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How to get rid of stretch marks? Home remedies and other…

For many women, stretch marks caused by pregnancy or excessive weight gain are a huge problem. This is a significant issue, especially since the complete elimination of unsightly furrows is sometimes very difficult.

Where do stretch marks come from?

a woman checks whether she has cellulite

During pregnancy or in case of excessive weight gain, the skin stretches as much as possible to adapt to the changed figure.

As a result, collagen fibres, which are flexible but still within certain limits, rupture, creating visible grooves, initially red or purple, then fading, but still visible against a different skin tone.

They occur mainly on those parts of the body that enlarge the most. Hence the most common problem is stretch marks on the abdomen, but it is not uncommon to also find stretch marks on the thighs, buttocks, breasts and even arms.

Human skin is flexible enough to cope well with an excess weight of a few kilograms. However, a greater and rapid change, may cause disruption of the collagen fiber network and the formation of stretch marks. Not only pregnant women, but also adolescents during puberty, when rapid growth and change of body proportions occur, and athletes who intensively increase muscle mass are exposed to this risk. Stretch marks usually appear when we gain weight rapidly.

Take care of your body!

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According to the old principle, prevention is better than cure, the best way to combat stretch marks is to prevent them from appearing. First of all, you need to watch your weight. Since a diet lacking in nutrients and minerals such as zinc is important for the appearance of stretch marks, healthy eating is very important.

Even if you are expecting a baby, you should absolutely not eat for two. A weight gain of 10 kg during pregnancy is normal, but 25 kg is a gross (literally and figuratively) exaggeration. When returning to your old figure after giving birth, remember to lose weight slowly but systematically, because you need to give your skin a chance to adjust to the new body proportions.

Rapid weight loss will not be beneficial for our skin in any circumstances. Therefore, you should take care of a rational and balanced weight-loss diet and proper hydration of the body, use small cosmetic procedures to improve skin elasticity and actively do sports. Let’s lose weight gradually and systematically, this way we will certainly reduce the risk of the appearance of unsightly sagging skin flaps and make any stretch marks less visible.

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Home remedies for stretch marks

Carrot juice in a glass

It is extremely important to have a proper diet. It is worth taking care to include in the menu products with vitamin K, which has a significant impact on skin regeneration processes, such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and dairy products.

Do not forget about the vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth, which contains all salads, carrots, whole grains, bran and dairy products, tomatoes, liver, melons, almonds.

Zinc also helps to regain skin elasticity, it can be found in nuts, sprouts, pumpkin seeds, seafood and green vegetables.

On the other hand, carrot juice rich in vitamin C and minerals can be used internally, as a tasty and nutritious drink, as well as externally, in the form of a spread obtained from mixing juice with sea salt.

Aloe vera can also regenerate the skin. Recently coconut oil has been gaining popularity as a treatment for stretch marks, due to its valuable fatty acids with antioxidant and repairing properties. Onion juice, egg whites, potato juice, cocoa buttercan also be used as natural preparations for stretch marks.

Cosmetic treatments, ointments and creams for stretch marks

Today, we can easily take advantage of a variety of ready-made specifications available on the market in the form of oils, ointments and creams for stretch marks. They usually contain ingredients that stimulate elastin and collagen production, smoothing and brightening, mostly of natural origin.

The use of both home-made and bought preparations, however, should always be supported by a proper diet and physical activity, because both of these factors affect the general condition and condition of our skin.

There is also the possibility to take advantage of professional treatments in beauty salons and aesthetic medicine clinics. In order to combat stretch marks, for example microdermabrasion is used, which involves abrasion of the top layers of the epidermis, resulting in smoother and firmer skin.

Good results are obtained by needle mesotherapy, in which active restorative substances are introduced directly into the dermis. Stretch marks can also be removed by fractional laser, which works by removing the outer layers of skin, aligning scars and stimulating collagen production.

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