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How to increase libido in a woman? Check out the natural aphrodisiacs!

Lack of desire for sex is a problem with which many women struggle. It leads to frustration and the disappearance of intercourse, causes a range of negative emotions in both partners, is often the cause of quarrels, stagnation or even death of the relationship. If the lack of appetite for sex also concerns you, check out how to increase libido by using natural aphrodisiacs. Sometimes these simple, herbal ways can work wonders….

1 – Saffron

Saffron is one of the most sublime and valued spices. It stands out with its unique aroma and deep orange color, thanks to which dishes with its participation acquire a real uniqueness. But not only because of the culinary qualities is this plant worth attention. It turns out that saffron has a beneficial effect on our nervous system, prevents depressive states, relaxes and improves mood. Besides, this plant relieves symptoms of premenstrual tension and increases libido in women.

2. Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo biloba)

Ginko Biloba

Ginkgo biloba has very beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and brain function (improves memory and concentration, enhances mental abilities). In addition to these benefits, ginkgo biloba also has other valuable properties that may be of interest to ladies who complain about too low sex drive or unsatisfactory sex.

It eliminates states of fatigue and apathy, stimulates libido, increases blood flow through the reproductive organs, makes us more sensitive to touch and feels greater pleasure.

3. maca root

maca root is a highly valued sexual stimulant. It enhances desire, increases sensitivity of the senses, increases appetite for close encounters and improves the quality of sexual life by intensifying sensations. Moreover, it contains a whole list of valuable bio-elements and vitamins, thanks to which it positively influences our mood and gives us vitality and energy.

4 Fenugreek


The aromatic spice in the form of small seeds, fenugreek, is a weapon against falling and damaged hair as well as against digestive complaints. It is also a natural aphrodisiac and a good remedy for female hormonal fluctuations and negative emotions associated with them. It alleviates unpleasant symptoms of PMS and menopause, improves mood and increases libido.

5. ginseng root

If you are wondering how to increase libido in a natural way, your attention should also go to ginseng root. Every one of us knows that it is an extremely effective plant way to strengthen the body, revitalize it and increase energy levels. However, not everyone is aware that ginseng is also a natural aphrodisiac. It increases the appetite for sex, stimulates blood supply to the vaginal area, sensitizes to tactile stimuli and intensifies sensations.

6. Damiana leaf

Damiana leaf

When listing natural aphrodisiacs for women, it is worth finally mentioning the phenomenal Damiana leaf. It is an example of the herb for libido with the strongest and most effective action. It has multiple effects, simultaneously improving mood, helping to relax and fight stress, increasing sex drive and improving sexual satisfaction.

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