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Fat burning – a vademecum for slimmers

Burning fat is a process that takes place at different speeds, depending on the degree of overweight, individual organism conditions, but above all on the steps we take in terms of diet, physical activity and supplementation. Do you want to learn golden methods to stimulate the fat burning process and reduce kilograms two or three times faster? Read our vademecum for slimmers!

1. training for fat burning

There are many contradictory opinions on fat burning training. Some recommend cardio exercises (aerobic), others are of the opinion that it is worth reaching for strength training, still others that nothing can replace the effects of interval training. It turns out that all of them are a bit right. Everything depends on what stage of weight loss we are at and what type of activity our body responds to best at a given moment.

For example: a very overweight person who has never done any sport before and who started doing 40-minute cardio sessions on a treadmill 4 times a week, will notice large and relatively rapid loss of body fat. Conversely, a person who is marginally overweight and who has been exercising in a similar manner for two years may see no or minimal weight loss.

woman joggingIf you want to maximally accelerate fat burning, you should always be “up to date with the conditions your body puts forth”. The human organism has the property that it quickly gets used to a given form of activity and over time begins to manage its energy more economically. It is worth diversifying your workouts and gradually increasing the level of effort. This will help you maintain a high metabolic rate and your energy expenditure will be high enough for your body to keep reaching for reserves in the form of fat tissue.

If you are a beginner, introduce aerobic training (e.g. jogging, aerobics, swimming, riding a stationary bike, etc.), exercise regularly, several times a week, at least 30 minutes, preferably 45-60 minutes. Train at a moderate pace, ensuring that your heart rate fluctuates within the limits of 60-70% of the maximum heart rate. You can calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. You don’t have to exercise with a heart rate monitor, but remember that aerobic training can be neither too intense, leading to total breathlessness, nor too lazy and slow, not resulting in a jump in heart rate or increased sweating.

If you’ve already had some experience with cardio training and you’ve noticed that it no longer brings the effects of regular weight loss, it’s worth introducing strength elements (e.g. training with dumbbells 2-3 times a week), which strongly engage muscles to work, causing an increase in energy expenditure. You can also reach for interval training, which is very effective in raising the metabolic rate and stimulating fat burning. Interval training (HIIT) can be based on any discipline, what matters is its intensity and changes of pace (a given exercise is performed alternately with high and moderate intensity).

Exercises for fat burning can be performed in different cycles and disciplines, the most important thing is to match them to your fitness possibilities, and as your body gets used to the training, apply the principle of increasing its intensity. It is also worth remembering to simultaneously introduce a diet that supports rapid fat burning, which you will read about later in this article.

2. the fat burning diet

The first rule of the fat burning diet is to significantly restrict simple carbohydrates. However, don’t confuse restriction with complete elimination. A certain amount of simple carbohydrates is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, because they are fuel for our brain or muscles.

It is important to give up the most unhealthy and treacherous carbohydrates hidden in the form of sweets, crisps, ready meals, fast food (which also contain a whole lot of unhealthy fats), colored drinks. A much better source of carbohydrates will be fruit, real juices or homemade diet desserts.

Vegetable salad on a plateIn a fast fat burning diet it is worth giving priority to protein, which speeds up metabolism and which, in order to be digested, needs higher energy expenditure incurred by the body. The following are excellent here: cottage cheese, kefir, natural yogurt, buttermilk, eggs, lean poultry meat, sirloin, fish.

If you are engaged in intensive burning of body fat, do not forget to include fiber products in your menu every day (vegetables, fruit, wholemeal bread, coarse groats, brown rice, cereals, bran, grains and seeds, flaxseed). Dietary fiber improves the metabolism and digestive processes, increases the feeling of satiety, and prevents spikes in blood sugar, which prevents hunger attacks and reaching for extra calories.

Another important remark – when following a fat burning diet do not give up fats altogether. They are also very necessary for the body, but it is worth keeping their quantities in moderation and reaching only for the healthier variants, such as: good quality olive and rapeseed oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, nuts, almonds.

See which products exceptionally support fat burning:

  • Chili peppers – whether whole or in powdered form, it is worth including them permanently in the menu. They contain capsaicin and are the undisputed winner among natural thermogenics. They increase body temperature, and with it intensify metabolic processes, thus leading to more intensive fat burning by the body.
  • Cinnamon – just like chili peppers, has thermogenic properties and increases the rate of metabolism. The advantage of cinnamon is its unparalleled, intriguing taste and versatility of application. It goes well with both sweet and spicy dishes. By using it frequently in your kitchen, you fight fat almost all the time!
  • Green tea – thanks to the catechins and polyphenols it contains, it helps reduce the absorption of fat from food, actively supports metabolism and intensifies the process of burning the accumulated fat tissue.
  • Turmeric – this eastern spice has incredible slimming potential. It has an excellent effect on digestion (supports the production of digestive juices), improves metabolism and, most importantly, prevents the formation of new fat cells and activates the process of burning stored fatty tissue.
  • Apple cider vinegar – may constitute a strong support in the process of fat tissue reduction. It contains large amounts of substances valuable to our digestive system: pectins, beneficial bacteria, organic acids and enzymes. It stimulates the production of digestive juices, facilitates the digestion of carbohydrates and fats. In addition, it cleanses the body of toxins, stimulates metabolism, participates in lowering blood sugar levels and enhances the feeling of satiety. It makes us consume fewer calories and get rid of fat faster.
  • Grapefruits – it is worth reaching for them as often as possible. They are extremely healthy, very low in calories and are a great cure for excessive appetite. They detoxify the body, speed up metabolism and stimulate fat burning.

Capsules and tablets for fat burning

You already know how to eat and how to exercise to intensify metabolic processes and accelerate fat burning. There is still a third, very important factor, thanks to which slimming effects may come even faster, that is supplementation. According to the opinions of people who take capsules and tablets to support weight loss, the best are multi-ingredient fat burners which are a composition of substances with thermogenic properties and substances suppressing the appetite.

PiperinoxFor example, one of the popular weight loss supplements – Piperinox– contains as many as 5 thermogenic substances: piperine, bitter orange extract, ginger, cayenne pepper and guarana. Next to them there is chromium, which is reliable in suppressing the appetite. These two groups of ingredients placed in one formula work extremely well – the hunger blockers make us keep a low-calorie diet under control, while the thermogenics take care of intensifying the process of breaking down fat tissue.

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