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How to improve your complexion? Learn simple and effective methods!

Most women struggle with skin imperfections. The problems we often complain about are grey, unhealthy looking, too dry or too oily skin. Many of us also struggle with blemishes, blackheads and pimples. These conditions have different causes but are usually the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and insufficient or inappropriate skin care. Find out how to improve your complexion with a few simple methods.

How to improve the appearance of the skin at home?

37867604172 47554ae842 z 300x264 1awoman makes a cucumber compress for her eyes” width=”248″ height=”218″ />Although drugstores are full of beauty and skincare masks, you don’t always have to reach for ready-made cosmetics. Sometimes it is enough to open your own kitchen to find products that are perfect for creating home concoctions to improve your complexion. Here are some examples of simple, homemade masks for different skin types:

  • Homemade mask for acne skin (tasks
  • : cleansing, accelerating skin regeneration, reducing pimples and blackheads) – we combine about one-quarter cube of fresh yeast with a teaspoon of milk, a teaspoon of natural honey and a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix the ingredients to obtain a thick paste. Apply to a cleansed face, wash off after 20 minutes.

  • Homemade mask for gray, dull, tired skin (tasks
  • : brightening, restoring a radiant, healthy skin tone, revitalization) – combine grated apple with grated carrot, 2-3 tablespoons of natural yogurt and a teaspoon of potato flour. Mix the ingredients into a homogeneous mass and apply on your face for a quarter of an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

  • Homemade mask for seborrheic skin (tasks
  • : reducing sebum production, cleansing, soothing inflammation, mattifying and refreshing the skin) – mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with grated cucumber. Add 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt and optionally 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley. Apply to face and wash off after 20 minutes.

  • Homemade mask for dry, dull, wrinkle-prone skin (tasks
  • : nourish, moisturize, lubricate, firm skin) – combine a tablespoon of milk with a tablespoon of flaxseed oil and a tablespoon of bran. Add the crushed avocado pulp and 2 tablespoons of orange juice. Mix the ingredients into a paste, apply to the face and wash off after about half an hour.

  • Homemade mask for complexion with discoloration (tasks

: brightening complexion, reducing discoloration, smoothing complexion and giving it an even color) – combine 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with grated cucumber. Add 2 tablespoons of kefir or natural buttermilk, mix the ingredients. Apply on the face, wash in 25 minutes.

How to improve skin condition with diet?

Vegetable salad with orange slicesIf you want to improve the condition of your complexion by simple, home methods, it is worth focusing not only on skin care treatments, but also on your daily diet. An effective diet for the skin should be rich in all the ingredients that the skin needs to function properly. And these are:

  • B vitamins,
  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin E,
  • vitamin D,
  • vitamin K,
  • zinc,
  • iron,
  • selenium,
  • copper,
  • iodine,
  • complete proteins,
  • omega 3 and 6 acids,
  • antioxidants.

All these substances are important for our skin, so the diet for the complexion should not avoid such foods as:

  • vegetables,
  • greens (e.g. parsley, fresh spinach, botany, fresh herbs),
  • fruits,
  • meat,
  • fish,
  • nuts,
  • grains (e.g. pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed, chia),
  • bran and cereals,
  • cheese,
  • eggs,
  • milk and dairy products (e.g. kefir, yoghurt),
  • unrefined vegetable oils (e.g. linseed oil, evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed oil).

Dietary supplements – additional help

Healthy nutrition is the basis in the fight to restore the appearance of the skin. Apart from a special diet for your complexion, drinking herbal infusions (e.g. from nettle or field horsetail) and using ready-made dietary supplements containing vitamins, minerals and extracts from precious medicinal plants may also be very helpful.

In case of acne-prone skin, grey and dull, overtired, prone to discolouration or eczema, it may also be a good idea to introduce a detoxifying treatment. Cleansing the body of residual harmful substances, which unfortunately have a large impact on the state of our skin, is the first step to its revitalization and improvement of appearance.

Noteworthy preparations that can help restore a healthy appearance of problematic skin are:

  • Spirulin Plus

– a preparation with a strong detoxifying and deacidifying effect, which will help us improve the condition of our complexion.

Spirulin Plus

  • Nonacne

– a multi-component preparation for acne with multi-track action (antibacterial, exfoliating, cleansing and regenerating).


Healthier life, healthier complexion

Overwork, insomnia, stress, stimulants, exposing our complexion to harmful factors and lack of proper care certainly do not benefit our complexion. If we want to look better and eliminate skin imperfections, it is worth taking care of a healthier lifestyle and putting these few tips into practice:

  • avoid stress;
  • get enough sleep (about 8 hours);
  • give up stimulants (including coffee, cigarettes, alcohol) or limit them to the minimum;
  • try to stay in smoky rooms and any places with polluted air as little as possible;
  • Take care of your physical form, get more activity, preferably outdoors;
  • eat a healthy diet;
  • Take care of proper cleansing and moisturizing your skin;
  • always remove your make-up before going to bed;
  • Try not to sunbathe, harsh sunlight is very bad for your skin;
  • Use good quality cosmetics for skin care and make-up;
  • Use creams adapted to your age group and skin type.

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