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Ginger – a spice that is always worth having in your kitchen

Ginger – health promoting properties

ginger 1738098 640 300x197 1Korzeń imbiru It occupies an important place in traditional Asian medicine. Also in the local cuisine it is an indispensable ingredient of many dishes. Ginger has been used to treat many illnesses and body ailments. This wonderful plant has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It helps fight bacteria, viruses and parasites that infest the body and has an analgesic effect.

Adding ginger to tea or water helps the body detoxify and regain its acid-base balance as it is a diuretic, purifying and alkalizing plant. Ginger with lemon added to a glass of water is, for many people, a daily morning ritual that allows to get rid of accumulated toxins in the body.

Another valuable feature of ginger is counteracting vomiting and nausea, also in motion sickness. In addition, this plant helps to get rid of heartburn and indigestion. The beneficial properties of ginger also extend to the circulatory system – it improves circulation, acts anticoagulant and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. It is also worth adding that due to its high content of antioxidants, ginger helps protect the body against cancer.

Ginger for weight loss

The slimming properties of ginger have to do with its diuretic, cleansing and metabolism stimulating effects. Adding grated ginger root to vegetable or fruit cocktails or drinking water with ginger and lemon leads to faster and more efficient removal of harmful substances and excess water from the body. As a result, this promotes weight reduction.

Ginger for colds

ginger 1918107 640 300x225 1Imbir to jeden z najskuteczniejszych naturalnych środków na przeziębienie, grypę oraz stany zapalne dróg oddechowych. Poprawia odporność, hamuje rozwój bakterii i wirusów, pomaga zwalczać infekcje. Niektóre źródła donoszą nawet, iż działa z podobną siłą, jak antybiotyk.

Gorąca herbata z imbirem to sposób na Immediately warm up the body and alleviate the effects of cold, cold or flu.

Versatile ginger – application

For medicinal purposes, ginger is most often served in the form of hot infusions. Tea with ginger, honey and lemon is an indispensable cold kit for many people. For slimming and cleansing purposes, green smoothies with ginger and still water with ginger and lemon are excellent.

When it comes to culinary use, ginger works well in many dishes, not just those with an eastern temperament. We can add it to one-pot dishes, soups, roasted meats, vegetable pancakes and chops, rice with vegetables, as well as cakes and pastries. It is also worth mentioning that due to its warming and circulation-enhancing properties, ginger is also often used externally as an ingredient in anti-cellulite and firming body masks.

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