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Herbs for hair loss – “3 times yes” for field horsetail

Field horsetail is a plant, which under the cover of a commonly growing “herb” hides truly healing powers. For many people, there is no other herb as effective for hair. Read this article and you’ll learn the 3 crowning arguments for using a horsetail treatment for hair loss.

1. field horsetail has a unique, rich composition

skrzyp polny 199x300 1fieldhorsetail” width=”199″ height=”300″ />Systematically applying field horsetail on hair can stop or slow down excessive hair loss, as well as activate the process of their regeneration and fast growth. The substance responsible for these valuable properties is mainly silicon, which is particularly abundant in field horsetail (in the form of water-soluble silica, which is easily absorbed by the human body). In addition, in field horsetail can be found: organic acids (including ascorbic acid and aconitic acid), bioflavonoids (eqvetrin, isoquercitrin), saponins, tannins, phytosterols, potassium, phosphorus and other mineral salts.

Horsetail simultaneously strengthens hair and stimulates its growth

The presence of many active substances in a high intensity and easily absorbable form is the reason why field horsetail is a flagship example of an effective herb for hair growth and hair loss in one. Additionally, this plant also eliminates other ailments related to hair condition disorders such as: dandruff, brittleness, hair fragility, weakness and loss of hair vitality. Compounds contained in field horsetail support complex mineralization of hair cells. Strengthening and repairing effects of field horsetail go hand in hand with intensification of the hair growth process.

3. field horsetail blocks the harmful effects of the hormone DHT

People who suffer from male pattern baldness often have doubts about the effectiveness of herbal treatments. If the problem is not at a very advanced stage, field horsetail can inhibit the process of further hair loss. Apart from its valuable properties strengthening hair bulbs and roots, it has another advantage in the form of blocking the action of DHT hormone, which damages hair follicles. Field horsetail prevents minimization and death of follicles and activates them to produce hair with a sufficiently long growth phase. The best effects of the treatment can be achieved over a long period of time when field horsetail extract is taken orally and additionally horsetail is applied to the hair in the form of masks and waxes.

In this article, you will read about nettle, which is on a par with field horsetail when it comes to its beneficial effects on hair loss. Looking for a product that contains both of these herbs in powerful doses? Find out more about Profolan.

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