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How to lose thigh weight fast – simple tips, good results!

Slim thighs are an indispensable part of a perfect silhouette, meanwhile, many of us have considerable trouble with slimming down this part of the body. In working on the appearance of thighs first of all counts consistency. If you implement a few simple practices, about which you will read in the following article, you will soon begin to observe positive effects. Learn how to lose thighs fast and get to work!

Plump thighs are a problem for many women – why does fat like to accumulate in the upper part of the legs?

Slim thighs without a shadow of excess fat, well-defined muscles, no cellulite, and in return well taut, firm skin – these are assets of the figure, which unfortunately many women do not have. Although fat is a very important component of our body, responsible for the protection of internal organs, absorption of certain vitamins and proper functioning of the nervous system, its excess is definitely harmful to health and the aesthetics of the figure.

Thighs, next to the abdomen and buttocks, are one of the main areas where fat tissue accumulates in women. The main factors influencing excessive fat storage in these regions are disturbed carbohydrate metabolism (sudden intensive insulin secretion, sudden sugar surges in blood) and hormonal balance (e.g. too high estrogen level in the body). Sometimes our inborn body type (apple-shaped figure) causes lipid tissue to accumulate more easily in the area of our thighs, hips or waist.

The most common causes of accumulation of fatty tissue on thighs:

  • hereditary factors (mother, grandmother also had plump thighs);
  • bad diet in childhood and adolescence (too fattening food resulting in overweight, metabolism disorders and “fixation” of the chubby figure);
  • leading an inappropriate, unhealthy, high-calorie diet in adulthood (excess of highly processed food, too much refined white flour products, too many trans fats and animal fats, too many carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, and too little protein, vegetables, whole grain products);
  • slow metabolism;
  • habit of snacking between meals, tendency to reach for sweets, chips and other fattening snacks;
  • too little exercise;
  • chronic stress (resulting in excessive production of the stress hormone cortisol, through which we struggle with excessive appetite and store fat more easily);
  • too little sleep, frequent fatigue, poor mental shape, which result in an increased appetite and consumption of excess calories.

What is worth emphasizing is that in the majority of owners of too plump thighs, the causes of the problem are mixed, namely, to some extent genetic factors are responsible for it, and to some extent the lifestyle. Although genetics cannot be changed, but we can modify our habits, preferably starting today!

How to lose weight from thighs – act on several fronts!

Small but well-thought-out modifications in the lifestyle and the right supplementation will easily lead to the slimming of the upper parts of the legs, and at the same time reduce unsightly cellulite. How to lose weight from thighs quickly? By acting consistently, systematically and in many different ways! As in the case of shaping any area of the body, also when slimming thighs the fastest results come from a combination of exercise, diet and slimming preparations. Such a three-phase action is the shortest way to speed up the rate of metabolism, start the process of fat reduction and (thanks to physical activity) stimulate the muscles.

How to slim thighs – watch out for food that promotes weight gain!

A sandwich measured with a caliper

If you want to turn your chubby or fat thighs into nicely modeled, slim thighs straight out of an active women’s magazine, you should introduce a healthy, light diet that will maximize the speed of your metabolism and allow your body to burn calories more efficiently. Say goodbye to fast food and sweet calorie bombs such as doughnuts, chocolate bars, waffles, cakes or cream cakes. Forget about irregular eating, eat 5 meals of not too high calories, spaced about 3 hours apart.

Get rid of all highly processed foods (e.g. frozen microwave ready meals, white flour noodles, croquettes, dumplings, boxed soups, instant soups, powdered soups, pâtés, tinned foods, sausages and other low quality meats, crisps and other salty snacks etc). Replace ready-made muesli cereals with a self-prepared mix of natural cereals (e.g. oats, rye, millet, buckwheat etc.) and nuts, dried fruit, almonds, seeds and pips.

Give up flour and fatty foods, and replace sweets with dietetic snacks, e.g. homemade apple or banana crisps, dried fruit, nuts (without sprinkles and toppings!), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. Try to replace fattier varieties of cheese with leaner ones, and replace your favourite Kaiser rolls and white bread with equally good dark bread: graham buns, wholemeal rolls and good quality wholemeal bread.

How to lose thigh weight fast – start a diet that promotes fast metabolism!

cream soup and chopped vegetables, healthy food, diet for slim thighs

Compose your meals so that your metabolism is constantly on high speed. For this purpose as often as possible reach for protein products such as: lean fish and lean meat, kefirs, buttermilk, natural yogurt, natural milk and curd, cottage cheese, as well as legumes or already mentioned nuts. Remember that protein is an important ally of fast metabolism and efficient calorie burning.

An important place in your menu should also be occupied by products containing large amounts of dietary fibre, i.e.: vegetables, fruit, natural cereals, bran, groats (preferably thicker varieties), brown rice, wild rice, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal bread. The fiber products are not only filling and prevent sudden and intense hunger attacks, but they also stimulate metabolism, help in digestion, prevent constipation, and stimulate the removal of toxins from the body.

In a diet for slim thighs an important role should also play products that show diuretic properties, and thus prevent water storage in the body. These include: parsley, cranberries, cucumbers, herbal teas from field horsetail, dandelion or nettle. Excess subcutaneous water is the cause of swelling of the body, which increases the effect of thick thighs, as well as water cellulite, which certainly does not add slenderness, elasticity or beauty to our thighs.

Try to reduce the intake of salt, excess of which causes stagnation of water in the body. Also avoid products with a high salt content, such as highly processed meats, ready-made spice mixes, ready-made sauces and crisps.

The last valuable tip for slim thighs diet: make friends with mineral water, which takes care of good hydration of the body, stimulates detoxification of the body, promotes fast metabolism and prevents the retention of excess water in the body and prevents swelling. Drink about 1.5 – 2 litres of it a day and increase the amount on workout days.

How to lose weight from thighs fast – bet on exercise!

running woman, physical activity

You are not an exercise enthusiast and prefer to spend time on the couch than in motion? But try to change your preferences and find the optimal form of activity for you, that is, one that will give you pleasure and that will be matched to your abilities and physical condition. Otherwise, you will have to get used to your chubby thighs. It will be difficult for you to create a slim, proportional figure without breaking up with a sedentary lifestyle. Under-exercised legs almost immediately “catch” extra fat and accumulate it, which results in constantly increasing thigh circumference.

Regular exercise for thighs is a must if you want to sculpt muscles, reduce fat and cellulite, make skin more elastic, and of course slim and reduce the girth of thighs. For best results, bet on aerobic training (cardio) interspersed with classic exercises for thigh muscles, which you can do at home or on special equipment at the gym.

A training plan works very well, in which 4 or 5 times a week you do aerobics, for example you nordic walking or run (or optionally ride a bike, do aerobics, march on a stepper, do orbitrek, swim, do zumba, etc.) for about 40 minutes, and then do the following exercises for slim thighs:

  • squats,
  • half squats,
  • jumping squats,
  • forward lunges,
  • backstroke,
  • leg lunges to the side,
  • straighten legs while sitting,
  • leg raises in a supported kneeling position,
  • half-kneeling.

At the beginning we perform 2 series of exercises, about 10 repetitions each. With time, increase the number of series and repetitions.

Other forms of activity conducive to dynamic thigh slimming:

  • short but intensified (and very effective!) interval training, consisting of alternating a given exercise with high and low intensity (e.g. we run for 30 seconds at a sprint, and for the next minute we do a trot – and in this mode we exercise for about 20 minutes);
  • yoga, pilates – these are the types of exercises that brilliantly affect the leg muscles and accelerate our way to nicely modeled, slender thighs;
  • light strength exercises (e.g. with dumbbells, barbells or on special machines for leg training at the gym);
  • walking uphill (e.g. on a treadmill in an incline position, hiking in hilly areas);
  • exercise with a gym ball.

In addition to physical activity in the process of slimming thighs may also be helpful to stimulate circulation massages and scrubs.

How to burn thigh fat – choose a dietary supplement that will quickly bring you closer to your goal!

Although it is possible to lose weight from thighs with the help of diet and exercises alone, the process of getting rid of fat and shaping muscles takes place much faster and more efficiently when we additionally introduce a diet supplement.

The product should be selected for energy boosting (so that you have more strength and self-perseverance for training and your body copes better with fatigue) and for intensifying metabolic processes and increasing thermogenesis (so that your body uses calories more effectively and the rate of fat reduction is increased). The best fat burners also usually come with appetite suppressants to help you maintain a calorie-restricted diet.

The properties mentioned above are worth paying attention to if you want fat burner to comprehensively help you achieve your figure goals. One of the most interesting proposals on the market at the moment is Fast Burn Extreme – fat burner with a very reasonably chosen composition, thanks to which you can expect much faster results in slimming your thighs and other body parts if they require it.

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