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How to run to lose weight?

Running is one of the most effective ways to lose excess weight. We can burn around 500 calories during a simple jog, and this value can be even higher if we add variety to our training plan and run for a certain amount of time at a certain pace. Want to find out more? Read this article and find out how to run to lose weight!

How to run to lose weight? It’s easier than you think!

Many people who start their adventure with running have a specific goal in mind – to quickly and efficiently get rid of excess weight. The choice is the best possible, because this discipline, like no other, works in the field of weight loss. Why? During running most of the muscles are involved, practically the whole body is subject to constant work. It comes to high energy expenditure, and the body looking for additional “fuel” begins to reach for fat reserves.

Running is an extremely effective calorie reducer. During a 50-minute run you can burn around 450 kcal or more, depending on your individual body weight, running style and several other factors.

If you are eager to start your running career, here are some important tips to help you reach your goal. Here they are:

1) Don’t go off the deep end right away, don’t try to go beyond your physical capabilities. Don’t run too hard, avoid overtraining. Start by walking, then move on to trotting, and only then to running. 2.

Begin each run with a small warm-up. Stretch your muscles, do a few bends and squats, walk a short distance at a brisk walk, then start running. Also, after running, walk to the end of your workout. 3.

Don’t run too fast. Too much effort may interfere with the fat burning process. The best results will be achieved by running at a slow or medium pace, so that your pulse rate oscillates at about 70% of your maximum heart rate. 4.

Try to run for about 40-60 minutes. In the first few minutes of running, your body derives its energy mainly from carbohydrates, and from fat to a small extent. Only with time does the proportion begin to reverse. High fat burning occurs from about 25-30 minutes of running.

5. combine running with a balanced diet. It can not be too restrictive and too low in calories, because the body of a runner has a high demand for nutrients. By eating too little, you can lead to a slower metabolism. On the other hand, the diet should not be too hearty either. Runners sometimes assume that since they burned so many calories during training, they can afford to eat their favorite (usually fattening) treat. This way, unfortunately, it’s easy to overcompensate for the calories burned and you lose weight.

If you want to achieve maximum results in slimming in a minimumamount of time, reach for dietary supplements that support weight loss. You can choose from a wide range of fat burners ideally suited to the needs of active people. Choose those equipped with ingredients that boost energy and eliminate fatigue as well as those that boost metabolism and intensify fat burning. You can find the ranking of the most effective fat burners here.

How to run to lose weight – a training plan

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As already mentioned, it’s best to start your running adventure with less strenuous forms of activity, such as walking, jogging or even fast walking. However, if you feel that this is a little too little for you, you can move on to standard jogging. How often to run to lose weight? For some, the most effective running is daily running (such as morning sessions of 40 minutes). For others, running every other day works best, while still others run 5 times a week.

Each of these forms can be effective, but as you can easily see, what they have in common is a high frequency of training. Regular running about 4-6 times a week for about 40-60 minutes will definitely result in systematic weight loss.

When you get through the first weeks of running and proudly notice the first changes in the appearance of your figure and the weight index, it’s worth trying to modify your training plan. With running is similar to all other activities, to each of them our body gets used over time. After a few weeks 40 minutes of slow running may not bring such spectacular results in weight loss as in the initial phase of jogging.

So with time it is worth extending the runs or start introducing additional elements, such as: intervals, runs in more difficult terrain, uphill runs, runs with increasing speed. For a longer runner there is nothing more effective than a variety of runs at varying distances and speeds.

How to run on a treadmill to lose weight?

An exercise treadmill is a good alternative for people who prefer to train outside in a gym or in the comfort of their own home. Running on a treadmill has a similarly high chance of losing weight as running outdoors, provided of course that we train regularly and for the right amount of time.

Calm sessions of slow running for about 40 minutes 4 times a week is a good start. For better results with time it is worth extending the training, it is also worth being tempted to make some modifications, for example running with variable speed or running on a treadmill set at a small or medium angle of inclination.

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