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How to lose weight after Christmas, or about fixing the effects of annual pleasures

How to lose weight after Christmas? This is the question we often ask ourselves when the time for festive entertainments has passed. The issue is important because in our tradition Christmas is primarily a time of family feasting, and sometimes even, we must admit, overeating. Lots of prepared delicacies, sitting at the table for hours and being urged to eat by our mothers and grandmothers are definitely not conducive to keeping moderation. What to do in order not to gain a few kilograms after a few days of indulging?

Do we really put on weight during the holidays?

The question seems to be especially important for people on a diet or just watching their weight. How to reconcile the abundance of favorite dishes with the need to count calories? Should we refuse to participate in a family meeting, ostentatiously not eat anything or maybe we should just let it go counting on the effectiveness of a restrictive post-Christmas diet? Well, it needs to be stressed that 2 or 3 days of feasting are unlikely to harm our figure, although they may cause a slight weight gain.

The thing is that many people indulge themselves completely and for a longer period of time than the holiday itself, in the case of Christmas up to the New Year. But if you indulge yourself for 2 weeks, then you can actually expect to gain a few extra kilos.

First of all, you need to set yourself a realistic goal, namely since we are unlikely to lose weight on Christmas, let’s assume that we will try not to get fat. The essence of the matter is not to refuse to eat a few dumplings or a piece of gingerbread, but a common sense way of celebrating, namely increased physical activity and resignation from those foods that we have every day.

Why do we then need potatoes, bread, pork chops or ice cream, let’s eat only what belongs to the holiday ritual. And above all, let’s not prolong the holiday!

How not to gain weight on Christmas? Basic rules

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Menu supervision

It would be best, of course, to be able to control what is on the table yourself. However, even when you are a guest, you can try to make sure that there are a few fit dishes on the menu. You need to offer your help and prepare something lighter. These can be dishes baked without fat, for example baked fish in Greek style, or light cake.

It is also worth trying to place on the table as many vegetables as possible, especially raw ones. For example, we can serve chopped cucumbers, radishes, peppers, lettuce, and dips based on natural yoghurt. However, you do not have to force-feed your guests with fit dishes if they are not used to it, but we can treat them to main courses, and the typical festive delicacies as an addition.

We give upbuying sweets, as they contain a lot of unhealthy and fattening ingredients. Spare yourself the potatoes, white bread and other such additives; fish or meat and salad will be enough. If we reach for alcohol, wine or beer are definitely better than spirits.

Do not sit at the table hungry

This is a common mistake – we starve ourselves for the whole Christmas Eve in order to eat without restraint later in the evening. Christmas Eve should look like any other day when it comes to the menu, maybe at most instead of dinner we eat a light snack, but breakfast is absolutely mandatory. Half an hour before dinner it’s worth eating an apple or a carrot, which will prevent you from sitting at the table with a ravenous appetite.

The way of eating

Absolutely do not have to try every dish, eat only those you like the most and in no case do not force food. Put small portions on the plate, not suggesting the potential image that we will certainly eat more, on the contrary, after the meal, the impression of slight insufficiency should remain, which in fact passes quickly.

Let’s choose the least fatty and calorie-dense dishes, and although it’s not easy, let’s learn to politely but firmly refuse. Eat slowly, biting each bite carefully, this way you will consume less and the signal of satiety will reach your brain faster.

Don’t forget to drink water of course, alternatively you can drink herbal or bitter green tea or even home-made compote, provided it’s not too sweet. Don’t have any fizzy drinks because of their very high sugar content.

Increase physical activity

Even sitting at the table you can burn calories. You just need to talk more than eat, and even better, laugh a lot, which apart from burning calories exercises your abdominal muscles, not to mention a positive impact on your psyche.

Let’s try to get up from the table as often as possible, helping in serving dishes or cleaning up after the meal. And finally, instead of sitting in front of the TV, let’s go for an hour walk after dinner, and on other days, let’s get more exercise.

If it has already happened… So, how to lose weight after Christmas?

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If, after all, we have indulged too much, the rescue in case of overeating is mint or linseed infusion. They support intestinal work and the digestion process, help to get rid of bloating and abdominal pain.

It is worse when we prolonged the celebrations by another days and we actually notice the consequences of feasting on weight. How to lose weight quickly after Christmas? Unfortunately, it will require considerable sacrifices. There are several quick treatments that allow you to get rid of 3 to 5 kilograms within a few days. Their basis is to consume plenty of fluids and small regular meals with significantly reduced calories and daily exercise.

  • You should start your day with freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. It will not only help in better metabolism, but also adds strength and energy. Then we eat a light breakfast, which consists for example of a cup of coffee with milk or bitter tea, two toasts from wholemeal bread with a bit of honey, fat-free yogurt without sugar.
  • For dinner we eat soup, to choose from: vegetable soup with fresh dill with salmon fillet and rice noodles, lean chicken breast broth with lots of vegetables, egg noodles (without flour), cream of vegetable soup with parsley and roasted pumpkin seeds, lentil soup with toast.
  • For the afternoon a raw or baked apple and low-fat yoghurt is enough, and for supper raw vegetables, whether in the form of sliced carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, or vegetable salad. It is important that the meals do not exceed the calorie threshold specified by us, while being balanced enough to provide the body with the necessary nutrients – calcium, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins.

A fast weight loss diet requires a lot of fluids, but in no case do we reach for any ready-made drinks, even light ones. We limit ourselves to still or slightly carbonated mineral water, tea, preferably green, herbal infusions.

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How about a little slower, but with more lasting results?

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There are, of course, even more restrictive treatments, all kinds of monodiet, based on the consumption of one type of food, the Norwegian diet or the Copenhagen diet, very low-calorie, assuming not to exceed 1000 kcal per day. However, you have to take into account the fact that all these types of diets are not indifferent to health, in addition, very often cause yoyo effect after their completion.

Even if you gained a few kilograms after the holiday season, instead of torturing yourself with diets that can damage your health and help only in the short term, it is better to change your eating habits and lifestyle permanently. The key is of course to reduce the calorie content of your menu, but not necessarily as drastically as in the case of mentioned diets. Let’s check how much our body needs in our case (age, gender, type of work, activity level) and try not to exceed this limit, or maybe lower it a little.

The rules of systematic weight loss are clear: smaller and more frequent meals, slow food, large amounts of fluids, giving up fast food, avoiding fatty and fried foods and white bread or pasta. In its place a lot of vegetables, pickles and fruit. And everyday, systematic physical activity. It does not have to be a murderous workout at the gym, a brisk walk, aerobics, swimming, gymnastics, cycling will suffice.

What to eat to lose weight fast?

Regardless of whether we want to lose weight quickly or in the long run and permanently, the basis of nutrition should be vegetables, which is in fact in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the latest food pyramid developed by it.

  • Vegetables and fruit should make up half of each meal. Especially vegetables are low in calories, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre, which facilitates digestion and, what is important, ensures the feeling of satiety. Moreover, due to the abundance of antioxidants, vegetables have anti-cancer properties. As for fruit, it is better to limit the consumption of those with a high sugar content.
  • We give up white bread completely, and in its place we introduce wholemeal cereal products, such as wholemeal bread, graham bread, oat bread, flax bread, pumpernickel, vital bread, bread with grains (e.g. Schulstad Fitness Style), spelt bread, as well as thick groats, wholemeal pasta, brown rice.
  • Dairy products are an indispensable part of the diet, but let’s reach for those with reduced fat content, but not flavored yogurts. If you must eat protein, let it be fish, eggs, lean meat or legumes. Use herbs and spices, because they have not only taste, but also improve the process of metabolism.

Proper hydration of the body is of great importance in the process of weight loss. Remember that water speeds up metabolism, cleanses the body and generally promotes weight loss.

Of course physical activity is absolutely necessary and should become a permanent element of our lives. However, it is necessary to choose such type of movement that suits us best. Do not force yourself to run or exercise in a gym, for example, if you do not like it. The type of exercise should give us pleasure, then we gain a double benefit, and the effects will certainly be better.

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