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Effective ways to treat cellulite

Cellulit is known to many women around the world. What is more, contrary to appearances, it does not concern only obese or elderly people. It is experienced by both slim and fat ladies, young girls and people of mature age, those who have had several children and those who have not given birth at all. What can you do with orange peel? Learn about home remedies for cellulite and how to fight it with the help of ready-made preparations and treatments.

How does cellulite form? Cellulit water cellulite vs fat cellulite

Cellulit, also called orange peel because of its skin structure, is a specific disorder of connective tissue and fat. It can be observed primarily on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and sometimes occurs on the arms and breasts. This aesthetic defect is a result of accumulation of excessive water, fat and other metabolic products in the dermis and connective tissue, which causes the appearance of furrows, thickening and folds. What is worse, changes in the structure of the skin are associated with impaired blood and lymph circulation and loss of skin elasticity.

There are two main types of cellulite: water and lipid, or fat. Water Cellulit is associated with disorders of water management in the body, sometimes also with hormonal disorders. It arises as a result of lymph infiltration with toxins into fat cells and often affects slim people. Cellulit fatty skin mainly affects overweight women, and its cause is the accumulation of fatty acids in the tissues.

What contributes to the formation of orange peel?

Although sometimes at the root of cellulite may lie genetics, but much more often it is the result of improper lifestyle. The development of orange peel is encouraged by hormonal and cardiovascular disorders, poor diet, lack of exercise and sedentary or standing type of work, as well as stress or alcohol, and finally wearing high heels and tight clothes.

Fruit on a plateThe development of cellulite is therefore influenced by behaviours and habits that we can change. It is necessary to take care of proper nutrition, that is, limit consumption of sweets and highly processed products, as well as meat, which contains significant amounts of hormones and antibiotics, and introduce a lot of fruit and vegetables to the menu.

A huge role is played by movement, circulatory disorders are, among others, the effect of sitting and standing, and thus in one position, which promotes stagnation in the flow of blood, both in large vessels and capillaries. A healthy diet plus physical activity will also bring additional benefits – it will allow you to regain or maintain a slim figure.

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Home remedies for cellulite

woman practicing yogaEffective ways to fight cellulite are those that run on several levels simultaneously. Proper nutrition, sport and systematic care will help eliminate the orange peel in the early stages of its development. In more advanced cases often need to reach for specialized treatments for cellulite in offices of aesthetic medicine.

There is no doubt that we must start by changing eating habits, reducing the number of calories, enriching the diet with plant products, giving up stimulants, reducing salt and fried foods.

A very effective method is a massage for cellulite, provided that we do it every day, for example rubbing lotion into the body after bathing. Once a week, you can make yourself a homemade scrub with table salt or ground coffee. Of course movement and physical exercise are very important. A brisk walk for half an hour and special exercises (hula hoops, squats, stretching of leg and buttock muscles) are effective weapons both for cellulite and stretch marks.

Professional preparations and treatments for cellulite

While fighting for smooth and beautiful skin we can also use professional creams for cellulite that contribute to the reduction of orange peel and fatty tissue, improve firmness and strengthen the skin and subcutaneous tissue tension. There are also dietary supplements available on the market – special cellulite pills containing, among others, green tea extract, guarana, spirulina, grape or nettle leaves extract, sometimes also biotin, vitamin B1 and B2 and hyaluronic acid.

In more advanced states it is sometimes necessary to reach for specialized treatments such as endermologie, laser therapy, mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage, ultrasounds. Very popular recently are Chinese bubbles for cellulite, which using negative pressure improve microcirculation and break down fatty tissue, smooth and firm the skin and remove toxins from the body.

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