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How to lose belly weight fast – the express way to a perfect figure

Flat belly is the dream of all adepts of slimming and body shaping. Often we find out, however, how resistant this area of the body can be and how difficult it is to reduce to zero unaesthetic folds or so-called tire. How to lose weight quickly and finally be able to enjoy a perfect figure? Read some of our tips, implementing all at once, and soon you will notice very positive results!

Why does the belly grow so fast?


Where fat tissue grows fastest depends to some extent on genetic factors, but much more on individual diet and lifestyle. There is no doubt, however, that in most people fat accumulates, unfortunately, most often in the upper part of the abdomen and what’s worse, this part of the unwanted excess body in many cases is the most difficult to get rid of.

The reasons for this unsightly affliction may be different, because much depends on purely personal conditions. However, it is hard not to notice that regardless of subjective factors, there are certain tendencies visible to the naked eye, which concern a significant number of the population. How else to interpret, for example, the phenomenon of protruding bellies in relatively young men, if not a similar, not very healthy lifestyle?

Unhealthy diet, high in fat, salt and carbohydrates, low in fibre, vitamins and phytosterols and lack of physical activity is a simple way to accumulate fat tissue.

All foods containing unhealthy fats, salt and simple sugars, and highly processed food is rich in such ingredients, interfere with the functioning of the hormonal balance, cause water retention in the body, contribute to the formation of gas, and finally significantly impede the body’s ability to burn fat.

How to lose weight fast from the abdomen – exercises

exercising women

To lose weight from the abdomen was the most effective, we should work on our hated folds in several ways simultaneously, one of the most important being regular physical activity.

This, in addition to proper diet and nutrition, is an absolutely necessary condition for achieving the goal.

The same sports are not always and not suitable for everyone. However, this should not discourage us from undertaking physical activity as such. It is only necessary to combine systematic movement with specific exercises, and then we can expect specific results.

The most measurable results come from combining aerobic training (or interval training for the more advanced) with typical abdominal muscle exercises. We should reach for both forms of activity 4-5 times a week.

Remember also that in order to really activate belly fat burning, aerobic training should last no less than 45 minutes, preferably about an hour. We can choose from a variety of disciplines, from which it is worth choosing one that we really like (otherwise we can quickly get discouraged) – cycling, jogging, zumba, aerobics, swimming, orbitrek sessions or other.

Exercises for a flat stomach

When it comes to typical exercises for a “tire” we recommend a proven set:

– trunks with dumbbells above the head
,- trunks with a twist
of the trunk,- twists and bends,-

lateral bends with dumbbells standing


– twists of the trunk with a load sitting,

lowering straight legs in lying backwards,
– pulling your knees to your chest while lying backwards,
– horizontal scissors,
– trunk

turns while lying down,

pulling your knees to your chest while hanging on a bar

,- push-ups,-



How to do crunches?

Bellies can be a very effective exercise bringing us closer to the effect of a flat stomach with nicely outlined muscles, but only if they are performed correctly. In short, the correct technique of doing sit-ups looks as follows:

We lie down on our back on a hard surface, bend our knees, hands intertwine at the back of our head at the height of our ears. We lift the upper part of the back up (to the area of shoulder blades), taking care that the lumbar part of the spine still rests on the ground. In other words, abdominals should not be performed too deep, which is the most common mistake with this exercise.

At the moment when the chest is lifted, we try to hold on for a short while, after which we return to the starting position. While performing the exercise, we take care to work the abdominal muscles, and not other parts of the muscles.

How to perform plank, or so-called plank?

Next to tummies, this is probably the most popular exercise for getting rid of the abdomen. It involves keeping the body in a straight line for a long time with simultaneous tension in the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, as well as the back and chest. This is a real challenge for the muscles and their proper coordination.

Classic plank

The most important thing in this exercise is to evenly position the body so that it forms an impeccable straight line, including the ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Assume a push-up position, resting not on your hands but on your elbows. Tighten the abdominal muscles and buttocks, trying to keep the body in a straight line. Hold for as long as possible. Breathe slowly and deeply during this exercise.

Side plank

The plank can be performed in various configurations, taking care to keep the body perfectly straight. Do the side plank by lying on your side, extending your inner arm out in front of you, and then resting your weight on your forearm. Place the foot of the outside leg in front of the inside foot. Lift your hips and hold this position. Repeat 10 times.

How to lose belly – diet

vegetable salad with feta cheese

Of fundamental importance for our figure, including a perfect, flat belly, is the type and amount of food we eat, as well as our eating style. Processed foods, alcohol, products with a high content of simple carbohydrates – these foods are full of empty calories, whose frequent consumption results in accumulation of unwanted fat in the abdominal area.

Belly diet should be therefore deprived of sweets, chips, fast food, ready-made and semi-prepared products for quick preparation (such as powdered meals, ready-made frozen meals for the microwave), canned and highly processed meats, as well as sweet drinks and alcohol.

Also avoid products made of white flour (it is better to replace them with products made of wholemeal flour) and fatty meats. Fatty dairy products should be limited, while introducing larger amounts of lean dairy.

Effective diet for a flat stomach is not only the choice of appropriate products and dishes, but also the proper planning of meals. A rich breakfast full of vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grain products is a great way to speed up your metabolism for the day, and thus burn calories efficiently. Conversely, a lack of a nutritious meal at the beginning of the day slows down the metabolism and the hunger that dominates the following hours forces us to eat too much in the second part of the day.

Apart from a good breakfast you should eat 4 more light, dietetic meals during the day, keeping a distance of about 3 hours between them.

Do not forget about the main rule of almost all weight loss diets, that is drinking plenty of water during the day (about 1.5-2 l of water a day, and even more on workout days). Below you will find a list of products on which meals in a flat stomach diet should be based.

What to eat to lose weight from the belly:

  • lean dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk);
  • cereals and bran;
  • wholemeal bread;
  • wholemeal pasta and rice;
  • coarse cereals;
  • eggs;
  • as snacks: dried fruit, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts;
  • lean meat (e.g. chicken breast, turkey breast, beef and pork tenderloin);
  • lean fish (e.g. hake, cod, flounder, pollock);
  • plenty of vegetables in raw, boiled and roasted form;
  • fruits (e.g. citrus fruits, watermelons, apples, pineapples, blueberries, strawberries, currants)
  • herbs and spices, e.g. dill, garlic, chives, parsley, ginger, turmeric, marjoram, nutmeg, chili pepper, cinnamon.

What should you avoid?

  • Sweet drinks are a real calorie bomb because of the huge sugar content. In addition, if they are carbonated drinks, they can cause bloating, additionally increasing the volume of the abdomen.
  • Sweets, because they contain fructose syrup and glucose, which equally, or even more than white sugar, affect the accumulation of fat.
  • Salty snacks such as chips or sticks, because they contain large amounts of salt retain water in the body, while simple sugars and saturated fats are not conducive to either health or slim figure.
  • For the same reasons, it is not good to eat highly processed products.

How to lose weight from the belly – the power of fruit and vegetable cocktails

Cocktail with mango and mango fruit

Blender shakes made of vegetables and fruits consumed regularly, preferably daily (e.g. as part of a second breakfast or afternoon snack), can be very helpful in slimming the abdominal area.

They are an effective way to regulate metabolism and the digestion process, moreover, they give a feeling of satiety and suppress appetite, cleanse the body of toxins and support fat burning, and thus contribute to the reduction of the belly circumference.

To prepare smoothies we can use almost any vegetable (e.g. celery, beetroot, broccoli, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots) and fruit (e.g. apples, pears, grapefruits, oranges, mangoes, pineapples) and mix them together according to our preferences.

In our slimming shakes it is also worth to place full of valuable properties “greens” – parsley, coriander, spinach leaves, kale, powdered chlorella and spirulina, and fiber products – flaxseed, vital fiber, oatmeal, bran, chia seeds, etc. Spices that stimulate metabolism and improve digestion – curry, chili, basil, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg – will also work well.

How to lose weight from the belly fast? The most important rules in a nutshell

1. eat regularly 5 smaller meals a day, the lightest in the evening, at least 3 hours before bedtime. Definitely do not overeat, shedding belly will be possible if you reduce by 200-300 kcal your daily energy needs.

Don’t go on a hunger strike, if you don’t eat for a few days you will lose a few kilos, but this effect is short-lived, mainly due to dehydration, and after the treatment is over, the slowed metabolism will make your body start to accumulate reserves again very quickly.

Drink plenty of water, and if you actively exercise, even more. Reach for different types of vegetable or fruit and vegetable cocktails as often as possible. 4.

Avoid prohibited foods: processed foods, heavy and fatty foods, sweets and snacks, carbonated, sugary drinks, alcohol.

5) Introduce to your daily diet large amounts of vegetables, preferably in raw form, fruit, whole grain cereal products, herbs and spices.

6. you can’t do without exercise. Make a habit of daily exercise, including special exercises for abdominal muscles. In any slimming treatment, the most important thing is regularity and regularity of exercise.

Sleep well, during sleep your body not only regenerates, but also burns fat tissue. Irregular, insufficiently long night rest makes this process more difficult.

8. take cold baths instead of hot ones at least twice a week. A cold shower improves circulation, promotes better skin elasticity and by lowering body temperature forces the body to use more energy.

How to burn belly fat – dietary supplements

Our efforts to get a slim belly will definitely be more effective and faster if we add supplementation of a good quality fat burner to our diet and exercises. Although typical pills for burning belly fat do not exist, there are many preparations that comprehensively support slimming. Such a supplement will have a positive effect not only on the appearance of our belly, but also the whole silhouette!

It’s worth paying attention to the advanced fat burner Fast Burn Extremethanks to which the process of fat tissue reduction may be even two or three times faster! This is because it is a multi-ingredient preparation significantly accelerating the burning of fats and carbohydrates and blocking the processes of accumulating fat tissue.

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