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Fat burners ranking – check out the top products that will speed up your fat reduction

Fat burners are increasingly popular among people aiming to slim and shape their figures. Adequately selected preparation is able to significantly accelerate the shedding of kilograms, provided that we combine supplementation with physical activity and diet (no capsule slims down on its own!).

We present a ranking of fat burners which takes the following criteria into account: composition of active ingredients and scope of activity of the preparation, quality to price ratio, popularity among consumers, effectiveness. In our review, each of you will find something for yourself. We do not focus exclusively on the strongest stimulants on the market because not everyone is looking for a “scythe” that raises blood pressure to the maximum and gives you a heart attack. Contrary to many opinions, an effective fat burner doesn’t mean a product packed with painful stimulants. We present a list of effective, noteworthy fat burner from different shelves in terms of ingredients, stimulation power and price.

Fat burners ranking

No. 1 Fast Burn Extreme

Fast Burn Extreme the best fat burner

The first place in the ranking of fat burners belongs to Fast Burn Extreme capsules. Their crowning asset is the excellent selection of ingredients which have a strong bioactive effect and thus go to the heart of the needs of people on a reduction. Thanks to its unique formula combining thermogenics, stimulants, appetite reducers and metabolism regulators, Fast Burn Extreme accelerates fat burning many times over.

The Fast Burn Extreme fat bur ner is very popular with consumers, even though it has been on the market much shorter than competing products. The reason is one – it is both effective and universal. It is aimed at all active people, regardless of age, type of sport and stage of advancement, both an amateur running recreationally in the park and a professional bodybuilder. In each case it reliably supports fat reduction.

The composition Fast Burn Extreme you can find extract from Indian nettle (source of forskolin), thanks to which metabolism and the whole process of burning fat gain much faster pace. When we are physically active, the forskolin allows our body to absorb more energy from the stored fatty tissue and to get rid of it more efficiently and in a shorter time.

Fast Burn Extreme also contains thermogenic substances essential for fat reduction, which allow you to burn more calories than before with a similar level of activity – an extract from green tea and annual capsicum. At the same time, these ingredients have a beneficial effect on the digestive process. Fast Burn Extreme capsules also include a reliable metabolism regulator – bitter orange extract, caffeine eliminating fatigue and giving a big boost of energy, as well as appetite blockers – chromium and garcinia cambogia extract. The entire formula has been enriched with vitamin B6, which is essential for correct metabolism and nervous system function.

Fast Burn Extreme is a very interesting composition of ingredients, which together may constitute an unparalleled weapon against unnecessary fat tissue. Monthly supplementation of this burner will cost us 49 €, but if we buy 2 or 3 boxes at once, we will receive free packages of the product.


No. 2 BurnBooster

fat burner BurnBooster

BurnBooster is an innovative fat burner, whose advantage is a simple but very cleverly composed composition. The formula meets the needs of both active people, losing weight accompanied by some form of sport, as well as those who do not exercise every day.

The power of BurnBooster is a fusion of 4 powerful components – green barley, garcinia cambogia extract, cayenne pepper and green coffee. These ingredients, taken straight from nature, combined into a single concoction are an effective weapon against excessive kilograms. The formula works in a number of ways – it suppresses hunger and helps reduce calorie intake, significantly accelerates metabolism, leads to a faster breakdown of fat tissue, and gives you energy.

BurnBooster is an excellent choice for people who appreciate natural, yet powerful fat reducers with a simple composition. The manufacturers of BurnBooster are running an interesting promotion – when you buy a pack of the product, you get another one for free.


No. 3 Kimera


Capsules Kimera is another excellent set of ingredients thanks to which you can significantly shorten and facilitate the process of fat reduction. Kimera supplementation combined with regular physical training and a low-calorie diet is a recipe for effective weight loss. The high effectiveness of the Kimera fat reducer is based on a rich thermogenic complex, including chilli extract, piperine, ginger and guarana. The combination of these substances results in a powerful increase in metabolic rate and fast breakdown of fat tissue.

Kimera capsules also include stimulants which are valuable for people on a reduction plan, eliminate physical and mental fatigue and reduce appetite: caffeine, bitter orange extract, tyrosine and green tea which supports fat burning. In addition, there are B vitamins.

Kimera is a strong support in eliminating excessive kilograms, what’s more, it adds energy, which is never too much for an active person. You will pay approx. 25 € for this unique set of valuable ingredients (60 capsules).


No. 4 Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts belongs to the group of the best known and most appreciated fat burners in the circles of gym-goers. Its long-standing presence in the market and unflagging popularity is proof of its great effectiveness in combating unnecessary fat tissue.

The leading Universal Nutrition product is available in sachets to be taken in the morning and immediately before exercise, and drunk with water. The composition of the supplement’s ingredients is exceptionally rich, which means it is treated not only as a typical fat burner, but also as a complex preparation improving the functioning of the body and eliminating various minor ailments and irregularities, such as excessive subcutaneous water accumulation, sugar metabolism disorders, thyroid disorders, incorrect operation of neurotransmitters, and excessive susceptibility to stress.

Animal Cuts is a palette of about 30 ingredients segregated into several complexes. As well as complexes essential for faster fat tissue reduction, such as a metabolic complex and a stimulant-thermogenic complex, there’s also a complex of diuretic ingredients, a complex supporting thyroid function, a complex of nootropic substances, and several others. We will spend about 35 € for this multi-tasking preparation, which contains 42 servings.

No. 5 Olimp Thermo Speed Hardcore

Olimp Thermo Speed Hardcore

Thermo Speed Hardcore is a solid fat reducer at an affordable price (about 20 € for 120 capsules) from the popular brand Olimp. The supplement supports our body in maintaining a high metabolic rate and protects against fat storage. It also helps to “mobilise” fat reserves, ensuring that during exercise they provide fuel for our muscles.

Thanks to the presence of garcinia cambogia extract, Thermo Speed Hardcore additionally protects us from excessive appetite. As befits a good fat burner, the Olimp product also contains a set of thermogenic and stimulating substances: caffeine, capsaicin, piperine and ginger.

No. 6 Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme

Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme

Thermo Speed Extreme is a similar, albeit less complex in terms of composition product from Olimp. It can be classified as a basic fat burner, which to some extent supports the reduction, but it doesn’t act too strongly. It’s aimed at people who prefer more delicate and less noticeable preparations, as well as those who do more with their training and diet, and would only like to use the supplement to provide a slight stimulation, minimise fatigue, support concentration and regulate metabolism.

Thermo Speed Extreme is a composition of caffeine, synephrine, tyrosine, piperine and green tea extract. The product is not exorbitantly priced, costing about 15 € for 120 capsules.

No. 7 Black Bombs

Black Bombs

Black Bombs is a powerful fat burner with truly “bomb” effects. However, for many people the doses of caffeine and other stimulants contained in it are simply too high. The product strongly stimulates the whole body, contributes to a significant acceleration of the heart rate and causes an effect of increased energy and strength. Of course you can use these properties during training, exercising long and hard, and thus increasing fat burning, but people who are sensitive to stimulants and have a tendency to spike blood pressure should be careful with this product.

In addition to caffeine, guarana, bitter orange and cocoa extract, Black Bombs also contains taurine, niacin, vitamin B6 and sausage tree extract. By supplementing with this burner you can count on an increase in the metabolic rate, suppression of the appetite and an increase in thermogenesis, which strongly promotes fat reduction. Thanks to high doses of stimulants, we can increase the activity level to the maximum and thus burn calories effectively.

Black Bombs fat burner is available in capsules. A pack of 60 capsules costs around 30 €.

No. 8 Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

After a supplement saturated with stimulants, it is time for something milder, which does not mean ineffective. The fat burner Cutting Edge proves that the right composition of plant extracts, devoid of stimulants, can also be a considerable support during the reduction. Although it doesn’t increase thermogenesis and doesn’t provide energy injections helpful in performing very intensive workouts, it does help fight unnecessary fat in other ways. Among other things it has a positive effect on metabolism, suppresses the appetite and allows you to limit calorie intake and supports the process of using fat as energy. An interesting property of Cutting Edge is also efficient elimination of subcutaneous water, which promotes weight loss.

Cutting Edge will undoubtedly be of interest to proponents of natural supplements based on herbal ingredients, as well as beginners in the field of supplementation, people who don’t like strong stimulants and those who are sensitive to stimulants and have problems with blood pressure. 120 tablets cost approx. 15 €.

No. 9 Fat Burners ETS (Easy To Swallow)

Fat Burners ETS (Easy To Swallow)

Fat Burners E TS from Universal Nutrition is a versatile and affordable fat reducer in tablets. You will pay about 12 € for a pack of 100 pieces. Its formula is very similar to that of its predecessor in our ranking, Cutting Edge. Similarly, it is devoid of caffeine and other stimulants, and its help in reducing fat is based on speeding up metabolism, suppressing appetite, improving carbohydrate metabolism and improving fat breakdown. The active ingredients here include choline, L-carnitine, inositol, lysine and plant extracts.

No. 10 Trizer


Trizer has recently become very popular among those seeking to reduce pounds. This multi-ingredient supplement, like most of its competitors, supports fat burning in several ways. It resists fatigue and adds energy, increases the rate of metabolism, enhances the process of thermogenesis and lipolysis, prevents subcutaneous water retention, and suppresses excessive appetite. The composition of Trizer includes caffeine, tyrosine, synephrine, capsaicin and green tea extract. The capsules have also been enriched with herbal extracts, chromium and vitamins.

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