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Home remedies for the common cold, we heal ourselves with the help of nature!

There is probably no person who would not experience a short-lasting infection of the upper respiratory tract manifesting itself with runny nose, cough, sore throat or headache, slightly increased temperature at least once. In the vast majority of cases with a cold we can cope on our own using long known home methods.

Popular home remedies for the common cold – general guidelines

First of all, we must be able to distinguish whether we are dealing with a harmless infection or flu, which requires medical consultation. Unlike the flu, the common cold manifests itself slowly and does not take a sudden course. It is not accompanied by high fever or muscle and joint pains, but almost always by a runny nose. It is also usually associated with changes in the weather and freezing.

The basic rule in the case of a cold is to keep the body warm, drink plenty of fluids, have a proper, balanced diet (with more lemon, honey, garlic, fresh vegetables and fruit) and to alleviate symptoms such as runny nose or cough.

You can reach for grandma’s method in the form of a good, essential broth, hot tea with ginger, onion syrup, and finally a very warm, above body temperature, bath. And if to a hot bath we add an aromatic oil, for example, eucalyptus, by the way we unblock the clogged nose. Finally, you can lubricate yourself 2-3 times a day with a warming ointment, containing substances such as menthol, camphor, thyme, eucalyptus. It is also common to use raspberry juice for colds because it warms up perfectly.

Ways to relieve individual symptoms of a cold

botanical oil

Inhalations at cold is effective method combat many its symptoms. They cause them the dilation of of the vessels of the blood vessels of increasing thereby inflow of blood to membranes mucous membranes covered by to the inflamed mucous membranes. To inhalation can be use any of the z oils essential oils – – eucalyptus, thyme, pine, mint, turpentine, or herbs such as such as: chamomile, lavender, purgative, rosemary, sage. Good results gives also application of Amol at cold. Inhaling the infusion of or solution of z Amoth via several minutes disinfects the respiratory tract, clears nose, dilutes secretions, relieves also symptoms of cough i of a runny nose.

If o cough, it’s worth try home-made syrups. On wet cough effective will be at for example syrup z garlic. We prepare it w this …in this way.., we crush some cloves of i pour them juice z lemon z a little of water. It’s great, although not very pleasant smelly, is syrup z onion, acting disinfectant, expectorant i anti-inflammatory. Just cut onion w slices, sprinkle sugar i and wait.., until to release the juice. Z if it’s dry, tiring cough, help can cherry American cherry i hyssop z with honey.

For pain i scratching w throat the best will be gargles from based on plants containing natural mucus (coltsfoot valerian rhododendron, mallow). Rinses can be also can also be prepared z sage or rosemary which have properties anti-inflammatory i disinfectant, or z a solution of of permanganate potassium permanganate solution. The old way for painful throat is also drinking warm milk z honey or juice z or beet juice.

Natural products useful in treating a cold

At front of the fight z infection should be without no doubt put garlic. At cold is it’s absolutely irreplaceable. Called natural antibiotic, from due to due to contained w it substances (allicin i thiosulfinate), shows strong properties bactericidal, antiviral i anti-inflammatory. Alleviates symptoms of of a cold, enables faster return to i checks is also as product strengthening immunity organism.

In addition to mentioned above syrup, garlic can be added to milk z honey i butter, finely diced or sliced through press put on sandwich or throw into a sauce. To therapy turned out to be effective, should be consume 2-3 cloves of of garlic a day, crushed, so that extracted its qualities health benefits. Of course it’s o garlic raw, because processing heat treatment destroys w valuable substances.

Valuable ally is also honey, rich w vitamins i antioxidants, acting antibacterial. Hence since since time immemorial long time to the sick have been given milk or tea z with honey, a milk z honey z with butter is even considered as natural medicine for inflammation bronchitis. Equally important w treatment of people colds is horseradish, valuable source of vitamins A, B i C, oils volatile oils i substances germicidal and ginger o properties warming i antibacterial.

Vitamin C for colds


W treating infections not can overestimate the importance of vitamin C, it’s worth also to know that besides citrus fruits its treasure trove are also other products – – black currant, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, kale, peppers, papaya, kiwi, wild rose.
Vitamin C shortens time of a cold, improves immunity, strengthens vessels blood vessels, has moreover a number of other properties medicinal properties. That is why so important is to enrich diet o vegetables i fruits rich w ascorbic acid. Whereas widely widely used at colds lemon not should, despite accepted universally accepted method, add to hot tea, because w this so loses its properties.

Herbs for the common cold

Herbs for colds

are also widely used. Many of them, for example elderberry, have antipyretic effects, others soothe coughs – thyme, mullein, hymenoptera, still others are perfect for inhalations – chamomile, marjoram, pine, ginger, aniseed, sage. It is worth paying special attention to purgative. This recently popular herb has many medicinal properties, thanks to numerous polyphenols it increases immunity of the organism, but it is also effective in fighting the already formed infection. In case of a cold you can use it for inhalation or make a tea out of it.

Prevention is better than cure…

In order not to catch a cold you have to take care of your immune system

on the one hand and, on the other hand, follow certain rules in your everyday life. We can support our immunity by eating a proper diet, rich in vegetables and fruit, wholemeal products, bran, leguminous plants, honey, nuts, seeds and as many natural, unprocessed products as possible. Regular physical activity, good sleep and rest will also help to strengthen the body. Let’s dress appropriately to the weather, but also remember about frequent airing of the flat, also in winter, and finally, let’s avoid places where we can come into contact with viruses.

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