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Hair loss in women, or 4 styling treatments that can cause hair loss

Female pattern baldness is much less common than male pattern baldness, but it is noticeable that the problem of excessive hair loss has been affecting more and more ladies recently. In many cases, the main culprits are aggressive beauty treatments, with which we constantly torture our hair.

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Hair loss in women – the causes

Pretty, well-groomed hair is an attribute of femininity, therefore hair loss is a particularly embarrassing and very undesirable condition for the fair sex. Excessive hair loss in women is sometimes attributed to genetic factors – if the mother or father suffered from advanced baldness, the condition is inherited, increasing in intensity as the patient grows older. However, hereditary baldness is relatively rarely observed in women, much more frequently this problem concerns men who “inherit” baldness from their fathers.

The cause of baldness in women is often a disease with which the body has to struggle (e.g. seborrheic dermatitis, ringworm, dandruff, anemia, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism), and increased hair loss is then one of its symptoms. Significant hair loss may also be associated with: seasonal weakness of the body, deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals, chronic stress, pregnancy, immunodeficiency. Moreover, baldness in women may result from hormonal disorders, taking some medications or past medical treatments.

Female pattern baldness is not always caused by disease or genes

A frequent cause of female pattern baldness is exposing the hair to strong agents, which are supposed to improve its appearance but at the same time have a destructive effect on it. Weakened and falling out hair can be responsible for:

  • Bleaches – contain oxidizing substances in very high concentrations. They are more invasive than conventional hair dyes. The use of bleaches is considered the most destructive way to change hair colour. It is definitely better to avoid them. They weaken hair bulbs, cause increased hair loss and are responsible for the drying out of the hair and loss of its shine. hair 1744959 1280 300x199 1haircolouring” width=”360″ height=”239″ />In case of thin and delicate hair they can cause a real catastrophe on your head.

  • Hair dyes – contain harmful ammonia and oxidants. They are less aggressive than bleaching agents but they also weaken the hair and cause excessive hair loss. Hair dyes often cause deterioration of hair condition, loss of elasticity and softness, dullness and dryness of hair

  • Hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners – frequent exposure to very high temperatures has a devastating effect on hair. Not only are they prone to hair loss, weak and thin, but their structure suffers greatly – they split, lose their natural smoothness and elasticity, start to “frizz” and become excessively dry

  • Hair Care Products – Sometimes, we do not even realize how much chemicals are “sitting” in shampoos and hair styling products. Silicones, detergents, parabens, glycols, thickeners, gloss enhancers, artificial aromas… As a result, the products that are supposed to improve the look of our hair are a bomb of harmful substances for our hair, causing it to weaken and fall out.

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