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Folisin, baldness is always under control

Alopecia, which affects thousands of men in our country every year, and many more around the world, can already be safely considered a social disease. Smaller or larger gaps on top of the head or constantly growing sideburns can easily be observed in men of all ages. Although hair loss is a completely natural process, it is still very difficult for us to accept this fact, especially when it happens too fast and at too young an age. Unfortunately, men before the age of thirty are already starting to go bald, but everyone can now stop this process by using the Folisin dietary supplement to do so. These capsules have practically everything you need in them and after just a short treatment our hair starts to return to the way it was before balding started.

Why does hair thinning occur?

The effectiveness of the capsules Folisin capsules has been confirmed many times, both by balding men using it, as well as specialists recommending these pills, trichologists. However, before they recommend their regular use, they first want to determine as precisely as possible what causes accelerated and usually excessive hair loss in a particular patient. Most of us do not even realize how many causes are responsible for the development of this disease and what changes we can make to cure it once and for all and eliminate the risk of its recurrence. Our hair grows and falls out throughout our lives, and each hair goes through three phasesin succession :

  • Anagen, the growth phase, lasts from 2 to 7 years for hair on the head;
  • catagen, transitional phase, also called resting phase, when the hair growth stops and it gradually moves from the follicle to the upper layers of the skin;
  • telagen, the resting phase, in which the hair begins to keratinize and die, and then completely pulls out of the skin, or simply falls out.

This is a completely natural process and in most cases it shouldn’t cause us any concern, but only when we lose a maximum of 100 hairs a day in this way. Greater number means that with our body is happening something wrong, and accelerated balding is most often caused by the following factors:

  • genetic, usually heralding androgenic alopecia, which is difficult to cure, and hair loss is unfortunately inherited from the older generation of the family, the father, sometimes also from grandparents;
  • improper diet, poor diet, hard to digest, poor diet, often underestimated cause, however, adversely affect the condition of hair and scalp, which is also the cause of the development of many other dangerous diseases;
  • Exposure to prolonged and severe stress, one of the symptoms of which may be rapid and excessive hair loss;
  • various diseases, manifesting themselves in the same way, mainly chronic diseases such as thyroid disease or particularly dangerous lupus erythematosus;
  • failure to maintain a proper level of personal hygiene, regular washing of the head and hair with properly selected shampoos is the absolute basis to stop baldness, and good cosmetics also help prevent graying.

Folisin – effective action, which you can fully trust

Folisin hair loss suppressants

Regardless of the cause of hair loss, another cornerstone of treating this condition is the use of preparations that have everything needed to strengthen thin hair and maintain the health of the scalp. Folisin The formula has been composed of only safe ingredients, which do not cause any irritation or other side effects, and its regular use allows you to achieve within 30 days the results you have not even dreamed of. Among other things, patients who conduct treatment with the use of these tablets, taken in the amount of only two pieces a day, praise themselves:

  • complete inhibition of hair loss, and the first positive results are obtained after only one month;
  • effective stimulation of new hair growth, which grows back stronger, thicker and regains deep, natural color;
  • simultaneous increase in the level of testosterone, the most important hormone for men, as a result of which it does not convert to DHT, i.e. dihydrotestosterone which is the greatest threat to the proper functioning of hair follicles;
  • anti-androgenic action;
  • shortening the resting phase of hair and simultaneously extending the growth phase.


Folisin – composition carefully selected for the treatment of baldness

Such effects of action that it can boast of FolisinThe effects it can boast of are due to its composition, and the manufacturer has more than met all the needs and requirements of men struggling with baldness. Therefore, each capsule contains precisely measured doses of active substances, and the most important of them are:

  • AnaGain™ Nu, a natural ingredient obtained from pea seeds, which contains two substances most effective in stopping the process of hair loss and weakening. The first, FG7, activates during the anagen phase, causing keratinocytes, the cells that make up the living layer of the epidermis, to grow larger. The second, called Noggin, is a specialized protein responsible for shortening the resting phase of the hair;
  • PhosphaMax, a substance created on the basis of phosphatidic acid. In these capsules, it acts as a stimulator which accelerates the proliferation of cells forming the hair matrix, i.e. its basis, which determines its correct growth;
  • pumpkin extract, a vegetable still underestimated in our cuisine, although being a real treasury of nutrients needed especially for the health of scalp, which is after all another important factor for the growth and strengthening of weakened hair. Pumpkin contains a large amount of vitamins: A, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E. It also contains the minerals zinc, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iodine, iron and magnesium. Omega – 3 fatty acids will also be useful for hair, so it is worth introducing it to your diet in the form of supplements such as Folisin;
  • EVNolMax™, a unique formula resulting from research conducted by scientists in the manufacturer’s laboratories, for the preparation of which organic compounds found in vitamin E were used. Above all, tocopherols were used, thanks to which the skin is always perfectly nourished, which also promotes faster growth of new hair and prevents its falling out again;
  • Sabal palm, or saw palmetto, for years recognized as one of the plants that allow the most effective fight against progressive baldness. Its components, phytosterols, polysaccharides, fatty acids, tannins and lectins, among others, enable inhibition of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) formation, thus reducing the risk of androgenetic alopecia;
  • BioPerine®, in which piperine is the most important active ingredient allowing you to enjoy thick and strong hair for a long time. The inclusion of piperine in the composition of this supplement may seem a bit odd, given the fact that it is mainly used in weight loss treatments. However, despite appearances, it is equally effective in reducing the effects of baldness, one of the causes of which is excess toxins deposited in the body, which piperine helps remove;
  • Selenium SeLECT®, i.e.selenium as well as zinc and copper, the most important minerals without which our hair cannot gain its proper structure, strong and resistant to all adverse factors, especially weather ones. Adequate doses of selenium also help maintain healthy skin, and zinc and copper, supported by biotin (vitamin B7), in turn help reduce seborrhea, i.e. sebum secretion causing seborrheic alopecia. They also participate in the formation of keratin, and this is the most important building block of hair, without which it almost immediately becomes brittle, breaks and falls out in very large quantities.

Folisin – reviews fully confirming the effectiveness of the supplement

Folisin hair loss supplement

Entering the market of supplements in our country to prevent hair loss, Folisin practically from the very beginning it gained a well-deserved high position on it, gaining a large group of supporters. The reviews we find about it on the web are positive and praise there numerous and indisputable advantages, mentioned above. Interestingly, it is written in this tone as much by patients who use it, complaining about the rapid process of baldness, as by the mentioned specialists of its treatment. So if your hair loss is making you feel so bad that at times you don’t even want to look in the mirror, it’s time to use Folisin to help get rid of it and restore your hair to its former glory. For this purpose, all you need to do is visit the Internet its manufacturer’s website, fill out the form, which is necessary to order the supplement. You should also take advantage of the current price promotions and there are three packages available:

  • Basic, one pack for 49 €, containing a supply of 60 capsules, enough for a month of treatment;
  • Standard, 180 capsules, or 3 packs, for which you will pay 98 €;
  • Optimal, as many as 360 capsules, 6 packs, whose price of 146 € actually allows you to significantly save the cost of the entire treatment.
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