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How to fall asleep quickly and get a good night’s rest while sleeping?

As far as a few sleepless nights caused by the inability to fall asleep is not a problem, but lasting insomnia can seriously threaten our health. A good night’s sleep is absolutely necessary to regenerate our strength, relax our brain, protect it from everyday stress, regulate heart rate and blood pressure and finally consolidate the acquired knowledge and skills.

Why do we experience insomnia?

The very concept of insomnia refers to several phenomena, these are both problems with falling asleep as well as too short sleep, frequent waking up during the night or superficial, restless sleep, not giving proper rest. The causes of insomnia may be of different nature. They may be caused by strictly physical diseases, for example, infection of upper respiratory tract, spine ailments, indigestion, as well as diseases of psychic nature (depression) or neurological nature (Parkinson disease).

In a sense, sleep problems affecting older people are natural, because with age, the amount of melatonin, the hormone responsible for the biological cycle of sleep and java, decreases in the body. In most cases, however, two factors are responsible for the difficulties, especially with falling asleep – a lifestyle full of haste, tension and stressful situations, and failure to observe proper sleep hygiene.

The problem mainly affects relatively young, professionally active people, as well as increasingly young people and even children. Undoubtedly, all kinds of neurosis, anxiety, stress, problems at work or school contribute to it, and the body subjected to pressure throughout the day is not able in the evening to relax enough to peacefully fall asleep.

Destructive factors, or a simple road to insomnia

In order for sleep to bring true rest and regeneration of forces, it is not enough only to fall asleep quickly, although this is of primary importance, but also to get a good night’s sleep, that is, to sleep long enough, firmly and uninterruptedly. Admittedly, the length of sleep itself varies individually, moreover it also depends on age (the younger the age, the longer the sleep), nevertheless it is assumed on average that it should last about 7 hours. What is more, the body requires specific and constant hours of falling asleep and waking up.

Meanwhile, the modern life model means very often sitting in front of a computer until late at night, different times of going to bed, excess of stimulants and strong emotional stimuli in the evening, irregular meals and too rich suppers, lack of physical activity during the day, in a word, an unhealthy lifestyle which is not conducive to night regeneration.

We also do not always take care to provide favorable external circumstances – darkening of the bedroom, lower temperature than during the day, access to fresh air. Of course it is not possible to remove all stressful situations from our lives, but we should at least try to eliminate difficulties with falling asleep and an optimal night’s rest. This is what proper sleep hygiene is for.

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How do I fall asleep quickly?

Some people fall asleep as soon as they lay their head on the pillow. Unfortunately, there are also those who count the rams endlessly, spin around looking for the most comfortable position and anxiously look at the clock annoyed that they have so little time left for sleep. From hour to hour, a vicious circle is created – we can’t fall asleep and because of this, nervousness grows in us, and this in turn makes sleep fly away.

Here are old and proven ways to fall asleep quickly:

  • Give yourself over to day
  • dreaming – let your imagination run wild and picture your wonderful new home in the countryside, yourself on a trip around the world or as an airplane pilot, yourself in a gorgeous outfit at an exclusive ball, yourself in a beautiful green meadow, etc. You can also return to the most beautiful moments of your life with your memories.

  • Reach for your favorite book
  • – it doesn’t matter that you’ve already read it 15 times, as long as it’s not a hard crime or horror story. And if you don’t have one, let it be something light and cheerful, even a children’s book.

  • Put out all the lights, remove the clocks.
  • If total darkness scares you, move the blinds back a bit or install some lighting to break the darkness a bit.

  • Try the effect of very soft, quiet music
  • , perhaps it will speed up falling asleep.

  • Before going to bed, take a long, fairly warm bath with hops cones or essential oils for relaxation.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk with honey or chamomile infusion

. You can also use herbal teas to help you fall asleep or a cup of lemon balm.

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