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How to strengthen hair loss with 3 simple shakes?

When you notice weakening and thinning hair, it is advisable to take action right away. If you do not undertake any treatment, the problem will only get worse. In most cases, the body is not able to fight the problem of hair loss on its own. It needs additional support, especially in the form of valuable minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Try to get them in various ways, including in the form of dietary supplements and valuable, healthy food. Here are 3 shakes that will strengthen your hair loss.

How to strengthen your hair with health-promoting shakes?

Cocktail treatment for hair loss will be successful if you remember to be regular. Drink pro-healthy cocktails at least 5 times a week, trying to change the recipes. You can prepare compositions of products yourself or use our suggestions. Do not forget that the most effective cocktail against hair loss is one in which all nutrients that affect hair health are combined, so: minerals, B vitamins, vitamin A and E, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids.

At the same time, other home remedies for hair loss, such as hair rubs or masks, should be added to the cocktail treatment. You can also use dietary supplements to help with baldness and hair loss caused by various factors.

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No.1 hair strengthening cocktail


– 4 tablespoons of oatmeal

– 1 large grapefruit

– 2 kiwis

– 3 handfuls of kale

This combination of ingredients is a real health bomb for your hair. In oatmeal you will find the whole arsenal of B group vitamins and also: zinc, selenium, iron, calcium, silicon, copper, unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids. Kale is a treasury of vitamins E and A as well as calcium, iron, manganese and copper, which are valuable for hair. Grapefruit and kiwi will provide you with a large dose of vitamin C, A and B vitamins. To prepare a smoothie, start by pouring hot water over oatmeal to swell it. Then, blend all the ingredients. If necessary, supplement the shake with water.

Hair strengthening shake no. 2


– 2 flat tbsp spirulina

– 2 handfuls of sunflower seeds

– 1 large orange

– 2 peaches

– 3 handfuls of fresh spinach

Spirulina is a real wealth of valuable amino acids, beta carotene, B vitamins and minerals (including iron, zinc, calcium). In sunflower you will find unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and B vitamins and zinc. Orange and peach contain a lot of vitamin C, beta carotene, B vitamins, copper. The smoothie is complemented by spinach rich in iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and B vitamins. Blend all the ingredients together. If the cocktail comes out too thick, add some still water.

Cocktail for strengthening hair no. 3

Green smoothie grapefruit grape and lemonIngredients:

– 2 tablespoons of wheatgrass

– handful of walnuts

– 3 handfuls grapes

– 3 mandarins

– half a bunch of parsley

Wheatgrass powder, which you can buy at any organic food store, is perfect for hair loss smoothies. It is rich in amino acids, B group vitamins and vitamins A, E, C. It contains valuable chlorophyll and bioelements – calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper. The composition of the cocktail supplements: parsley rich in vitamin A, zinc and iron, nuts rich in omega 3 and 6 acids, and mandarins and grapes – sources of vitamin C, A, B vitamins. Grind the nuts and then blend all the ingredients together, topping up the smoothie with a small amount of water.

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