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How to stimulate growth hormone?

Wanting to gain muscle mass or build a sculpture, we often reach for dietary supplements supporting muscle building or strongly acting anabolic substances. The latter pose a serious threat to our health, and maybe even life, so it is worth avoiding them. In fact, it is possible to stimulate the production of testosterone and growth hormone in your body in a completely safe way, and thus accelerate the rate of shaping your dream muscles. Read how to stimulate the growth hormone and intensify the effects of building muscles.

What is growth hormone?

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Growth hormone(HGH – Human Growth Hormone or somatotropin) is a naturally occurring hormone in our body which is responsible for stimulating the growth processes of various body tissues such as bone, cartilage and muscle. We produce most of it when we are growing, i.e. during puberty.

Growth hormone has an anabolic effect, which is why it is of exceptional importance for people aiming to develop a muscular body. Thanks to it, the cells in our muscles grow (at the same time they divide into new cells), which makes it possible for the muscles to absorb proteins more intensively and to gain mass.

Side effects of growth hormone

HGH significantly affects the growth of muscle tissue while reducing unnecessary fat tissue, so in the world of bodybuilding taking this hormone is a popular phenomenon. However, due to its dangerous sideeffects , it is better not to try artificial growth hormone.

Possible side effects after taking growth hormone are:

  • diabetes,
  • hypothyroidism,
  • hypertension,
  • heart and circulatory system diseases,
  • increased risk of cancer,
  • unnatural growth of the limbs,
  • unnatural growth of the ears, nose and jaws,
  • hormonal disorders, potency disorders,
  • internal organ enlargement and dysfunction.

This doesn’t sound very optimistic, so a much better solution is to naturally activate yourbody for increased HGHproduction.

How to stimulate growth hormone naturally?


How to stimulate the natural growth hormone? First of all, take care of an appropriate lifestyle, in which a healthy diet and physical activity will lead.

Intense physical effort favours the production of HGH by the body, so don’t shy away from classic high-intensity strength training, which you can alternate with HIIT training for variety. Secondly, try to avoid alcohol and other drugs.

Thirdly, always provide your body with proper portion of high quality sleep. It is during sleep that growth hormone production is highest. In addition to 8 hours of sleep at night, you should also take short naps during the day. Fourthly, in order to stimulate the production of the natural growth hormone, it is also worth using appropriate dietary supplements – amino acids (e.g. lysine, arginine, ornithine) and good quality multi-ingredient mass boosters.

What to eat to stimulate the growth hormone?

A diet which promotes a higher production of the growth hormone by the body should first of all contain much higher amounts of protein, than anormal diet ofan average person. 2g of protein per day for each kg of body weight is a minimum. Prepare a menu in which a large role will be played by products with a high content of protein, so: lean poultry meat, lean beef and pork, fish, legumes (eg beans, lentils), eggs, lean dairy, seafood, nuts.

The second important point – don’t overdo it with simple sugars. Use them in moderation, especially as a supplement of energy fuel around workouts. And often reach for products containing complex carbohydrates, such as groats, cereals, bran, brown rice, wholemeal bread. Also ensure the presence of healthy fats in your diet (you will find them in nuts, oil, vegetable oils, fish) and a large amount of vitamins and minerals (you will find them in vegetables and fruit).

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How to stimulate growth hormone – dietary supplements, HGH boosters

The difference between multi-ingredient growth hormone boosters and single-ingredient products is that the ingredients contained in them cooperate with each other and enhance each other their effects. This determines their high effectiveness. However, there is one condition – active substances in such a preparation should be very well matched with one another and have appropriate concentration.

Among the dietary supplements which can effectively stimulate the production of growth hormone by the body, we particularly recommend:

  • Nutrigo Lab Strength – contains AAKG, a perfectly absorbable form of arginine which stimulates the production of growth hormone by the body. The formula also contains a number of ingredients which stimulate testosterone production by the body and promote muscle mass growth.
Nutrigo Lab Strength


  • Mass Extreme – It contains GABA, an important amino acid which enhances the production of the growth hormone. The formula also contains testosterone boosters: extract from Tribulus Terrestris, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and Fenugreek Extract (Fenugreek) and other valuable ingredients for muscles.
Mass Extreme


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