Dietonus – biorhythms and weight loss. A sophisticated way to lose weight

Manufacturers of Dietonus capsules present an interesting and innovative approach to weight loss, giving us a multi-phase preparation with a complex composition. The set consists of three different capsules, which we take in turn: in the morning, during the day and in the evening. How does this sophisticated slimming formula work?

A new lifebelt for slimmers – Dietonus capsules

DietonusDeciding on a slimming treatment with the help of Dietonus we get a triple weapon against our weight. The set contains 3 different capsules for 3 times of day, which is related to the rhythm of our body functioning, which is variable depending on the time. The morning capsules contain ingredients which are supposed to kick-start metabolism, as well as give us energy for the whole day. Daytime capsules are designed to suppress the appetite and provoke the body to burn stored fat, and evening capsules are designed to put us in a state of relaxation, “chase away” depression andimprove metabolism during the night.

What is contained in Dietonus?

roasted coffee beans The morning capsules contain: caffeine, synephrine, ginseng and guarana – ingredients which add energy and vitality, while at the same time improving metabolism and accelerating fat burning. There is also curcuma, which has a positive effect on liver function and improves digestion.

Pineapple fruit In the daily capsules you will find: bromelain – an enzyme obtained from pineapple, which facilitates digestion and influences the reduction of fat cells; Korean forskol, which speeds up metabolism and promotes the reduction of fat tissue and pepper, which supports digestion and prevents the accumulation of fat tissue. Other ingredients include L-carnitine, which increases the rate of fat burning (especially during activity) and 5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), an amino acid which participates in the synthesis of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), and thus has a positive effect on our mood.

Garcinia Cambogia fruit Whereas evening capsules contain: appetite suppressing Garcinia cambogia extract, spirulina and nettle cleansing the body from toxins, mulberry regulating blood sugar levels and valerian relaxing and making falling asleep easier.

Dietonus – effects

Dietonus is supposed to help us lose weight around the clock. The manufacturer assures that the treatment with this product will allow us to lose 3-7 kg in a week. What is more, on the Dietonus website we read that with the treatment we do not have to restrict ourselves in eating or follow any special diets! In fact, it is hard to believe that a person who does not shy away from calorific food would lose several kilos in a week using only capsules and not changing eating habits.

More is not always better…

scattered tabletsDietonus seems to contain everything you could possibly need for effective weight loss. The compositions of the capsules for the morning, day and evening are very elaborate, you may even get the impression that they are a bit exaggerated. Sometimes what is too much is not healthy. 5 different active substances in the morning, another 5 at noon, another 5 in the evening – are you sure your body won’t go crazy from such a mishmash? The greater the number of ingredients, the better.

Even the most complex formula won’t help us lose weight if we don’t take care about a low-calorie diet and at least minimal physical activity. As for the composition of active substances in a given slimming supplement, it is much more important that they match each other, the quality and proportions of ingredients used. Sometimes one high quality capsule is able to accelerate the fat burning process much more strongly than a fancy, three-phase supplement acting in accordance with our body’s biorhythms.

Dietonus – opinions

DietonusDietonus is new on the market, but it has already received some unfavourable reviews. They often concern too weak, hardly noticeable action of the capsules (promises of losing several kilos per week are greatly exaggerated) and low efficiency and high price of the product (it lasts for a short time and costs a lot).

Capsules adjusted to the biological clock, a large and diversified amount of active ingredients, the promise of losing a few kilos in a week without any effort – is it really true that behind this intriguing advertising campaign there is no average dietary supplement?

To find out whether Dietonus works, we can test it on our own skin. However if we don’t want to make risky attempts, it is worth reaching for a trusted preparation that has gained recognition from its users, which will allow us to lose weight quickly, systematically and effectively (without the yoyo effect).

What instead of Dietonus?

Silvets Our recommendation is Silvets – a preparation which contains a perfectly selected composition of ingredients accelerating the shedding of excess weight.

Silvets is a set of powerful thermogenics, metabolism stimulators and hunger blockers, which together form a powerful weapon against fat tissue.

How Silvets works:

  • increases the feeling of satiety, suppresses appetite;
  • gives you energy and improves your mood;
  • permanently increases the rate of metabolism;
  • stimulates thermogenesis;
  • accelerates calorie burning;
  • regulates digestion;
  • prevents fat storage;
  • significantly accelerates the burning of fat tissue.

Click here to go to the Silvets review


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