the secretion of sex hormones;
  • Fruits and vegetables, which should make up a large part of the diet of a man who cares about his libido. They are full of vitamins, minerals and other equally valuable nutrients, such as antioxidants that eliminate dangerous free radicals from the body. They have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, minimising the risk of erectile dysfunction, they are also low in calories, so you can eat a lot of them without the risk of weight gain. Fruits especially recommended for men with potency problems are bananas, which contain bromelain, helping to regulate blood pressure, which facilitates rapid achievement of a full, powerful erection. Vegetables include parsley, which contains apiol, an effective natural aphrodisiac;
  • Lean dairy products, cheese, cottage cheese or yogurt, low-fat dairy products full of valuable amino acids that regulate blood flow, of which the most important is l-arginine. It increases the secretion of nitric oxide, which relaxes the walls of blood vessels, also in the penis, as a result of which more blood flows to it, and the result is a proper erection. L-arginine also increases the sensation of stimuli, thus giving us more pleasure from a close encounter. Of course, let’s not forget about eggs, which eaten in the recommended amount of 3-4 pieces a week should not significantly increase the level of cholesterol, but it will benefit our libido;
  • fish, especially seafish, and other seafood, the richest source of valuable fatty acids Omega-3, supporting the functioning of many organs and systems of our body. Their action is multifaceted, they reduce too high blood pressure, regulate the level of triglycerides, thus preventing cholesterol growth, take part in the production of serotonin, one of the most important neurotransmitters transmitting impulses from the brain to other parts of the body. Large amounts of Omega-3 acids can also be found in lean poultry meat, which should immediately replace the extremely unhealthy, fatty pork. In addition, marine fish have in their composition selenium, thanks to which it is possible to fully detoxify the body and the aforementioned zinc;
  • spices and herbs, which should not be missing from the kitchen of any real man. Their positive effect on potency is undeniable, and spices such as ginger, chili peppers, black pepper and others, containing capsaicin and piperine, will not only boost your energy, but also heat up your body to the proverbial red hot. Turmeric, nutmeg, basil, coriander, cardamom, cloves and vanilla will also do the trick, but some lesser known, exotic herbs also have a positive effect on potency. These might include ginseng, fenugreek seeds, liquorice, Maca root or Tribulus terrestris, also known as mace, many of which can be found in potency-boosting dietary supplements such as the specialist-recommended Eron Plus.

Diet for potency – the importance of correct body supplementation

Removing the bad things from your menu and replacing them with healthier alternatives from the list above will result in a significant increase in your potency in a relatively short period of time. However, we have to reckon with the fact that even the best composed diet may possibly have some deficiencies of essential nutrients, which need to be supplemented in a different way. The best solution is to use properly selected dietary supplements, based of course only on natural ingredients, safe for your health, but at the same time maximally effective. Eron Plus is just such a supplement, quickly removing all causes of existing potency problems, including erectile dysfunction.

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Eron Plus – brings male potency to the highest level

Among the many dietary supplements aimed at raising the level of male potency, Eron Plus stands out particularly favorably and on many levels. It comes in the form of not one, but two tablets, the first of which is taken like any other supplement, preferably in the morning before breakfast and the second called Eron Plus Before about half an hour before intercourse. Such a set is the best guarantee of maximising the effects, which is also influenced by the composition, and in each tablet the manufacturer has placed ideally selected doses of active substances such as:

  • l-arginine described above, responsible in Eron Plus for strong erections;
  • Tribulus terrestris, mace, which takes care of constant maintenance of appropriate testosterone levels – the absolute basis of our masculinity;
  • Maca root extract, a well-known and valued aphrodisiac, which grows in nature in the mountainous regions of Peru. It is precisely the source of l-arginine, additionally perfectly influencing fertility, responsible for high quality of produced semen;
  • A perfectly selected set of vitamins and minerals, not only serving to increase libido, but also having a positive effect on general health, supplementing everything that is not supplied to the body with food;
  • Ginseng, which helps you achieve exceptionally strong erections and noticeably increases penis length and thickness.

Eron Plus can be used by all men over the age of 18 who want to maintain constant, full sexual performance, more intense sensations and faster arousal, which they may have had problems with before. The supplement is purchased through the manufacturer’s website, the price of one package is only 49 €, and available promotional packs of tablets allow to significantly reduce the cost of purchase.

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