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For weakened hair and more – nettle is a leader among natural remedies

Although direct contact with fresh nettle may result in severe burns, it is certainly a plant you can like. Nettle’s countless medicinal properties make it a top herb. If you don’t know yet how multidirectional and potent nettle is in strengthening your body, take a look at our article.

A composition that speaks for itself

Nettle heals, and the secret of its action is a composition rich in various active substances that penetrate into our body and do a lot of good work in it. Deposits of vitamin K and C, a set of B vitamins, vitamin E, carotene, silicon, zinc, calcium, potassium, iron, sulfur – this is just the beginning of the list of valuable elements that can be found in nettle. Noteworthy are also rare elements present in it, such as: copper, cobalt, molybdenum, titanium and manganese, as well as large amounts of valuable chlorophyll. Nettle also contains organic acids, phenolic acids, bioflavonoids, phytosterols, tannins, biogenic amines and volatile oils.

Nettle – health properties

The action of nettle is so versatile and diverse that it is used to treat ailments of almost the entire body. Here are its beneficial properties:

  • acts as a diuretic and detoxifies the bodyNettle
  • has hematopoietic effect, prevents anaemia
  • helps with ailments of the joints (e.g. rheumatism, degeneration, overloading)
  • supports digestive processes, speeds up metabolism, stimulates pancreatic and gastric secretion and bile
  • helps in liver dysfunction
  • improves immunity, revitalizes organism
  • supports functioning of the cardiovascular system, prevents atherosclerosis
  • improves blood coagulability
  • accelerates wound healing process, helps skin regeneration
  • improves skin and nails condition
  • has excellent effect on hair, strengthens it and stimulates its growth

Nettle for hair

Thanks to the content of silicon, calcium, sulfur, as well as copper, magnesium and manganese, nettle has a very beneficial effect on hair. It prevents hair loss, influences the regularity of the hair growth cycle, strengthens hair bulbs and follicles, makes hair grow faster and healthier, and not weak, thin and thin. Nettle hair treatment can be multifaceted, we can use it both externally (eg poultices, masks, rubs, hair rinses) or internally (nettle tea, as healthy as green tea or nettle juice).

In addition, fresh nettle leaves (obtained from clean areas) can be an ingredient of cocktails and diet salads. Nettle extract can also be found in numerous dietary supplements. An alternative to nettle tablets are multi-ingredient preparations (e.g. Profolan), which contain not only this valuable medicinal plant but also a number of other hair-strengthening elements.

There are many more herbs that contribute to hair restoration and inhibit hair loss. By going through this post you will get to know some of them.

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