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Herbs for hair – find out 7 herbal preparations for hair loss and hair growth

Properly selected and properly used for a long time herbs are an effective remedy for many ailments that plague us. This also applies to hair problems, which are often overcome thanks to the power of plant extracts. However, due to lack of time we often resign from preparing herbal hair treatments on our own. Fortunately, there are now ready-made cosmetic preparations based on plant extracts, which may help us reach our dream hair condition. Here they are.

1. herbal hair elixir Green Pharmacy

Green PharmacyHair Elixir Green Pharmacy is a composition of four herbs enriched with soy proteins. The formula includes extracts from field horsetail, burdock, horse chestnut and lupine. The elixir helps weakened hair regain strength and vitality, reduces excessive hair loss, nourishes hair and improves its appearance. Its formula is based on ancient herbalists’ recipes. The price of the preparation – about 4 €.

2. active hair serum 7 herbs Apteczka Agafii

apteczka agafii aktywne ziolowe serum na porost wlosow 150ml.jpg 284x300 1Active Hair Serum7 Herbs Apteczka Agafii” width=”138″ height=”146″ />Herbs for hair work best in the form of multi-ingredient, highly concentrated compositions. Active serum from Apteczka Agafii is one of them. The preparation is a compilation of seven medicinal plants: valerian, ginseng, Chinese citronella, burdock, nettle, lemon balm and birch sap. Thanks to a rich palette of ingredients, it helps to solve many different hair problems. Among others, it alleviates excessive hair loss, makes hair grow faster and thicker, helps in the regeneration of damaged hair, reduces greasy hair, fights dandruff, improves the condition of the scalp and hair. The price of the preparation – about 8 €.

3) Regenerating Hair Tonic Receptury Agafii

receptury agafii tonik do wlosow regenerujacy 150 ml.jpg 297x300 1Regenerating Hair Tonic from RecepturyAgafiiseriesRegenerating Hair Tonic from Receptury Agafii series is 4 herbs for hair strengthening in a liquid formula. The preparation is distinguished by an interesting, unique composition in which there are no most well-known herbs for hair, such as horsetail or nettle. In their place appear such medicinal plants as mallow, thistle, honeybush, alder cones. The tonic has a regenerative effect on hair and scalp, helps to reduce hair loss and promotes hair revitalization. The price of the preparation is about 4 €.

4. treatment in ampoules Farmona Herbal Care

Farmona Herbal CareThe Farmona Herbal Care ampoules contain a highly concentrated extract of field horsetail, which is regarded as one of the most effective herbs for hair loss. The preparation also contains other plant components – aloe vera juice and ginseng. One pack is sufficient for five regeneration treatments. The Farmona Herbal Care ampoule treatment will help you with such hair problems as excessive hair loss, too-thin hair, weakened, damaged, split and lifeless hair. The price is about € 4.

5. the Capitavit Herbapol hair treatment

Capitavit HerbapolCapitavit Herbapol is a preparation for strengthening, nourishing and improving the appearance of hair, which is intended to be rubbed into the scalp. It will certainly be of interest to people who want to grow their hair as quickly as possible and those who complain about weak, thin, thinning, damaged and dull hair. The agent contains well-known and valued herbs for hair growth, such as nettle, calamus, burdock, horsetail, calendula, and hops. It is additionally enriched with vitamin F. The price of the preparation – about 3 €.

6. Serum burdock against hair loss with growth activator Elfa Pharm

Elfa PharmSerum burdock from the company Elfa Pharm is based on the well-known for its beneficial effect on hair greater burdock, which for increased potency was subjected to the process of extraction CO2. The serum also contains a whole range of plant ingredients (e.g. sabal palm fruit extract, nettle, knotweed, thyme oil, rosemary oil) as well as proteins and vitamins. Serum burdock has strengthening and regenerating effect on hair, stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss and makes hair regain its shine and healthy, aesthetic look. The price of the preparation – about 4 €.

7. ayurvedic therapy against hair loss Orientana

OrientanaThe product is based on traditional Ayurvedic formulas. It contains herbs for hair loss as well as oils and extracts with repairing, strengthening, improving the condition of the hair and scalp and stimulating hair growth. Some of the ingredients of the Ayurvedic hair loss treatment are: coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, milk ferment, Asian anthrax, lavender, cardamom oil. The price of the preparation – about 8 €.

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