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Dietetic dinners (recipes and rules) – how to compose the last meal of the day not to get fat?

Eating a dietary dinner is essential if you want to get rid of excess weight. Meanwhile, many people have a big problem with restraining their appetite in the final part of the day and do not deny themselves the pleasure of “eating rich”. I suggest how to compose quick, diet dinners that will help you lose weight.

Diet dinner – weight loss definitely requires it!

Effective weight loss is not possible if someone has a habit of eating in the evening. Before going to bed, we are already much less active, our metabolism slows down and the body is not able to burn large amounts of calories. These surplus calories are stored in the form of fat tissue and there is no way to lose weight. This does not mean, however, that we have to give up eating a tasty meal in the evening at the expense of a rice wafer or one modest tomato. It is only important to slightly modify our current habits.

salad with tomatoes and cottage cheese

First of all, the time of eating dinner itself is important. Many people have the habit of eating in bed shortly before going to bed, or worse, getting up at night and looking in the fridge. If you want to lose weight, you should make a habit of eating your last meal about 2-3 hours before bedtime. This is a very safe time interval – on the one hand it will protect you from getting hungry before the night, on the other your body will have time to digest the meal.

The second important thing is, of course, the content of the meal. Diet dinners should be based on vegetables and lean protein, such as cottage cheese, eggs, lean meats and fish (for its digestion our body has to devote some energy, and thus burn calories more intensively). For a diet dinner you can also include a certain amount of complex carbohydrates, but not too much – two slices of whole grain bread, a few tablespoons of brown rice or groats, etc.

Diet suppers – recipes

In the course of losing weight you don’t have to deny yourself an evening meal, you can eat tasty and filling, but on your plate there should be no place for simple sugars, flour products, fatty or ready-made food. Here are some sample diet dinner recipes that will support your fight for a flawless figure.

1. diet egg supper

Soft boiled egg

Eggs are high in protein, good for satisfying hunger and low in calories, so they are perfect for an evening meal. Hard-boiled egg-based pastes and salads, soft-boiled eggs and possibly fried eggs and omelettes cooked without fat will work well.

An interesting option for a diet dinner is a salad with hard-boiled eggs and vegetables. You can make it with: 3 hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, a few radishes, fresh cucumber, half a can of corn, yogurt, dill. Tear the lettuce into smaller pieces and combine it with the quartered eggs, radishes and tomatoes. Add sliced cucumber and corn. Season with yoghurt, chopped dill, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and mix.

2. dietetic one-pot dish for a filling supper

Dice peppers and onions and fry until soft in a teaspoon of olive oil. Then do the same with diced courgettes and squash. To a large pot pour sliced tomatoes in marinade, stew them for a while, add a can of chickpeas and fried vegetables. Simmer the dish for a few minutes on low heat. Season the dish with salt, hot paprika, herbs de Provence, and sprinkle with parsley.

3. diet colour cottage cheese with wholemeal toasts

Combine about 150 g of cottage cheese with diced coloured peppers (some yellow, green and red), radishes and chives. Season with a tablespoon of yogurt, salt and pepper. To this prepare a crouton of wholemeal bread and dinner is ready!

4. diet salad with cottage cheese and tuna

Drain the tuna in its own sauce, then mix it with cottage cheese. Add chopped pickled cucumbers, chives and radishes. Season the salad with a spoonful of mustard, salt, sweet and hot paprika.

5. diet casserole in 20 minutes

vegetables in a colander

In an ovenproof dish arrange the precooked vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots and scalded, peeled and chopped tomatoes.

Sprinkle the vegetables with oregano, basil, curry powder, salt and chilli pepper. Place slices of mozzarella cheese on top. Bake for about 15 minutes.

6. diet salad with smoked chicken

Cut the smoked chicken fillet into cubes. Add about 1 cup of cooked brown rice, diced peppers, 2-3 pickled cucumbers, corn, green peas, chopped chives. Season the salad with a large spoonful of mustard and natural yoghurt, salt, pepper, oregano. Mix.

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