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How to create a small home gym?

There is nothing like having your own gym at home. Being its owner you can at any time grab a barbell or dumbbell and perform a workout, for example when you do not have too much time for trips to the city, or if you just want to exercise alone, in complete peace and quiet, without the assistance of other amateur bodybuilders.

Is home gym is complicated undertaking to to take care of?

A gym at home gives you complete independence, freedom and the ability to use it unlimitedly and at any time. In fact, it is very easy to organize. For the simplest home gym, all you need is a small room or a section of a larger one. Think a little bit, maybe in your house there is also some other interior, which could be adapted to a gym, such as a garage room, basement, utility room. Generally, there must be enough usable space so that you have full freedom of movement while training (both while working out on the floor and on a bench) and so that you can easily accommodate all your exercise equipment.

A piece of free floor and that’s it – now it’s time to complete the necessary equipment, with the help of which you’ll start shaping your muscles (you can find the basic principles of mass training here).

Essential of a bodybuilder – – bench i barbellbench, dumbbells and weights

Universal exercise, which finds a place in almost every strength training is barbell press in lying down. Therefore, the essential exercise equipment for your home gym is a bench and a barbell. When it comes to choosing a barbell, there are different views on the optimal length. The most popular and most recommended barbells are the medium length of the barbell, that is, 180 cm or 2 m.

The next shopping point is the exercise bench. It is best to immediately purchase an adjustable bench, with a variable angle of inclination. You will be able to perform on it both exercises in lying horizontally, as well as in oblique. Remember also that it is not worth saving on a bench. Instead of looking for the cheapest products, it is better to choose a solid and stable copy from a slightly higher shelf, which will serve you for a long time.

Oeavy weights

Another basic equipment for home gyms are dumbbells and weights. There are whole sets of plates and barbells of different weights available in stores. You can use such a set or buy them separately as you are more comfortable. In general, it is important to be able to juggle the level of loads during training, so it is worth buying e.g. plates 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, etc., and 2-3 types of dumbbells. You can read about the types of loads (due to the material used) here – What loads to choose for your home gym?

Additional equipment to exercise w home

If you want to make your home gym a little more varied, opt for additional exercise equipment such as atlases and aerobic machines. The choice of this type of equipment will depend on how much space you have, what your budget is and what kind of exercises you would like to do on them. If you have a free piece of wall space, it is also worth investing in a pull-up bar. This simple piece of equipment will be an interesting departure from barbells and dumbbells in your training plans.

What else will you need in your home gym? For sure motivation and strength! If you want to multiply the effects of your workout, take a look at my ranking of mass gaining supplements. Pay attention to Fast Burn Extreme if you’re looking for an effective fat burner. Check out Mass Extreme and Titanodrol if you care about efficient and fast mass building.

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