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Hair dryer, flat iron, coloring… How to regenerate damaged and falling out hair?

Excessive hair loss and hair deterioration are common results of colouring, heat styling and chemical-laden cosmetics. If your hair is crying out for help, read our tips to help your hair recover faster

Help Your Falling Out Hair!

The first step to nourishing and strengthening fine, receding hair is limiting the factors that cause the most damage. So say goodbye to bleaches and hair dyes. If you don’t like your natural color and can’t imagine stopping colouring your hair, consider the natural hair dyes available on the market. There are also herbs that gently change the shade of your hair, for example, chamomile, linden, oak bark, hibiscus, cornflower, and rhubarb.

blow-drying your hair

Avoiding chemical bleaches and dyes is not enough. It is also worth cutting down on heat styling, which leaves your hair weak, dry and dull, and causes it to split and frizz. Instead of using a hair dryer, blow dry your hair naturally and save the flat iron and curling iron for special occasions or don’t use them at all. There are a few gentle products that help straighten and smooth frizzy hair, but if you want luscious curls or light waves, use papillote or rollers.

Also, take a look at the hair care products you use every day. If they are full of chemicals that are harmful to your hair, swap them for gentle shampoos (e.g. baby shampoos), organic conditioners and masks, light balms and lotions with natural extracts.

How to strengthen hair – oral preparations

The most effective way to solve the problem of falling and damaged hair is a simultaneous treatment “from the outside and from the inside. Therefore, before you can start regenerating your hair, get yourself a good hair loss pill. Ideally, they should contain high doses of field horsetail and nettle extracts, which are very effective at strengthening hair and preventing excessive hair loss. The pills you choose should also contain biotin and zinc.

What to do about hair loss: Shampoos, masks and lotions

the woman with braided hair

If you lose hair by the handful, reach for a special shampoo for hair loss, enriched with vitamins and plant extracts with strengthening and regenerating properties. If your hair is dull, dry and limp, get yourself a good moisturising and revitalising conditioner and use it after every wash. Every few days apply a mask or serum to your hair to strengthen the hair roots, rebuild and nourish. There are also hair lotions available on the market. Their advantage is easy and fast application. They do not need to be rinsed out like conditioners or masks.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Care

Plant oils for hair

There are plenty of home remedies for hair loss and comprehensive hair restoration. One of them is oiling your hair, which you should do regularly, for example every week, using a good quality oil (such as linseed, argan, evening primrose, jojoba, coconut, macadamia or other oil). Click here and read about the power of four oils to help you combat hair loss.

Another great method to strengthen and revitalize hair damaged by aggressive styling is to rub medicated plants into the scalp, such as aloe vera or fenugreek. Homemade masks based on yeast, egg, yoghurt, avocado or olive oil are also effective. To arsenal of home treatments you can also include rinses, for example, in apple cider vinegar diluted with water or in herbal mixtures.

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