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Follixin – pros and cons

Follixin is one of the most effective preparations on the market to prevent baldness. It has a rich composition, with prolonged use it significantly strengthens thin and thin hair and improves its condition. It is an interesting option for people suffering from androgenic alopecia, especially in its first stages. See the strengths and weaknesses of Follixin.

Follixin – composition


Follixin is a multi-ingredient hair growth product dedicated to people who struggle with weak and excessive hair loss.

Looking at the composition of Follixin you can see that it is rich and well composed (and importantly – contains valuable plant extracts!). The formula combines both proteins, vitamins and minerals, which in fact is its great asset. The combination of these 3 elements gives the best results in strengthening and rebuilding hair.

In Follixin capsules you will find:

– silicon-rich nettle extract,

– Silicon-rich field horsetail extract,

– collagen protein hydrolysate,


– vitamin E.

The presence of these ingredients speaks highly of Follixin. Collagen proteins are the building material of hair, positively influence its structure, make it stronger. Silicon is a very important element for hair, thanks to which they gain strength and vitality, become thicker, much less fall out and grow faster. Vitamin E protects hair from damage and improves its condition, and zinc “guards” the correct metabolic processes taking place in the hair structures.

The only drawback of Follixin is the lack of the product label on the official website and the lack of any information about the amounts of individual ingredients in one dose.

Follixin – opinions, effectiveness

The composition of active ingredients in Follixin strengthens and revitalizes hair, improves its appearance, contributes to inhibition of hair loss and more active growth of new hair. On the company’s website we read that the product effectively deals with hair weakness caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Numerous opinions about Follixin confirm that the preparation is very effective in case of hair loss caused by improper diet, weakening of the body, past illnesses, chronic stress. It also works well for dull, lifeless, resistant to styling hair and in the first stages of baldness. However, if we are dealing with androgenic alopecia, which persists for a long time and is manifested by complete baldness or significant hair loss over large areas of the head, Follixin may have limited effectiveness.

Follixin – effects

In summary, the effects of Follixin depend on the intensity and cause of hair loss, but in most cases it works very well. It is worth reaching for it when you are struggling with thinning hair, its slow growth, weakening, excessive hair loss. It will help to supplement deficiencies of essential nutrients, delay or slow down the process of hair loss, strengthen and nourish hair, give it shine, strength and restore its healthy and beautiful look.

Follixin – price

A certain disadvantage of Follixin is that it is difficult to “dig up” its price on the company’s website. In other stores and online pharmacies the cost of the product is about $50 for 60 capsules, which is enough for one month of treatment. It seems like a lot, but on the other hand, other high quality hair loss products are available for similar amounts. So there is no question of overpaying.

If you are interested in Follixin, please go here directly to the manufacturer’s website. There you will come across an attractive promotion in the form of a free Follixin pack.

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