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Exercises for slimming, or what training to choose to quickly get rid of body fat

Which exercises to choose for weight loss? Which type of training most effectively destroys fat tissue? Which physical activity is best for me? These questions are often asked by people determined to slim down in an efficient, effective and possibly fastest way. Indeed, slimming exercises are the right way to lose weight intensively and observe positive changes in your body every now and then. However, in order for the training to be fully effective, it is necessary to choose an activity according to individual predispositions and actual physical condition. That is why the first step towards a slim figure should be the creation of such a training plan which will not exceed the limits of our physical capacity and which will be compatible with our personal preferences.

Workout for weight loss – how to start?

By exercising vigorously for 45 minutes, we consume approximately 400 kcal. If we train several times a week and if we also follow a low-calorie diet (we consume about 300 kcal less than our daily requirements), we are able to regularly lose 1-1.5 kg per week.

Additionally, if we use a good fat burner, the rate of losing weight can be even faster. It sounds encouraging and motivating, but it’s often difficult for us to get together and get into the rhythm of training, but we keep telling ourselves: I’m starting tomorrow.

How to start effective weight loss training? How to translate good intentions into real activity? How to turn initial enthusiasm into lasting motivation? We should do two things:

  • first, choose such exercises for weight loss that fit our personality and make us happy (some people feel best training on an orbitrek in their home, others bet on the gym, some prefer jogging, others cycling, etc.),
  • secondly, make a schedule of classes, which will include the irrevocable date of the first training (this will allow us to break the vicious circle of postponing exercises for tomorrow) and the dates of subsequent training sessions in the coming time.

What’s more, if you are going to train in a varied way and combine several types of activity it is worth writing down in your schedule the exact exercise plan and their duration, for example

  • Monday – 45 minutes on the exercise bike
  • Tuesday – 25 minutes of exercise with dumbbells, 30 minutes on the exercise bike
  • Wednesday – free
  • Thursday – 1 hour of swimming
  • Friday – 25 minutes of dumbbell exercises, 30 minutes on the exercise bike
  • Saturday – 45 minutes of walking
  • Sunday – free

This activity plan is characterized by high intensity and is designed for people who have already taken their first steps in training. If you are a complete beginner, it is worth starting a little more gently, according to your own physical abilities, for example:

  • 4 times a week do an hour of dynamic walking,
  • 3 times a week exercise on a stepper or an orbitrek (about 30 minutes),
  • 3 times a week do a combined training (30 minutes session on the orbitrek, 10 minutes exercise with dumbbells),
  • 3 times a week do nordic walking for 45 minutes,
  • exercise on an exercise treadmill 3 times a week (e.g. walking for 30 minutes).

With time, as our condition and endurance will increase, we can begin to gradually increase the intensity of workouts.

The most important thing is that the slimming exercises are not too strenuous, tiring, mentally and physically exhausting for us, because this way we can quickly get discouraged, demobilize and abandon the trainings. Exercising beyond our strength and possibilities can also lead to strain and injury of particular joints or muscles.

Exercises for weight loss – how to maintain high motivation for a long time?

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What should you do if at some point you simply don’t want to stop training? How do you keep your motivation to exercise high? Here are the most important tips:

  • Create a workout plan and stick to the activities outlined in it.
  • Use only those weight-loss exercises and activities you enjoy and which don’t make you tired or give you negative feelings.
  • Get an interesting outfit that you feel great in, use gadgets and apps for exercising – these seemingly small things increase satisfaction and enthusiasm for training.
  • Reward yourself for completing each step of your training plan (e.g., after one month of training, buy your dream clothes or go on an exciting trip).
  • Don’t make training plans that are too ambitious and hard to achieve (e.g. I run 6 times a week for 60 minutes). Start with gentle activity (e.g. 30 minutes of jogging 3 times a week) and gradually increase the intensity. Always make your training plans according to your form and physical abilities.
  • Don’t set your goals too high, don’t assume in advance that you’ll lose 10 kg in a month and a half, because if you don’t achieve this goal, your motivation for further weight loss may weaken.
  • From time to time try to modify your training plans, diversify the exercises with new elements, especially if you do not like monotony and if you tend to quickly feel bored with a given activity.
  • If you have trouble getting into a workout and completing it, listen to dynamic, energizing and enthusiastic music while exercising.
  • Use a good quality fat burner that will give you energy, protect you from fatigue, suppress your appetite, speed up your metabolism and have a positive effect on your brain, improving your mood and increasing your motivation (e.g. Keto Actives, Berber Fast). When losing weight with a fat burner, you will reduce your body weight faster, and nothing is better for your motivation than the scale showing you a few kilos less every now and then.
  • Take care of a healthy diet (with the right amount of protein, complex carbohydrates, omega 3 acids, vitamins and minerals) and keep your body well hydrated (on workout days drink at least 2 litres of water). Sleep about 7-8 hours a night. Avoiding exhaustion, getting a long, healthy sleep and a diet rich in nutritional values is a method for the efficient regeneration of the body after exercise, good mood and a lot of energy and high motivation every day.

How to exercise to lose weight – some tips for beginners

man runs on a treadmill

Any type of activity is an ally of weight loss. However, if you want to maximize the effects and shed pounds at high speed, it is worth sticking to some basic rules and using the right types of training.

The best option for beginners is cardio training (aerobic training, aerobic training). It is characterised by moderate intensity (you exercise keeping your heart rate at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate), it does not involve high effort and it is not too hard on the muscles, so it works well for untrained weight loss adepts.

cardio training should last at least half an hour, and preferably about 45 minutes. It should be performed systematically, about 4 times a week. In cardio training we can use any form of activity, the most popular are: exercise on a treadmill, rowing machine, orbitrek, stepper, stationary bike and similar exercise machines, aerobics, jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming, climbing, hiking, nordic walking.

Over time, to intensify fat burning, we can swap traditional cardio training for interval training (short workouts of varying intensity) or combined training (strength training plus cardio exercise). No matter what form of activity you choose, remember that regularity of exercise is your priority.

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How to exercise to lose weight? Weight loss training for intermediate and advanced to achieve rapid results

There are several proven recipes for effective slimming exercises that lead to rapid burning of stored body fat. However the most effective, even “devouring” fat workouts are difficult, strenuous and require us to be in good shape and well-trained muscles.

An example of such a “fat killer” recommended by many people is the tabata workout, which, by raising the metabolic rate to the maximum, gives excellent and very fast results in weight loss.

Tabata is a short but high intensity interval workout that induces a large ‘oxygen debt’ and leads to increased calorie burning not only during exercise but also for hours afterwards. It consists of performing a given exercise for 4 minutes in the following mode – for 20 seconds we exercise with maximum power and perform as many repetitions as possible, and for the next 10 seconds we rest. The cycle is repeated 8 times. Tabata also requires an initial warm-up and final stretching.

Due to its very high intensity, the tabata weight training is designed for advanced trainees who are resistant to high physical effort and are characterized by good fitness. It is not recommended for people who are just beginning their adventure with exercise, or for those who have had a long break in sport.

Another workout that is effective in burning fat (but also strenuous and demanding) is crossfit. It involves alternating several exercises at high intensity and high speed. Most often several series of each exercise are performed for about 15 repetitions. crossfit training is short (it takes about 25 minutes, is preceded by a few minutes of warm-up, and ends with stretching), but effective, effectively involves our whole body. The exercises take place in both aerobic and anaerobic zones.

woman trains with barbell

Since crossfit involves various forms of exercise – from squats, jumping jacks and jumping jacks, through kettlebell exercises and pressing barbells or dumbbells, to short, fast runs, this training will satisfy every opponent of monotony and enthusiast of new challenges.

What is interesting, crossfit training plans can be freely modified and varied, we can use more and more new equipment, change the order of exercises and add their new variants. Each workout can look completely different.

Crossfit significantly speeds up metabolism and enhances calorie burning long after the workout is over, which leads to rapid fat loss. But the list of advantages of this form of activity does not end here.

During crossfit exercises almost all our muscles work intensively (including abdominal muscles, arms, legs and buttocks), so regular training of this type leads to modelling of a dynamic, athletic, muscular silhouette.

Moreover, crossfit strengthens our whole body, improves cardiorespiratory fitness and develops physical fitness in many aspects, including: increases strength, power and speed, increases precision and agility, improves agility, flexibility, endurance and coordination.

Effective exercises for weight loss – important notes at the end

Remember that the most important thing in slimming training is regularity. It is better to exercise a little bit shorter, but 4-5 times a week than once a week go to the gym for an hour and a half.

It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that even the best exercises for slimming will not turn out to be fully productive if they are not combined with a balanced diet with slightly reduced calories (read also: Diet for reduction). A perfect supplement to our workouts will be supplements. It’s best to use multi-ingredient fat reducers rich in thermogenics, natural stimulants and appetite blockers.

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