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Home Remedies for Joints – Try them before you reach for the pills!

There is probably no person who has not suffered from joint pain at least once in his life. There may be different causes and this kind of ailment does not always mean a chronic disease. However, ailments connected with joints cannot be ignored in any case. Learn the best home remedies for joints.

Why do our joints hurt?

exercises with dumbbellsMost often persistent pain in bones and joints is a result of degenerative disease, which usually affects older people. But they can also result from excessive strain or injury, or on the contrary, they can be caused by lack of movement or remaining in the same position for too long. Contrary to what you might think, a lack of varied physical activity is very harmful to our joints – “unused” joints suffer from ischemia, and as a consequence, they degenerate.

In many cases the ailment can be eliminated by applying various home remedies for aching joints. However, if the pain is not the result of a single excessive strain on the joint, it appears not only after exertion, but also when we rest, it is accompanied by reduced mobility, and especially by external symptoms of inflammation, such as swelling and redness, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Overload changes

Overloading of joints due to increased physical effort usually affects the knee, ankle, elbow and hip joints. Bodybuilders, runners, athletes, tennis players, golfers, footballers, volleyball players, and people who work in the same position are particularly susceptible to this type of condition. What is more, joint pain often spills over to adjacent structures, involving ligaments, tendons or synovial bursae, and surrounding body parts.

Mild pain, caused by overload or injury, can be eliminated with natural methods, reaching for proven home remedies for joints. For example, a massage with warm oil improves circulation, relieves pain and stiffness, and increases the range of motion. Alternating hot and cold compresses proves to be helpful; warm compresses reduce pain and relax, while cold ones minimize swelling and inflammation. It is also worthwhile to perform moderate relieving exercises, for example, when our knees are troubled, it is recommended to ride a stationary bicycle while keeping our legs fully straight.

Home remedies for joints – irreplaceable herbs and other natural products

Herbs, which have been known for centuries and verified in terms of effectiveness, are applied externally and internally. Recommended for joint pain, warm baths can be made with the addition of herbs or oils that have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Recommended here:

  • herbal oil in an ampoulenostrum,
  • nettle,
  • thyme,
  • willow bark,
  • eucalyptus oil,
  • clove oil,
  • juniper oil,
  • thyme oil.

Many people consider cabbage to be a real panacea for joint ailments, not so much in the form of eating, but as an excellent poultice for painful places.

As far as internal application is concerned, our joints will be well served by

  • nettle, chamomile and rosemary infusions,
  • ginger tea, herbal infusion with ginger
  • birch decoction,
  • diluted apple cider vinegar,
  • pepper cayenne,
  • turmeric,
  • flaxseed,
  • fresh pineapple,
  • garlic.

Products of animal origin can also be useful in such circumstances – viper venom, which improves blood circulation, has an analgesic effect and stimulates tissue regeneration, or finally such a seemingly mundane dish as jelly from pork legs or fish.

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