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Do pills to remove excess water work?

Women know the feeling when the volume of the body increases and there is discomfort in moving. We feel sluggish and have a bad mood. Our first thought is that we have probably gained some weight, so we have to take care of ourselves. We go on a diet, we go to the pool or fitness. However, after some time it turns out that not much has changed. Maybe the weight has moved slightly, but the problem is still there…

The reason may be the collection of excessive amount of water in the body, which retains and creates swelling. It is then necessary to react! Reduce the amount of salt in your diet, increase the amount of protein, continue exercising and buy the right supplement. In pharmacies you can find a large selection of tablets for removing water from the body.

Where does excess water in the body come from?

The problem is quite complex, because the reasons can be quite a lot, and also the retention itself takes different forms. It may be a temporary problem, caused by hormonal or physiological changes, such as menopause, pregnancy, thyroid disease, kidney problems or other conditions. Then it is best to consult this fact with a doctor, who will indicate further procedure.

Many women have this problem periodically every month, mainly just before menstruation. Then more water accumulates in the body, the body becomes puffy, and the scale indicates more kilograms.

The worst form is a constantly persisting excess of water in the body. It arises as a result of taking some medicines, e.g. contraceptives or painkillers, or improper diet and lack of exercise. If this is the case, it is worth changing the way of living and eating, as well as using an appropriate supplement, in order to free oneself from the ballast.

Tablets to remove excess water in the body

In online and stationary pharmacies you can find a large selection of tablets regulating water levels. These are dietary supplements mainly based on various compositions of herbs with diuretic properties, facilitating the removal of excess water. You can, of course, just drink an infusion, such as nettle, but the tablets provide a complex of several herbs and are more effective and more convenient to use.

Often in their composition you can also find herbs that boost metabolism, which is their additional advantage. This gives us a chance to get rid of excess water from the tissues, but also a few unnecessary pounds.

Best tablets to remove excess water

spirulin plus

The choice of supplements that remove excess water is quite large, and one of them is Spirulin Plus, a preparation based on spirulina, which has a broader spectrum of action.

Spirulina is an algae from the cyanobacteria family whose health-promoting effects have recently been making waves in the supplement market. They have cleansing, immunizing and weight loss properties. Spirulina also facilitates the removal of excess water from the body along with harmful substances.

Spirulin Plus is not just about algae!

You can find a lot of tablets with spirulina in online shops, but Spirulin Plus has a composition enriched with dandelion, nettle, green tea, alfalfa and zinc.

During the treatment, the body not only gets rid of water, Spirulin Plus also has a positive effect on other processes:

  • It deacidifies and removes toxins. Some of the ingredients have alkalizing properties, so you quickly regain the right pH.
  • It stimulates the metabolism to action, thanks to which the process of burning fats and carbohydrates is faster.
  • Inhibits the feeling of craving. We eat less and the portions we consume are smaller, thus losing weight becomes easier.
  • Eliminates swelling, because it contains diuretics, which accelerate the removal of excess water from the body.
  • It improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.
  • Gives energy and strength.

Good reviews and easy availability

Spirulin Plus receives positive reviews from Internet users who praise it for its effectiveness in accordance with the manufacturer’s declarations. In the expected time, i.e. up to 90 days, they notice a significant surge of energy, weight reduction, lack of movement discomfort and better mood.

Spirulin Plus


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