Dr Extenda is leading the pack of potency capsules! But why?

Are sex problems keeping you up at night? You certainly won’t want to miss out on Dr Extenda capsules, which are at the forefront of potency supplements. Due to its rich composition and effective action, it can be considered a real specialist in male matters. This uncommon “Doctor” will effectively cure you of such embarrassing ailments as: problems with getting and keeping an erection, too small penis size or lowered sexual attractiveness. An important advantage of this product is the speed of action – after just a few days of regular use you will notice positive changes, such as increased erection power and increased desire for sex, and this is just the beginning… Read our review and find out what the power of Dr Extenda is all about.

Dysfunctional sexual powers? You’re not the only one!

Rarely does any adult male boast perfect sexual performance. For most of us there are more or less frequent moments when the head says yes and the penis says no. Problems with getting and keeping a full erection, loss of vitality, inability to get aroused, weakening of sensations coming from sex – three quarters of men have to deal with these inconveniences, and that’s not even in the old age! In fact, age has nothing to do with it. Gone are the days when potency problems mainly affected men in their sixties!

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Nowadays even young guys are struggling with erectile dysfunction and other sex related problems.

Our lifestyle is like this – we live in constant stress, we don’t eat right, our bodies are poisoned with omnipresent chemicals and lack important nutrients, we don’t avoid stimulants, we push physical activity to the sidelines or don’t do it at all, we often suffer from overwork and physical and mental exhaustion.

Can our body return the favor with high sexual performance in such conditions? In such circumstances is our penis always able to rise to the occasion? Certainly not!

If we are constantly living in high spirits, mental tension, low self-esteem and negative emotions are our everyday life, we often resort to stimulants and our level of activity and applied diet We often resort to stimulants and our activity level is far from ideal, no wonder that in the sphere of sex there is still “something wrong”.

Fortunately, there are preparations that “keep up” with the problems of modern men. It is not Viagra or similar products which, removing only effects and not causes of erection problems, are not a good prescription for male ailments at all.

Manufacturers of modern capsules for men went much further than manufacturers of traditional Viagra and created a number of multi-ingredient preparations that strongly stimulate male organism to fight all inconveniences related to limited sexual performance, erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Modern supplements for potency – exemplary assistance for every guy

The phenomenon of potency supplements is based on the use of extracts from recognized medicinal plants, as well as specially selected amino acids, minerals and vitamins with properties that support sexual function in men.

Their action concentrates on increasing blood flow through the genitals and enlarging the corpora cavernosa (and thus increasing the strength of erections and Penis size), adding strength and vitality, stimulating testosterone production or raising the threshold of sensitivity to sexual stimuli. A properly selected blend of ingredients is able to fight all male problems.

However, it is worth noting that not every preparation is distinguished by such a rich composition and powerful enough action to provide us with unearthly erections and make us proverbial sex gods. It is worth using only high quality supplements containing properly matched active substances, which not only work by themselves but also intensify each other’s effects. The question is which of the preparations will provide us with 100% satisfaction and will permanently build high sexual potential?


One of the best potency products in terms of composition and properties is Dr Extenda – after analyzing its active substances, gathering data on its subject and testing its effects on our own skin, we can definitely place it at the top of the ranking of capsules for men. The preparation is a carefully prepared compilation of extracts, amino acids and minerals, which together give the effect of multiplied sexual power. Let’s take a look at the individual ingredients of Dr Extenda capsules.

Dr Extenda – composition

If you are bothered by the problem of incomplete erections or lack of them at crucial moments, if you think you are a lousy lover and your sexual powers are much smaller than they should be, maca root will be an effective antidote to the problems. It is no coincidence that this ingredient takes a prominent place in Dr Extenda capsules! maca root extract will motivate your body to produce more testosterone, or hormone masculinity.

Higher testosterone levels will translate into increased strength, endurance and vitality of your body. Your sexual performance will improve significantly, you will see increased erection power and a surge of sexual energy. maca root is one of the most effective “manhood restorers” so it would be a sin not to use its potential. And since it works best to combine several substances with similar effects in one capsule, Dr Extenda is the perfect solution here.

Here are the other ingredients of this preparation:

  • Fenugreek
    Fenugreekextract – another plant-based “manhood activator”. Similarly to its predecessor, it stimulates testosterone production and thanks to this it “triggers” all male characteristics – it ensures high libido and powerful, long-lasting erections, increases strength and efficiency, as well as helps build a masculine silhouette. muscularmale physique.
  • Muira Puama extract – can the plant commonly known as the “tree of potency” effectively help combat sexual dysfunction? Of course it can! This is what muira puama, one of the ingredients of Dr Extenda capsules, is called. The extract from this plant acts as a strong aphrodisiac, improves libido and enhances sensations during sex. Moreover, it has a beneficial effect on the power of erection.
  • Damiana leaves
    Extract from Damiana leaves – has great influence on potency and fertility. It contributes to increased blood flow through the genitals and thus improves the power of erections. It increases sexual desire and improves sexual sensations. Moreover, it shows a number of other beneficial effects – it helps in cleaning the body from toxins, improves mood, relaxes, counteracts negative moods.
  • Zinc – a mineral which is not usually important for male health and maintaining sexual functions at a proper level. Unfortunately, most people suffer from deficiencies of this element due to poor diet. Zinc guards the correct production of sperm cells, has a positive effect on fertility, potency and sexual drive.
  • Wild pomegranate fruit
    Wild pomegranate extract – an extraordinary ingredient with a rich tradition, used as a golden remedy for “male” problems already in antiquity. It increases desire, improves erectile strength and allows you to enjoy better sex.
  • L-arginine – an indispensable element complementing the composition of every good quality preparation for potency. Of course it also finds its place in Dr Extenda capsules. It is an amino acid which counteracts problems with getting and maintaining a long lasting erection. It affects the dilation of blood vessels within the genitals and stimulates blood flow through the penis. Thanks to that we can enjoy strong and long-lasting erections. L-arginine also has a positive effect on the quality and quantity of sperm.


Dr Extenda – action

Dr Extenda is a multi-ingredient antidote for erectile dysfunction and other problems in sexual life. It is better than competing preparations because it has a rich, unique composition in which all substances are selected in such a way as to most effectively fight the troubles that beset us. Dr Extenda is actually the best example of how a modern supplement for men should be composed – it should comprehensively “fix” all sex problems, and at the same time have a positive effect on the entire body by strengthening physical and mental condition.

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Thanks to this perfectly composed blend of ingredients, we gain strength and vitality, our body is efficiently cleansed of toxins, becomes younger and begins to function much better. At the same time, the active substances take care of proper blood supply to the penis, high libido, undisturbed erections and flawless sexual performance. Another property of the ingredients contained in Dr Extenda is an anti-stress and relaxing effect and a positive influence on mood and self-confidence.

As you can see, Dr Extenda works holistically, “curing” every inconvenience standing in the way of an ideal sex life.

Dr Extenda Results

Dr Extenda capsules will certainly be appreciated by any guy who is looking for a way to naturally stimulate the body to eliminate erectile dysfunction and any problems in “bed” life.

Traditional pills for men give a temporary effect and really only suppress the problem. In contrast, Dr Extenda capsules stimulate our body in a natural way and allow a permanent return to high sexual form.

These are the effects you can count on when using Dr Extenda:

  • a strong, full erection whenever you want it;
  • Longer lasting erections for a richer sex life;
  • libido at the level of a 20-year-old’s libido;
  • Increased penis volume;
  • increased sensitivity to sexual stimuli;
  • more abundant ejaculations and better orgasms;
  • Reduced stress, increased self-confidence, better mood;
  • Elimination of fear of close encounters with a partner;
  • general improvement of physical and mental condition and improvement of the quality of sexual life.

Dr Extenda – opinions

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Admittedly, Dr Extenda has only recently entered our market, but it already has no shortage of positive reviews. Everyone who decided to take the treatment, noted a marked improvement both in terms of the power of erection and its duration, as well as overall sexual performance.

Increased desire, increased self-confidence and improved sexual experience are also frequently cited benefits of these capsules. Men and their female partners emphasize that Dr Extenda has cured their limping sex life and added a new quality to it.

Do you want to change your life and become a perfect lover? Click here and go to the manufacturer’s websiteIf you want to find out more about Dr Extenda and where you can order capsules at attractive prices.

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