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How to lose 20 kg fast? Rational approach is essential!

Overweight people who have taken up the challenge of losing weight usually want the results to come in a flash. That’s why they often look for advice on how to lose 20 kg fast. In fact, the key question should not be: how to lose 20 kg fast, but how to lose 20 kg effectively. Here are some useful tips for people who want the weight loss process to be quick and efficient and at the same time bring permanent results.

20 kg in a month? Not always express means effective!

Express weight loss, followed by rapid gaining of weight is a common phenomenon among people who decided to lose a lot of excess weight. This is the result of a poorly conducted weight loss treatment, which included too drastic dietary restrictions. So if the idea of replacing your bulky body with a model’s figure crosses your mind, ask yourself what would be better – lose weight at express pace (e.g. 20 kg in a month) and then gain as much or even more? Or lose weight more slowly (e.g. a few kilos a month) and enjoy lasting results? Probably the second option is better.

How to lose 20 kg fast?

woman runs by the seaIf you want to lose 20 kg and avoid the yoyo effect at the same time, give yourself at least 3 months to lose weight. It is a short period of time, and the results will be quickly noticeable. If you are very overweight, you usually lose the most weight in the first month. In the following months the pace slows down a bit. However, if you continue the slimming diet and take care of physical activity, you will eventually achieve the figure of your dreams.

How to lose 20 kg in three months?

1) Change your diet, but not necessarily to a strict diet!

A calorie-restricted diet is an essential part of losing weight. But don’t opt for any drastic treatment as this will do you more harm than good. Just get rid of the fattening stuff from your menu and start eating the dietary ones. Also, stick to your meal times (eat 5 regular meals every 3 hours or so) and don’t overdo it.

Here are the foods you should avoid:

  • processed foods
  • sweets
  • crisps, salted nuts
  • cakes, pies, whipped cream
  • fatty meats
  • heavy soups and sauces seasoned with flour or fatty cream
  • fatty sausages, pâtés, black pudding, tinned foods, sausages
  • noodles, dumplings, pasta made from white flour
  • French fries, potatoes covered with fat or fattened with butter or cream
  • fatty cheeses
  • lard, cream
  • white bread
  • convenience store meals and fast food
  • Coloured, sweetened drinks

And these are the products you can eat:

  • wholemeal bread
  • groats
  • bran
  • oatmeal
  • rice (preferably brown rice)
  • whole grain pasta
  • vegetables (in large quantities!)
  • Fresh and dried fruit
  • Lean cottage cheese
  • white cheese
  • Skim yoghurts, kefirs, buttermilk
  • skim milk
  • fish
  • lean poultry cuts
  • lean meat
  • olive oil, good quality vegetable oils (in small amounts) e.g. coconut oil
  • cereals, grains, seeds, nuts (without salt or toppings), almonds

2. look for dietary substitutes for fattening supplements

healthy vegetable oilCalories are hidden not only in the basic products from which we prepare meals, but also in additives. Sugar should be replaced with xylitol or stevia. Mayonnaise and ready-made sauces for light homemade sauces from natural yogurt or olive oil and lemon juice.

Replace the traditional breadcrumbs coating with a diet coating of sesame seeds, crushed cornflakes or ground flaxseed (to further reduce the calorie content of the dish, bake the cutlets in the oven instead of frying them in oil). Make sure soups and hot sauces are flavoured with plain yoghurt rather than sour cream or flour. 3.

3. exercise 4-5 times a week

Most overweight people have nothing to do with sport. If you want to lose 20 kg, you should change your lifestyle to a very active one. Choose a sport that interests you and start training, alone or in a group, as it suits you. Also try to move more during your regular daily activities. By combining regular, intense training, about 4-5 times a week for min. Combining regular, intensive training, about 4-5 times a week for min. 45 minutes (or preferably about an hour), with a low-calorie diet, you will switch your body to intensive fat burning. The effects will surely surprise you.

Choose the right dietary supplement

health 621356 640 300x199 1dietary supplementsfor weight loss” width=”285″ height=”189″ />Dietary supplements for weight loss are extremely useful during a treatment aimed at reducing body weight. It is best to choose a product that simultaneously suppresses appetite, improves metabolism and fuels the rate of fat burning.

A review of the best supplements for weight loss can be found here. It is worth buying one of them, for sure it will help you mobilize to lose excess weight and carry out a satisfactory weight loss treatment.

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