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Hondrowell, eliminates pain in joints and spine, restores mobility

Hondrowell is a multi-ingredient joint preparation intended for external use. It simultaneously fulfils two tasks – it relieves pain and stimulates regeneration of damaged tissues. Therefore, it is not only a temporary agent that relieves pain for a few hours, but also a long-term antidote for troublesome lesions within joints.

By stimulating collagen synthesis, Hondrowell contributes to strengthening and regeneration of joint structures, ultimately helping us regain good mobility. Undoubtedly a great asset of the preparation is its universal application. It can be applied to any aching area, and what is more, it helps regardless of whether our ailments result from a minor injury, a bigger contusion, overloading, degenerative changes, a sedentary lifestyle, working in an awkward position, or they result from other causes.

Joint pain – a common ailment with many different causes

Painful elbow

Joint pain is a frequently observed health problem today. It affects people of different ages and may have different causes. Most often, joint pain is related to their excessive load, but it may also be a symptom of certain diseases, arise as a result of mechanical injuries, or be a harbinger of degenerative changes in tissues.

Joint ailments are called by people suffering from them the most annoying ailment that hinders normal life. In fact, it is not a small problem, extremely tiring, sometimes even difficult to bear. How can we function normally, walk, move, perform our duties, do household chores and work, when with every change of the body position, every attempt to bend or with every step and movement of the limb an unbearable, excruciating, sharp pain or an overpowering feeling of stiffness in the affected area appears?

The most common causes of joint pain:

  • frequent and intense physical activity,
  • frequent repetition of movements that are inconvenient for the joints,
  • overloading one part of the body,
  • lifting,
  • Working in awkward positions,
  • trauma (e.g., sprain, twist, contusion),
  • being overweight or obese and overloading the joint,
  • physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle,
  • degenerative changes,
  • bacterial or viral infections,
  • diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus).

Undoubtedly, in the prevention of joint complaints, it is of great importance to remove the very cause of the problem, as much as possible. For example, if joint pain is caused by overuse and overexertion, we should first limit our activities and avoid working in awkward positions.

If the joint pain is caused by overweight or obesity, we should reduce our body weight; if it is caused by a sedentary lifestyle, we should move more. And in the case of degenerative changes or those associated with advanced age, a diet that supports joint health, special exercises to stabilize and strengthen joints, or an increase in the level of physical activity may help.

Joint preparations, whether in the form of topical remedies or dietary supplements, can also be a great help. Many of them contain a number of ingredients leading to the regeneration of joint structures. They are beneficial regardless of the cause of the problem.

Joint Pain – Symptoms

Joint pain may involve one or more joints, may vary in intensity, and may take different forms (e.g., short and sharp, continuous and moderate or suppressed, dull and prolonged, etc.). It may also be accompanied by other symptoms (e.g., redness, swelling, increased warmth of the area compared to other parts of the body, muscle pain, joint stiffness), and it all depends on the cause and the type of ailment.

Most often, we deal with pain in the joints against a background of overload, rheumatic and post-traumatic. Persistent pain usually increases during certain movements, e.g. bending, squatting, stretching, and bending, as well as during walking or changes in body position, e.g. from lying down to standing or from sitting to standing.

The joint pain is often accompanied by a stiffness and a grinding, popping, popping or excessive friction of the joint cartilage.

The problem is that joint pain in the back, knee, elbow, shoulder, hip, wrist or other places is very often chronic, difficult to relieve and significantly reduces our physical performance. Thus, they are extremely inconvenient and have a negative impact on our quality of life.

What to do in the case of acute pain in the back, the knee or other joints that lasts for days and weeks?

There are 2 key actions: relieve the load from the joint and systematically rub in a good cream or gel rich in components stimulating the process of regeneration of cartilage and joint structures. One of such preparations is the discussed Hondrowell. This specificity, together with long-term joint regeneration, ensures reduction of pain and inflammation.

Hondrowell – an ally of healthy and strong joints and their efficient functioning

Hondrowell joint ointment

Hondrowell jointcream, penetrating through the skin and reaching the affected tissues, contributes to stimulation of the regeneration process of joint structures. It stimulates collagen production, supports cartilage reconstruction, strengthens joints, tendons, ligaments and bones, restoring the efficiency of the motor system.

The product works strongly, quickly and effectively regardless of the part of the body where joint pain occurs and the size of the affected area. You can successfully apply Hondrowell to larger painful areas (e.g. back, shoulder, hip) as well as smaller ones (e.g. finger, wrist, ankle).


Hondrowell composition

Hondrowell cream is based on a natural composition of intensively acting ingredients, including the basic connective tissue element responsible for maintaining correct structure and functioning of joints, i.e. collagen, as well as plant extracts taking care of good condition of not only the joints but also other tissues and organs affecting mobility, e.g. muscles, bones.

The formula also does not omit ingredients that improve blood circulation, thanks to which a damaged, strained joint has a chance for better nutrition and more intensive regeneration.

Key Hondrowell ingredients:


Collagen is a building block of connective tissue that forms joint structures. Collagen is a type of protein composed of polypeptide chains forming spirals. It is the basic element of the extracellular matrix and its main function is to maintain the structural integrity and elasticity of connective tissue.

Collagen is a component responsible for the protection and proper fastening of organs and systems, and at the same time, it is an element that builds and un ites skin cells, tendons, bones, and cartilage into one unit. It ensures their extensibility and elasticity, has an impact on the cell renewal process and maintains the correct level of synovial fluid. Collagen present in Hondrowell stimulates the process of regeneration of joint structures, which results in restoration of their efficiency and reduction of pain, stiffness and other joint ailments.

Grape extract

Grape extract is one of the most valued and most effective plant components influencing restoration of health and proper functioning of joints. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, promotes undisturbed work of joints and supports their regeneration.

It reduces inflammation within joints, protects collagen fibres against damage and atrophy and stimulates production of collagen, which is the most important link in the process of reconstruction of joint structures. The ingredient also supports the circulatory system. It enhances blood flow, increasing the level of tissue oxygenation and nutrition, and strengthens and protects blood vessels.

Red pepper extract

Red pepper extract is an ingredient that simultaneously fights inflammation, relieves pain, reduces muscle spasms and warms joints and muscles from the inside out, bringing great relief to stubborn joint ailments. It is an effective antidote both for joint pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, radiculitis, as well as pain resulting from joint overload, strain, injury and contusion.


Menthol by stimulating microcirculation in the skin and slightly irritating and cooling effect within the skin, and at the same time warming up the joints and muscles, brings the effect of relaxation, anaesthesia and reduction of stiffness. It helps us to move and to fight the pain. At the same time, it increases blood flow, expands blood vessels, increases the level of oxygenation and increases the degree of absorption of other ingredients of the preparation into the tissues. Thus, it intensifies their valuable effects.

Hondrowell – effects, opinions

Hondrowell digestion cream

For all people suffering from joint ailments, both those who experience pain on a daily basis and those who experience it less frequently, e.g. after greater physical effort or as a result of staying in a draught or in a low ambient temperature, Hondrowell cream may significantly improve the comfort of life and free you from annoying ailments.

The preparation does not contain any harmful synthetics, is composed on the basis of high-quality natural raw materials that strongly stimulate the regeneration process, fight inflammation and eliminate disruptive ailments. Opinions about Hondrowell from customers are very favorable. Most people recommend it and talk about its high potency when it comes to eliminating all joint problems and getting back to the old efficiency.

The 7 effects of Hondrowell that users most often talk about:

  • pain relief (such as back, shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle and other joints),
  • Reduce grinding, creaking, popping and excessive friction within the joint during movement
  • Eliminates joint stiffness
  • Quickly reduce swelling and redness after injury,
  • Improved joint function,
  • with daily use – fast and efficient regeneration of the joint, recovery of mobility,
  • regaining the ability to bend, stretch, walk and perform other activities without pain and stiffness.

Want to know more about Hondrowell or order it? Click and go to the official website of the manufacturer and check the special offer!

Hondrowell package


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