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Herbs for weight loss – natural and safe weapon in the fight against excess weight

Herbs have accompanied people for thousands of years as an aid in fighting various health ailments. Slightly forgotten and disregarded with the development of modern medicine, they have been coming back to favor for some time now, what’s more, also in applications which were hardly practiced before. The best example of that are the recently very popular herbs for slimming – a tool supporting the process of losing weight with natural methods.

Herbs for weight loss as part of a comprehensive natural therapy

Herbal tea in a cup

The natural desire of anyone struggling with overweight or obesity, is to get rid of excess weight as quickly as possible. However, one must remember that all miracle diets mean drastic restrictions and abrupt changes in natural metabolic cycle and usually their effects are short-lived and may cause serious health perturbations. Herbs, on the other hand, are more gentle, do not interfere with natural physiological processes and allow us to achieve lasting results.

The so-called slimming herbs may affect metabolism in various ways. Some regulate or accelerate metabolism, others support fat reduction, others have a laxative or diuretic effect, and finally, some purify the body, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress. In the case of some plants, these properties are cumulative, which makes them particularly valuable for the process of losing weight.

However, there are two things to remember at the same time: firstly, seemingly mild plants, including herbs for slimming, have their power and that is why every herbal treatment should be well-thought-out and, in case of taking medicines, consulted with a doctor. Secondly, the slimming process has to be comprehensive in order to bring the expected results. Herbs alone or the most miraculous pills are of no use if we do not combine the treatment with a change of eating habits and increased physical activity. There is no magic remedy for losing weight without any effort on our part.

Which herbs for weight loss? Classification by type of action

herbal tea in a pot

1. metabolism improving herbs

One of the reasons for gaining weight is too slow metabolism. Among the herbs that speed up this process are:

  • couch grass rhizome,
  • buckthorn bark,
  • chamomile,
  • sage,
  • dandelion root,
  • yarrow,
  • peppermint.

Herbs such as basil, thyme, oregano, marjoram, rosemary, lovage, fennel, cumin, ginger, cinnamon also have a positive effect on digestion and speed up metabolism.

2. fat burning herbs

The best known and most effective herbs that support the reduction of fat reserves include:

  • green tea – improves circulation and digestion, lowers cholesterol, prevents sudden spikes in sugar levels;
  • red tea – known as the fat slayer, inhibits its biosynthesis, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and intestinal peristalsis;
  • guarana – contains more caffeine than coffee, increases thermogenesis, which results in faster calorie burning, removes excess water;
  • yerba mate – improves metabolism, reduces hunger, accelerates fat burning.

3. laxative herbs for weight loss

In this case in particular, caution should be exercised, because herbs such as seneschium, buckthorn bark, rhubarb, liquorice or flax seeds have strong effects and used in excess can lead to dehydration and weakening of the body.

  • Senesce – it is usually used in case of constipations caused by insufficiently dynamic intestinal peristalsis. Senesse contains active substances, so called anthranoid glycosides, which accelerate and facilitate movement of food in intestines and defecation.
  • Bark of buckthorn – increases blood supply to the large intestine stimulating its work, also beneficially influences the digestion process.
  • Rhubarb – stimulates the large intestine and increases the number of bowel movements.
  • Liquorice – has a mild laxative effect, dilutes the consistency of stools facilitating their excretion.
  • Flaxseed – thanks to its high content of fiber improves digestion and by blocking the release of harmful substances into the body, it prevents and cures stomach problems. Supports bowel movements. 4.

4. diuretic herbs for weight loss

They play an important role in the course of getting rid of excess weight, as they help in cleansing the body of numerous harmful substances released at that time. In addition to detoxification, they allow you to get rid of excess water from the body, improving the work of the kidneys, and also speed up metabolism. However, as in the case of laxative herbs, they should be used in moderation so as not to lead to dehydration of the body.

Diuretic herbs include, among others:

  • nettle,
  • field horsetail,
  • birch leaves,
  • periwinkle,
  • lovage,
  • violet,
  • coriander.

5. appetite suppressant herbs

Herbs that suppress the appetite work on a similar basis as products rich in fiber – they swell in contact with water and fill the stomach, which, as a result, causes a feeling of satiety and reduces appetite. A weight-loss diet enriched with herbs contributes not only to curbing appetite and thus reducing calorie intake, but also improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, and supports the liver.

Herbs that suppress appetite include:

  • St. John’s wort,
  • Psyllium seed,
  • flaxseed,
  • coltsfoot,
  • blueberry,
  • buckthorn,
  • huckleberry,
  • white mulberry.

Ready-made herbal mixtures, i.e. slimming teas straight from the monks’ herbal treasury

Bottled herbs on the shelf at the pharmacy

1.Monk’s herbs for slimming

This is a blend of herbs created specifically for people who want to get rid of excess weight. It contains green tea yerba mate which increases thermogenesis and thus contributes to faster fat burning. Red tea has a similar effect and also reduces the absorption of fat from food. In addition, the mixture contains L-carnitine, which stimulates metabolism and affects the greater use of fats as a source of energy, instead of storing them in the body.

Father Klimuszko’s herbs for weight loss

Here in turn the properties of bladderwrack, buckthorn bark and dandelion root are used. The unique composition makes this herbal tea curb appetite, speed up metabolism and make digestion and bowel movement easier.

3. father Grzegorz Sroka herbal blend

The main purpose of this tea is to improve metabolism, but it can also be helpful in losing weight as it accelerates and regulates the process of digestion, increases urine excretion and facilitates bowel movement. It contains, among others: chamomile, horsetail, dandelion, bird’s-foot trefoil, peppermint, buckthorn bark, birch leaves.

4. herbs for weight loss

In this case, the composition of selected herbs is designed to reduce the absorption of sugars and fats, which in turn means fewer calories absorbed, better digestion, faster metabolism and a reduction in cholesterol levels. For example, Bonifratellian herbs include white mulberry and bilberry leaves, couch grass, mint, artichokes, dandelion and many others.

Ready-made herbal mixtures and weight-loss teas are certainly a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of plants that promote weight loss. For people who are particularly busy, the market offers yet another option – herbal supplements.

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