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How to lose weight fast without going hungry – learn 2 effective diets!

Ideally, we’d like to find a quick diet where we don’t go hungry and afterwards we’d be 5 kg or 10 kg lighter. Such diets exist of course, but unfortunately most of them focus on only one food item that you have to eat all the time. However, too monotonous diet is not our ally, so it is best to look for the golden mean. I present 2 effective weight loss diets that allow you to lose excess weight efficiently and quickly, while keeping hunger away and having a varied menu.

Cheap and effective weight loss diet – vegetable diet

A large part of weight loss diets instead of helping actually hinders the shedding of pounds. It forces us to make breakneck dietary sacrifices, which have a negative effect on our mood and health. Why torture yourself with a diet that burdens your body, its severity and monotony leads to spasms, and on top of that leads to the yoyo effect? It is much better to use a rational variant of a slimming diet, such as a vegetable diet. Keeping it for 2 weeks we will lose about 3-4 kg.

Vegetable diet – menu and rules

healthy vegetable saladIn a vegetable diet, in spite of its name, we do not eat only vegetables, although they are of course the core of the menu. The vegetables themselves, as well as the ways of composing and preparing them, are countless, so we are certainly not threatened by dietary monotony. The vegetable diet is divided into 3 bigger and 2 smaller meals. In most of them vegetables should dominate. The leading part of our daily menu should be:

  • vegetable shakes and juices,
  • cooked, stewed or grilled vegetables,
  • light vegetable soups,
  • vegetable stews,
  • vegetable pastes,
  • diet salads made from vegetables,
  • salads,
  • vegetables eaten whole, raw.

Vegetables have a lot of dietary fibre, basing our menu on them we protect ourselves against attacks of hunger, and at the same time we stimulate digestive processes. In addition, vegetables contain very few calories, so we can eat them at will. As for other products allowed in the vegetable diet, these are:

  • fruits,
  • lean poultry meat and lean fish,
  • cottage cheese,
  • eggs,
  • skim milk, yogurt, kefir,
  • rice,
  • groats,
  • wholemeal bread.

However, we should remember to treat them as an addition to meals, not as the main ingredients.

Sample menus for the vegetable diet:

  • for breakfast we eat an omelette with tomatoes and spinach,
  • for breakfast we eat a yoghurt and a few carrots,
  • for dinner we eat a big plate of vegetable stew and half a glass of porridge,
  • for afternoon we drink a fruit and vegetable cocktail,
  • for dinner a salad of vegetables and tuna and a small slice of wholemeal bread.

Yoghurt diet – an effective way to slim figure

yoghurtWondering how to lose weight quickly without starving yourself and without eating the same product for a long time? Your invaluable ally may turn out to be the yoghurt diet. Its effectiveness results from the specific effect of fermented dairy products on our body.

They are very filling and prevent snacking, and thanks to the presence of valuable probiotic bacteria they regulate digestion, eliminating constipation and flatulence. Moreover, as protein products, they speed up metabolism and accelerate calorie burning (the body needs more energy to digest them), therefore they increase the rate of body weight reduction.

Yogurt diet – menus

On yogurt diet we eat 5 meals a day (3 bigger and 2 smaller ones). The basis of the diet is natural yogurt and related products such as buttermilk, kefir and curdled milk. We eat them at all or almost all meals of the day. A significant place in the yogurt diet is also taken by lean cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits. Additionally, we can eat: lean meat, lean fish, groats, rice, cereals, bran, grains, wholemeal bread (not too much).

Products not allowed in yoghurt diet are: sweets, sweet drinks, fatty and flour dishes, red meat, fatty kinds of fish.

An example of a yoghurt diet menu:

  • Breakfast
  • – natural yogurt with grains and raisins, a slice of wholemeal bread with chicken ham, lettuce, cucumber

  • Second breakfast
  • – rice bread, smoothie with yogurt and banana

  • Lunch
  • – a portion of meatloaf made from cooked poultry meat and boiled vegetables, half a glass of buckwheat groats, mizzeria (on natural yoghurt or buttermilk)

  • Teatime
  • : cottage cheese with fruit

  • Dinner

: a graham with hard-boiled egg and tomato, a glass of buttermilk

Yogurt slimming diet should last about two weeks. During this time you will lose about 5 kg. It is important not to return to high-calorie food after the end of the diet, instead, keep a dietetic, light menu.

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