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How to lose weight without exercise – tips to effortlessly lose a few pounds

Many people would like to swap their rounded figure for that of a model without having to incorporate regular exercise. The good news for “lazy” people is that it is possible to lose a few extra kilograms with just a diet and a few cosmetic changes in lifestyle. However, the process of losing weight may be a bit slower than if you decide to engage in some form of activity. How to lose weight without exercise? The following tips will help you achieve this goal. We invite you!

How to lose weight quickly without exercise?

Ideally in an express pace and without too much effort – such a style of slimming remains in the realm of dreams of many of us. However it is impossible to get rid of excessive kilograms in a short time (and keep the lasting effects) without physical activity and diet used simultaneously. If we bet only on one of these two ways of losing weight, we will also lose weight, but a little slower.

Although there are radical ways to lose weight fast without exercise, mainly in the form of very strict diets, but they give short-term results (after the end of the diet there is a yo-yo effect), and what’s worse, they carry the risk of negative side effects, so they are not worth considering. How to lose weight without exercise? Put our advice into practice and you will periodically notice weight loss!

Bet on changes in the way you eat!

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Before we move on to the dietary recommendations that will help you lose weight relatively quickly without exercise, let’s focus on the way you eat, because in people struggling with excess weight it is usually incorrect and unfortunately promotes the accumulation of extra pounds, while it should be the other way around.

Take a look at your eating pace. Do you often feel strong hunger or an uncontrollable appetite that ends up with you rapidly devouring the contents of your plate? If so, you should try to change this habit. Eat slowly and calmly, take small portions each time and chew each bite thoroughly. This way of eating makes digestive processes run faster and more efficiently, which is good for your figure.

Moreover, the information about satiety reaches the brain only several minutes after starting to eat. If you eat fast, you will consume hundreds of calories and you will still not feel full. By eating slowly, you will save many calories and the feeling of fullness will appear in due time.

Other useful tips on how to eat:

  • eat on smaller plates – you automatically put smaller portions on yourself then;
  • skip extra portions (if you like something particularly much, eat an extra portion at the next meal);
  • eat yourlast meal about 2-3 hours before going to bed;
  • eat 5 meals a day, spaced about 3 hours apart from each other;
  • eat awholesome breakfast every day, no later than one hour after waking up;
  • drink a glass of water before a meal (it makes your stomach partially full, so you eat less during the meal).

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Lower the calorie content of your daily menu!

A diet to lose weight without exercising should be reduced in calories. If we start to provide the body with fewer calories than it needs for normal functioning, it will start to draw energy from the stored reserves in the form of fat tissue. In this way we will start the process of body weight reduction.

However, remember not to use too radical diets that involve very large calorie cuts. In the long run they bring more harm than good. Rapid weight loss is usually followed by a return to the old weight. It is also worth knowing that if you follow a strict diet for a long time, you may risk chronic eating disorders and cachexia.

In order to lose weight without exercise, it is enough to reduce the amount of calories consumed daily by 400-600 in relation to the daily requirement. On average, for women who do not do heavy physical work, the daily caloric requirement is 2000 kcal. By introducing a 1500 kcal or 1400 kcal diet we will be on our way to slimming down our figure.

Reduce carbohydrates!

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Excess carbohydrates are the main factor responsible for gaining body fat. So it is worth taking care of their reduction in the menu first. However, do not reduce carbohydrates to zero, a certain amount is necessary as they are a direct source of energy for the body and ensure good brain function. Just try to cut down on any excess sugars and eliminate the most unhealthy and insidious ones.

So throw out from the menu processed foods, white sugar, sweets, white bread, products from white flour, instant dishes, fast food, coca-cola and other sweet drinks, alcohols. Instead, introduce to the menu wholemeal bread, thick varieties of groats, brown rice, bran, wholemeal pasta. But be careful with the quantities – 2 slices of wholemeal bread or about 100 g of cooked groats for 1 meal is enough. Reduce the amount of fruit to 1 portion a day (they contain a lot of simple sugars), but eat plenty of vegetables. When it comes to sweetening food, coffee and tea, use xylitol or stevia for this purpose.

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Lean protein products your allies!

Products containing large amounts of protein and small amounts of fat, so: cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, eggs, milk, lean meats and lean fish are your allies in the fight against weight gain. Protein has a great effect on metabolism. The body, in order to digest it, must make a considerable effort, and this ends up burning more calories. In addition, protein is filling, and thus allows you to forget about hunger for a long time.

Be careful with fats!

After carbohydrates, products with a large amount of fat are the second group of foodstuffs to be careful with. The combination of a large amount of fats and simple carbohydrates is particularly dangerous for the figure, which unfortunately often reigns over our tables (for example: potatoes or dumplings from white flour, meat in fatty sauce, and salad with mayonnaise as an addition). Also hamburgers, kebabs, pizzas and other fast foods are abundant fusion of fats and carbohydrates, which is why such dishes are so fattening.

So should we give up fats completely? No, some of them are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. However, it is enough that we strongly limit them and we will reach for those healthy types of fats, present in nuts, grains, fish, oil and good quality vegetable oils such as coconut oil.

How to lose weight without exercise – what else can you do for yourself?

Introducing a reduced calorie diet and changes in the way you eat will undoubtedly help to trigger the weight loss process. In many cases, however, the diet itself causes too slow (in relation to those expected) weight loss and changes in the appearance of the figure.

You can significantly increase the effects of weight loss by using various herbal ingredients and dietary supplements that stimulate metabolism, accelerate fat burning and suppress appetite (e.g. Probiosin Plus). Such slimmingaids combined with a rational diet can bring excellent results in terms of losing excess weight.

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