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Hair loss treatments, hair growth treatments – tips and recipes. How does a hair loss treatment work and how to use it?

Hair loss patches are an increasingly popular home treatment for strengthening and revitalizing hair. Regularly performed wipes will not only help to stop the process of hair thinning, but also accelerate hair growth and cause the appearance of new baby hair! How and what ingredients should I use to achieve the desired results? How often should you use them? Find out the best hair treatments for hair loss and hair growth that you can easily prepare in your bathroom.

Why are hair treatments effective?

 fresh herbs on your plate

Hair treatments are considered one of the most effective homeremedies for hair loss and hair growth. Depending on the ingredients used, they can have different areas of action. Most often, rubs are used to:

  • preventing hair loss,
  • strengthening hair bulbs and follicles,
  • stimulating hair growth,
  • improving the condition of the scalp (they normalize the work of sebaceous glands, cleanse, regenerate, moisturize),
  • strengthening of hair colour.

Most of the rubs also comprehensively improve the condition of hair and give it a natural shine and vitality.

Home-made rubs are most often prepared from natural ingredients, which each of us has in our kitchen: herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils, bran and cereal flakes, ground seeds. A frequent ingredient of rubs are also substances that warm up and stimulate microcirculation in the skin (and thus increase the effect of the rub) such as coffee, hot pepper, ginger.

The method of application and selection of nutrient-rich ingredients is primarily responsible for the effectiveness and speed of action of the rubs. The scalp massage is performed at the same time, which stimulates blood flow and makes the substances contained in the mixture better absorbed by the scalp cells.

Both the skin massage and the ingredients used in the mixture stimulate the hair bulbs and promote faster cell division, which activates the growth of new hair. Regular use of hair wipes nourishes hair bulbs, strengthens hair, reduces hair loss and improves the quality of hair throughout its length.

How often should I use hair rubs and how long should the treatment last?

During a hair rub treatment the active ingredients penetrate deep into the hair, making it healthier with each treatment. In order to achieve the desired results the treatment should last at least one month and preferably 1.5 or 2 months. After such a treatment, before starting another one, you should take a break for at least a week (or preferably several weeks).

The rub should be made after each washing of the head (if you wash your hair every 2-3 days) or twice a week (if you wash your hair every day).

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What types of hair treatments are there? How do I apply hair treatments?

Hair treatments come in many different forms and can be applied in many different ways. It makes sense to use hair treatments only when they are applied regularly and over an extended period of time. Otherwise we can quickly get discouraged and abandon the treatment.

Types of rubs

  • A patty in the form of a thick paste – a mixture of thicker, oily substances (e.g. olive oil, hair oil, liquid honey) with thinner, liquid ones (e.g. lemon juice, herbal decoction). For such a rub are also often applied powdered raw materials (eg, spirulina, guarana, ground seeds).
  • A paste – the base of a paste is blended or mashed vegetables or fruits (e.g. avocado, blueberries, beetroot, black turnip, celery).
  • Gel rub – its base is a substance with a gel consistency, such as aloe vera gel or thick liquid. A gel rub – its base is a substance with a gel consistency, such as aloe vera gel or a thick liquid created after pouring water over flaxseed or plantain (after contact with water, the seeds give off a characteristic mucus which is perfect for the base of a rub).
  • Liquid form of the rub – its base is water with the addition of herbal infusions, freshly squeezed vegetable juice or ready-made hydrolate, flower water, hair mist or tonic.

How do I apply hair treatments?

  • Thick, non-sticky hair treatments should be applied to the entire scalp area and the entire length of the hair using the palms of your hands.
  • Liquid wipes should be poured into an atomiser bottle and sprayed into the hair. The scalp should also be generously sprayed with the lotion. After spraying, do not forget to massage the scalp.
  • Liquid and gel wipes (relatively thin) can also be applied directly to the scalp with a syringe.

The lotions should be applied to clean hair. Excess sebum and the rest of styling products could interfere with the absorption of the active ingredients into the scalp and hair. After 20-30 minutes, rinse the hair very thoroughly or wash with a mild shampoo.

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Hair Salves for Weak, Slow-growing and Falling Out Hair – 3 Proven Recipes

 herbs in a mortar

Horsetail, nettle, calendula and peppermint hair rub

First prepare the herbal infusion: pour 1 tablespoon each of field horsetail, nettle, calendula and peppermint in boiling water (100 ml). We brew several minutes, strain and cool. To the infusion add a teaspoon of powdered ginger and turmeric. Also add a teaspoon of hair oil of your choice. After mixing, pour the mixture into a bottle with an atomizer. Spray it on your hair and rub lightly into your scalp. Wash after 30 minutes.

Coffee and Jojoba Oil Thick, Shiny, Vital Hair and New baby hair

Mix 1.5 teaspoons of ground fenugreek with brewed strong coffee (50 ml) and 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil. So prepared concoction rub into the scalp and hair. Wash out in 20 minutes.

Rub from black turnip for strong roots and strong, resistant hair

Grate black turnip on a grater on small meshes. Press through gauze and squeeze the juice. Pour the obtained juice into a syringe and apply on the scalp. Rub lightly. After 25 minutes, we wash our hair.

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Controversial but Effective Hair Loss Remedies

 Towel and cosmetic oils

Some home remedies for hair loss may surprise or even scare you. These include natural hair growth rubs made from vegetables that have a very strong smell. Although somewhat controversial (not everyone decides to put onions on their heads), they are one of the most effective ways to combat weak hair. If you don’t have a problem with pungent aromas, they are undoubtedly worth testing.

Healing onion hair loss rub

Onions are rich in sulfur – an element involved in the synthesis of proteins, which are the building blocks of hair. Apart from sulfur, onions contain a lot of vitamins C and A, B group vitamins, zinc, selenium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium. Onion rubs stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which makes it easier for the active ingredients to reach hair follicles and hair bulbs.

Peel and grate the onions. Press the onion thoroughly through gauze or a washcloth and rub the juice into the scalp. Wash your head after about 30 minutes.

Garlic Salve for Strengthening and Hair Loss Prevention

Garlic has no equal in terms of natural healing power. If you fight against hair loss and don’t mind the strong aroma of this remarkable vegetable, it is worth making a garlic rub from time to time to give your hair the proverbial “boost”. Rubbing garlic into the scalp increases blood flow, and all the valuable components present in it, such as: sulfur, amino acids, vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc, more easily penetrate into the hair roots and follicles.

We prepare a strengthening garlic rub by blending garlic to a paste or squeezing it through a press, and then combining it with a bit of olive oil. Rub the paste into your scalp and wait about 30 minutes before washing your hair with a mild shampoo.

Revitalising and Growth-Promoting Horseradish Hair Treatment

Horseradish hair rub works in a similar way as onion and garlic hair rubs – it stimulates blood circulation, causes faster hair growth, strengthens and nourishes hair bulbs and roots, supplying them with precious ingredients such as: Vitamin A, E, C, B vitamins, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron.

Fresh horseradish root should be grated, then rubbed into the scalp, wait about 30 minutes, rinse and wash the head.

Rubs made from these three pungent, intensely scented vegetables have a rich power to heal falling, thin, sparse and weakened hair and stimulate it to grow faster. However, they may cause an allergic reaction in people with sensitive scalps.

If you notice an allergic reaction in you, it is better to reach for other (milder) home remedies for hair loss such as aloe vera or ready-to-use hair rubs.

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