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Hair loss on top of the head – how to combat it?

Alopecia on top of the head is an uncomfortable condition that affects men around the age of 35 (though sometimes younger too). It usually occurs at the same time as deepening hairline bends. While most men think that they can ‘get over it’, the thinning of the hair on top of their head causes quite a bit of discomfort. How to combat this problem

Hair loss on top of the head – its causes

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Most men in their thirties notice a decline in the condition of their hair. The hair loses its density, becomes thinner and finer in texture. Thinning of the hair on the crown of the head is another sign of progressive hair loss, the more disliked because it is already very noticeable and at the same time not very aesthetic.

Most often hair loss on the top of the head is associated with the onset of androgenic alopecia, i.e. male pattern baldness, which is caused by DHT. This hormone weakens hair follicles and causes their miniaturization. Increased hair loss and disrupted production of new, healthy hair occurs.

Hair loss on the crown of the head may also have other causes. It can be transmitted through heredity or can be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Weakened, falling out hair is also often the result of dietary omissions. If your diet lacks key amino acids, elements and vitamins and instead eats fast food or throws in a plate of convenience foods, it is hardly surprising that this has a negative effect on your hair, which needs a constant supply of nutrients.

Excessive use of stimulants and too many harmful substances in the body, chronic stress, a weak immune system, overwork and exhaustion can also cause thinning hair. In many cases, a change in lifestyle and a diet with all the necessary nutrients in the hair result in a significant improvement of the hair condition.

Hair Style in Alopecia on Top of the Head

Hair loss on the top of the head can be treated with suitable cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics and dietary supplements. You can also try to camouflage any clearances by wearing the right hairstyle. The most recommended cutting style for balding men, as you can easily guess, is a zero (or a few millimeters) cut. A full head of bald head looks much better and more natural than longer hair and trying to comb it in such a way as to mask the baldness. Such treatments are not effective, and longer hair with progressive baldness only accentuates it.

Nevertheless, if the hair loss has not yet made too much havoc on our skull, with the help of topical preparations and good quality pills for baldness we can stop this process, and what is more, even partially reverse it and enjoy longer and bushier hair again.

Thinning hair on the crown of the head – which vitamin preparation should I choose?

To prevent hair loss on the crown of your head from reaching the stage where there is not much you can do without expensive cosmetic surgery, it is advisable to start taking baldness pills as early as possible. Today, there is a large selection of dietary supplements whose task is to strengthen hair, prevent its loss and stimulate its growth. Since the problem of bal dness is difficult and long-lasting to fight, it is worth choosing those with the strongest composition and action.

A good preparation for baldness should have an extensive list of active substances, among which there should be no lack of amino acids, vitamins and minerals important for hair. It is also important that their doses are sufficiently high. Profolan performs particularly well in this respect and is currently regarded as the best hair loss product on the market. It contains record doses of field horsetail, biotin and thiamine, which restore strength to weakened and falling hair. They are accompanied by taurine, which is invaluable in the process of blocking baldness, nettle, which adds strength and health to hair, l-cysteine, which is important for correct hair growth, and a number of valuable vitamins and minerals.

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