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EleverBrow, the leader among eyebrow conditioners, regenerates, strengthens, thickens

EleverBrow is a cosmetic proposal which will not escape the attention of women who want to nourish the eyebrows and increase their density without salon treatments. EleverBrow will help if you have sparse, poorly defined eyebrows, if your eyebrows have weakened, if you are fed up with daily painting of your eyebrows or regular henna dying to emphasize them. With EleverBrow we will thicken and thicken our eyebrows and give them character and our face more charm and definition. Let’s see how EleverBrow can change the face of our eyebrows!

Eyebrow restoration – visit a professional salon or do it yourself?


Eyebrow transplantation? Eyebrow reconstruction? Permanent makeup? Not all of us have enough time or funds to go to an aesthetic medicine or beauty salon for this type of procedure. Not everyone wants to use such invasive methods either. There is good news – in order to rebuild your eyebrows and give them a new, more beautiful look, you do not have to leave yourself in the hands of professionals.

All you need to do is to regularly apply a specialized preparation, such as EleverBrow, to your eyebrows. And if you add a few simple steps, which you can do in 5 minutes in your own bathroom, you will achieve the desired results in less time than you thought.

EleverBrow has a unique formula that simultaneously stimulates hair follicles to speed up new hair growth and nourishes the entire structure of older hairs for thicker, healthier, smoother, shinier hairs. For anyone who wants a brow regeneration treatment in the comfort of their own home, EleverBrow is the right choice. But before you reach for this advanced cosmetic, learn how else you can help your eyebrows become a great asset forever.

Bare, sparse eyebrows – the causes

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Eyebrows are that part of the face that, although seemingly insignificant, can dramatically change its appearance.

Nice, thick eyebrows with a regular shape and expressive shade beautify the eye frame and make our look more magnetic. Moreover, they add temperament, uniqueness and at the same time charm and femininity to our face.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot boast of impressive natural eyebrows. The most common problems we complain about with our eyebrows are

  • eyebrows lacking volume and a clear, uniform line,
  • weak and thinning eyebrows,
  • easily falling, fine hairs in the eyebrows,
  • Pale, barely visible eyebrows,
  • over-plucked, asymmetrical eyebrows,
  • loss of hair in the eyebrows resulting in shapelessness.

These and similar deficiencies are the result of various factors, some dependent and some independent of ourselves. The main causes of weak, sparse eyebrows are:

  • hereditary factors (parents, grandparents also had rare, light or narrow eyebrows),
  • taking certain medications,
  • certain diseases and hormonal disorders,
  • age,
  • stress, life in high nervous tension,
  • too poor a diet, nutritional deficiencies,
  • too much epilation, plucking,
  • care mistakes, using too aggressive and low-quality cosmetics such as face cleansers, pencils, shadows, creams,
  • poorly performed cosmetic procedures,
  • not applying makeup.

Regardless of the cause of poor condition of eyebrows, with the help of a good condition er and minor treatments, we can easily lead to strengthen them, increase their volume and improve their color. It is worth remembering, however, that just as with hair regeneration, you will have to wait a little while for the effects. Hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes are epidermal products, which react to rebuilding and nourishing treatments with some delay, but this does not change the fact that their systematic use usually brings great results.

5 steps to beautiful, thick eyebrows

How to become an owner of dense, thick, expressive eyebrows? In addition to daily use of conditioner, you should also implement these few valuable tips:

1. limit the intensive plucking of eyebrow hairs to adjust them.

If you want to rebuild and strengthen your eyebrows, you’ll need to stop epilating them a little to allow new hairs to grow. Try removing only the most unruly and unwanted hairs that grow in areas away from the natural brow line. Don’t pluck hairs that are in the direct vicinity of your eyebrows.

2. do a cosmetics purge.

If you don’t want to weaken your eyebrows or hinder their free and healthy growth, get rid of old, outdated cosmetics, aggressive, allergenic products and those of questionable quality. This includes facial cleansers, creams, as well as eyebrow makeup products, including pencils, waxes, mascaras, eyebrow pens, etc. Try to use only good quality cosmetics, preferably of the most natural composition. Don’t apply too much make-up, as this will weigh your eyebrows down. And when washing your face, do not rub your eyebrows too hard with a cotton pad or your fingers. Do it gently.

3. comb your eyebrows.

Using a washed mascara brush or a soft toothbrush, comb your eyebrows regularly (once every few days or once a day). The technique is very simple: gently comb your eyebrows from the roots to the temples for about a minute. This is a kind of massage for the eyebrows, which stimulates microcirculation, activates the bulbs and stimulates growth. Moreover, combing your eyebrows encourages the removal of unwanted keratinised skin, the excess of which can hinder efficient hair growth.

4. oil your brows from time to time.

If you have some free time, you can add oiling your eyebrows to your beauty routine. It is worth doing this once every few days, lubricating the eyebrows with oil and leaving for a few hours or overnight. You can use one of the vegetable oils endowed with high nutritional value, such as coconut oil, linseed oil, olive oil, hemp oil. Cosmetic oils also work well for oiling – argan oil, castor oil, almond oil, jojoba oil.

5. follow a diet friendly to hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Nutrition is a very important factor that affects the quality of our hair, and if hair, then eyebrows and eyelashes. Unsaturated fatty acids, sulphur, zinc, silicon, vitamin E and A, B vitamins, complete protein – your daily menu should be rich in these nutrients, if you want to improve the condition of eyebrows, strengthen them and nourish from the inside. Large amounts of these components can be found in, among others: whole grain products, eggs, dairy products, fish, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and seeds, onions, carrots, leafy vegetables.

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EleverBrow – the way to beautiful, symmetrical, full eyebrows

Serum for eyebrows EleverBrow

A good eyebrow conditioner will speed up and enhance the renewal process. If you want a top quality product, it is worth paying attention to EleverBrow. It stands out for its fast action and high effectiveness in improving the density and thickness of eyebrows.

You will not have to wait months for the effects, because the first positive results in the form of increased clarity of eyebrows and their healthier, more vital look will be observed already in the second week of use. In the following weeks the volume of eyebrows will increase and hair loss will disappear.

It is worth noting that EleverBrow is a method not only for rebuilding eyebrows and faster their growth, but also for their visual beautification. After this conditioner eyebrows become perfectly moisturized and properly lubricated, their shade becomes stronger, they are smoother, thicker in structure and more shiny. In a word, they look like they have been groomed and styled by a professional beautician or make-up artist.


EleverBrow – composition of the conditioner

The composition of EleverBrow eyebrow serum consists of substances with a regenerating effect, stimulating the growth and strengthening the hair structures of eyebrows, moisturizing and greasing substances and substances ensuring high level of absorption of the cosmetic. It is thanks to the latter that the preparation has a chance to penetrate into the skin, reach the roots, and at the same time effectively work on the surface of our eyebrows. The deep action is combined with the superficial, so that both the bulbs, the newly formed hair, and the older hairs that currently form our eyebrows are provided with the appropriate dose of nutrients.

EleverBrow – quality and performance

In addition to high quality, one of the most important advantages of the EleverBrow conditioner is its incredible performance. One package will last for a very long time, minimum 2 months, maximum up to six months. The rate of use of the preparation depends on the stage of treatment and frequency of application.

In the first period, when our eyebrows require a large portion of nourishing and rebuilding substances, it is worth to apply EleverBrow every day, but after achieving optimal results, you can limit yourself to preventive application 2-3 times a week. With daily application, the conditioner lasts for several weeks, with less frequent use for several months.

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EleverBrow – Effects of Use

EleverBrow will appeal to people who complain about asymmetry, lack of volume and unsightly loss of hairs in their eyebrows due to formerly too strong eyebrows adjustment procedures. The cosmetic will also appeal to people with weak, falling out, thin and indistinct eyebrows due to congenital or health reasons.

The effects of regular use of EleverBrow:

  • regeneration,
  • faster growth,
  • thickening and elasticity of hair,
  • smoothing, moisturising, greasing,
  • restoring eyebrows’ shine and vitality,
  • nourishing from the roots to the ends,
  • strengthening eyebrows, inhibiting hair loss,
  • obtaining the effect of nice, full, regular eyebrows,
  • thickening, increasing the volume of eyebrows creating the possibility of their free styling in the future.

EleverBrow – opinions

In order to beautify our eyebrows and emphasise the frame of our eyes, bearing in mind the current styling trend which is expressive, thick eyebrows, we more and more often reach for cosmetics from the shelf of concentrated conditioners. EleverBrow is at the forefront of this type of preparations. The vast majority of users are of the opinion that its regular use brings satisfactory results.

According to many opinions EleverBrow effectively stimulates hair growth, while nurturing and thickening the older hairs. In comments we also read that EleverBrow can regenerate and beautify eyebrows so much that you can resign from coloring them with henna or intensive painting. Other emphasized advantages include quick effect, safety of application and lack of allergic reactions which, unfortunately, occurred after using other conditioners.

Eyebrow Conditioner EleverBrow


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