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How to strengthen eyelashes? Discover reliable methods!

Long and thick eyelashes beautifully emphasize the expression of eyes and are a real decoration of our face. No wonder that their condition and appearance are the subject of concern for millions of women. The trouble is that, just like hair, they require special care and attention and we usually only remember about it when they start to fall out. It’s high time to start taking care of them on a daily basis. Find out how to strengthen eyelashes with a few simple home methods.

Weak eyelashes – what are the causes?

Naturally dark lashes, long and thick enough, undoubtedly increase physical attractiveness, but their main task is to protect the eyes from external threats, dust, small pollutants and insects. For both these reasons it is worth taking care of proper growth and good condition of eyelashes, especially if they start to fall out. There may be various reasons for weakening and loss of eyelashes, some of them dependent on us, others not. Reasons not attributable to us include illness, menopause, allergy or environmental pollution.

However, we are certainly responsible for other factors affecting the quality of our eyelashes, namely the type of diet and the way we take care of them. The relationship seems distant, but diet has a huge impact on the condition of hair, nails and eyelashes. If you’re on a restrictive diet or don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables and other good quality foods that form the basis of a healthy diet, you’re going to have problems with both your hair and your eyelashes.

Proper hair care is just as important. Inadequate cosmetics and make-up remover, careless application or, worse still, not washing your eyes at night, will almost certainly result in brittle and weak lashes. It is worth remembering at the same time that even the best cosmetics do not guarantee full protection, in turn, frequent painting and washing the eyelashes weakens, so try, at least from time to time, to forgive yourself full makeup and give your eyelashes a rest.

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How to strengthen eyelashes?

woman paints her eyelashes

First of all, let’s not make basic mistakes. Falling out eyelashes is very often the result of our negligence, especially when it comes to makeup removal. Each time before going to bed you should carefully but gently remove mascara and dark circles, using professional products that easily wash them off. A common mistake is rubbing your eyelids too hard, which causes them to break and crumble.

They are also harmed by too frequent painting, especially using waterproof mascara, which strongly sticks to the eyelashes and makes the mascara difficult to remove. The expiry date of particular cosmetics should be strictly observed and the mascara brush should be washed with soap and water from time to time. Eyelash curler is harmful to eyelashes, because it makes them weak and fragile, and by pulling strongly on individual hairs eliminates those with weaker roots. If you have delicate and thin eyelashes, also give up extending them, because glue and attachments simply destroy natural lashes.

To strengthen eyelashes, you need to reach for either natural, already used by our great-grandmothers, home care methods, or the latest advances in cosmetics in the form of good conditioners, moreover, often based on natural ingredients.

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Home remedies for eyelashes

castor oil in a bottle with a cork

Reconstruction and regeneration of eyelashes with home remedies will be effective if we arm ourselves with patience and use the selected conditioner regularly and for a long time. Here are examples of treatments:

Castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil is an excellent antidote for weak and thinning eyelashes and eyebrows. Some people also use it on their hair. With a clean brush, no longer used for mascara, gently lubricate the eyelashes at night, being careful not to let the oil get into the eyes. The treatment should last at least 3 weeks. You can also replace castor oil with other natural oils, almond oil, coconut oil, burdock oil and linseed oil for eyelashes will work well.

Olive oil for eyelashes

This product, like other oils, is a great way to grow hair of any type. In our case, it strengthens and thickens the lashes, additionally making them darker. It is applied in the same way as castor oil, gently spreading over the entire length of the lashes.

Petroleum jelly for eyelashes

It is well known how beneficial petroleum jelly affects the skin. Its nourishing properties can be successfully used to regenerate eyelashes, especially that it is safe in application, it will not get into the eye as easily as oil. Lubrication of eyelashes with petroleum jelly at night should last at least a month.

Aloe vera for eyelashes

Analogous to petroleum jelly, aloe vera extract attracts and retains moisture, and because it contains amino acids and proteins, it has a strengthening effect on all hair types. It is best to prepare yourself a mixture of castor oil with aloe vera extract and apply with a brush on your eyelashes in the evening.

Green tea for eyelashes

Green tea is an abundant source of antioxidants, which in this case has the effect of protecting the eyelashes from crumbling and falling out. You can apply green tea extract to your eyelashes even twice a day, and you should see results after a month of use.

Professional eyelash conditioners

painting eyelashes

If instead of home methods we prefer to reach for professional cosmetics, it is best to choose a concentrated serum stimulating hair growth. Such specifics usually contain active derivatives of unsaturated carboxylic acids, which have been proven to have beneficial effects on the health and appearance of eyelashes. In addition to stimulating growth, conditioners provide protection against pollution, maintain an adequate level of hydration and nutrition.

One of the most valued specifications of this type is a preparation EleverLash. Thanks to the unique formula and the presence of proven active substances, it reaches the roots and hair follicles and dynamically stimulates the growth of eyelashes. Serum is so effective that its effects are comparable to the results of eyelash lengthening and thickening surgery, and at the same time it is a completely non-invasive effect and free of side effects.

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Regardless of whether you use home remedies or cosmetics, you should remember to always apply the product on thoroughly cleaned eyelashes, because only then it can penetrate into their depths.

If you use a professional serum, you can also use a home remedy such as green tea, but it is important not to mix both agents at the same time. If you apply serum in the evening, apply green tea extract in the morning. Eyelashes need to be cared for as carefully as hair, and maybe even more, due to their delicate structure.

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