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Do you work out? Make a healthy diet a permanent part of your life!

There is a lot of talk about a special diet for muscle mass or a special diet for fat mass. weight loss dietThere is a lot of talk about special diets for muscle mass, which help you achieve the expected body shape results more easily. However, there are also universal rules that should be taken into account by everyone for whom training is an integral part of everyday life. Find out the 4 important diet rules for active people!

Drop z diet junk food!

We could say a lot about the harmfulness of junk food, which is rampant in shops and fast food restaurants. Lots of chemicals, huge amounts of sugars, lots of saturated fats and trans fats – all this poisons our body, totally disrupts metabolism, destroys sugar metabolism, promotes accumulation of fat tissue, and so on and so forth. Junk food does not go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, and eating this way can significantly interfere with your efforts to shape your dream figure. Therefore, any diet for exercisers should be devoid of such products as:

  • fast foods and processed foods
  • convenience foods
  • frozen ready meals
  • Powdered meals, ready after pouring water
  • coloured drinks
  • Canned foods, low-quality meats
  • sweets, crisps
  • Lots of sugar.

Of course, once in a while you can make a break and eat something not quite healthy, but the most important thing is not to base your daily diet program on the above-mentioned products.

Diet for physically active physically active – – water is basis!

Water with lemon and mintMineral water should be a constant companion of every active person. I wrote about the necessity of replenishing fluids by those who practice sports in the article: “Are you training? Don’t forget to replenish your electrolytes! Do not part with a bottle of mineral water not only during training but also throughout the day. Water will positively affect the level of hydration of your body and will promote the purification of toxins. It will also help you replenish many valuable minerals. Remember that water is the best way to quench your thirst and a method for feeling better and staying in shape.

Enter to menu products rich w unsaturated acids fatty acids!

Unsaturated fatty acids play a very important role in the human body, among others they help prevent heart and circulatory system diseases, protect against cancer, have a very positive effect on immunity and brain function. Moreover, unsaturated fatty acids support the process reduction of body fat and have a positive effect on muscle cells (prevent their damage and help build muscle mass), which from the point of view of people who train physically may be of great importance. Similarly, as the ability of unsaturated fatty acids to accelerate the regeneration of the body after exercise and after physical injury. Products rich in unsaturated fatty acids are:

  • Sea fish and seafood
  • Cold pressed vegetable oils such as coconut oil
  • nuts, almonds, grains, bran
  • Avocado, pineapple, grapefruit

Balance diet!

Healthy dishes on the tableA well-balanced diet with appropriate calorie content, rich in all important nutrients, is essential if you train and strive for an ideal figure. Your daily menu should be based on: vegetables, fruit, protein, complex carbohydrates (cereal products) and healthy fats.

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