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Idealica, concentrated drops with powerful slimming properties

Idealica is increasingly catching the attention of people looking for effective ways to lose weight. It is a liquid dietary supplement characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients and multi-tasking action. The product actively supports us in losing excess weight in several different ways, one of which is inhibiting excessive appetite, which is the main obstacle for most people with excess weight on their way to a slim figure. Idealica Slimming Drops “repair” disturbed metabolism and naturally stimulate the body to fight the excess weight. Thanks to strong extracts, they are able to “move” even the most resistant spare fat. As assured by the manufacturer, when using Idealica drops, you do not have to start sport or a special diet at the same time, which will probably please those who want to lose weight without any modifications to their lifestyle.

Weight loss without sport and diet – is it possible?

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Many people struggling with excess weight find it difficult to develop new eating habits and introduce regular activity. There are various reasons for this, but the most common are:

  • insufficient motivation and mobilization,
  • busy schedules and problems with finding time for sports or preparing dietetic meals,
  • problems with strong willpower and consistent sticking to one’s plans,
  • exhaustion and tendency to passive rest (e.g. lying or sitting),
  • excess stress and difficulty in coping with bad emotions (culminating in uncontrolled overeating),
  • inappropriate choice of food products (e.g. too much simple sugars disturb the carbohydrate metabolism of the body and result in attacks of ravenous hunger and excessive eating).

These kinds of factors very often distance us from permanent changes in our habits, which could work to the benefit of our figure. Unable to stick to a slimming diet or a workout regime, we look for simpler ways to lose weight, ones that will not involve constant monitoring of our food intake or activity levels. The question is, is it possible? Are there miracle remedies that will burn body fat without changing your diet or activity level?

Probably no one believes in magic pills that would induce weight loss while gorging on favorite treats and zero activity level. If our metabolism is too slow, if we have constant calorie surpluses, eat too many sugars and the wrong types of fats, it is virtually impossible for the weight to start coming off.

On the other hand, there are preparations on the market that effectively block appetite and accelerate metabolism, and thus stimulate fat burning. Such products provide us with the possibility of losing weight easily and pleasantly, without effort and sacrifices, at the same time significantly shortening the time needed to achieve our dream silhouette. This Idealica is one of such preparations.

Drops for slimming Idealica – faster fat burning, fewer waist centimeters…

Idealica slimming drops

Idealica will be of interest to people who are looking for a supplement with an instant and strongly noticeable effect. These unusual drops are equipped with essential extracts from exotic fruit, which radically deal with slow metabolism and poor work of the digestive system.

The ingredients of the preparation prevent further accumulation of fat tissue and accelerate the decomposition of the previously accumulated fat. They also help you regain control over your calorie intake, prevent snacking and reduce cravings for sweets.

Importantly, Idealica works in several ways and accelerates fat reduction regardless of the cause of your weight problem. It is a valuable support in every situation, including when weight gain is caused by

  • hormonal imbalances,
  • depressive states, poor nervous condition, stress, overeating problems and bad emotions,
  • inborn slow metabolism,
  • pregnancy some time ago,
  • a sedentary lifestyle,
  • reluctance to be active,
  • problems with motivation,
  • mistakes in nutrition.


Idealica – composition of the preparation and effects of individual components

The unquestionable advantage of Idealica sl imming drops is their multi-element composition, in which, apart from extracts from several exotic fruits, there is an extract from Cordyceps mushrooms valued in traditional Chinese medicine and green tea and green coffee with slimming properties, chromium and a vitamin complex for maintaining vitality and well-being.

Each of these ingredients stimulates the slimming process, and since they are placed in one preparation and in a highly concentrated form, they are a slimming bomb.

Properties of the individual ingredients of Idealica drops

Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese mace)

Cordyceps is a valuable adaptogen and antioxidant with multiple bioactive pathways, showing immunostimulatory, repairing and regulating effects on body functions that have been disrupted. Thanks to its numerous properties, it can also be a great support for people fighting excessive kilograms.

It improves metabolic, digestive and detoxification processes, preventing the storage of fat reserves. It increases physical efficiency, adds energy, counteracts fatigue and increases the will to be active. Cordyceps also takes care of our mental sphere – as an adaptogenic substance it makes us resistant to stress, combats mood swings and improves general well-being.

Rambutan extract

Rambutan is an exotic fruit with a peculiar appearance (it resembles a plum covered with soft hairs), a delicious, juicy taste and slimming properties. It contains a rich set of minerals and vitamins, thanks to which it strengthens the body, adds energy and vitality, releases the will to act, rejuvenates and improves the appearance, making the complexion radiant and the hair shiny. Rambutan also improves metabolism, which translates into more intensive calorie burning by the body and faster slimming of the figure.

Kiwano extract

Kiwano is another exotic fruit with an unusual taste and peculiar appearance, resembling a chestnut on the outside (the fruit is covered with thorns) and a cucumber on the inside (hence its other names – African cucumber or horned cucumber). Kiwano has properties which will certainly be appreciated by people striving to reduce body weight. First of all, thanks to the high content of fibre, it regulates the work of the digestive system, suppresses hunger and speeds up metabolism.

What is more, it contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins, thanks to which it protects us from nutritional deficiencies, weakness, deterioration of mood, decline in physical condition, which often occur as a result of introduction of a diet with reduced calories. Thanks to kiwano we maintain high physical form, good mood and large energy reserves, which will undoubtedly help us in effective continuation of weight loss.

Cherimoya (cherimoya, Peruvian cherimoya)

Cherimoya is an exotic fruit with an intriguing heart shape. It takes care of our health, vitality and slim figure. It contains a wide spectrum of bioelements and vitamins, a large amount of antioxidants and fibre. Cherimoya improves immunity, prevents aging, adds energy, has a positive effect on mental and physical condition, soothes nerves. It improves metabolism, provides a feeling of satiety in the stomach, stimulates digestive processes and facilitates cleansing the body, so it actively supports the shedding of excess weight.


L-carnitine is an ingredient without which it’s hard to imagine today’s fat burner market. L-carnitine is an amino acid which increases the use of accumulated fat reserves as an energy source for the body. L-carnitine is particularly active in this area when we are on the move. Thanks to it, long-chain fatty acids are efficiently transported to the mitochondria and broken down into free fatty acids, after which they become fuel for our working muscles. L-carnitine therefore speeds up the entire reduction process and what’s more, it stimulates the breakdown of visceral fat which is particularly difficult to reduce.

Green tea extract

Green tea is the guardian of a good mood and fast metabolism. It stimulates the breakdown of lipids supplied in food, improves digestion, accelerates fat burning and supports the removal of toxins from the body. It also has a health-promoting effect as it contains powerful antioxidants in the form of catechins, thanks to which it protects cells against oxidative stress and prevents aging processes and civilization diseases.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a form of chromium perfectly absorbed by the body, which is an element of great support for people losing weight, especially those who have problems with snacking. Chromium effectively reduces the appetite and suppresses the desire for sweets. Thanks to it we do not feel a recurrent need to eat something, which translates into a significantly smaller amount of calories consumed and faster weight loss.

Green coffee extract

The slimming properties of green coffee are mainly due to the high content of chlorogenic acid, which is a remedy for disorders of glucose-insulin metabolism in the body. These disorders are often the cause of increased weight gain. Chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of sugars from food, thus protecting us from converting them into fat tissue.

What’s more, by blocking the absorption of carbohydrates from food, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee mobilizes the body to tap into stored fat more often for energy. Fat stores are broken down faster, resulting in a more dynamic slimmer figure and faster weight loss.

Another advantage of green coffee, from the perspective of weight-loss sufferers, is its high content of natural, well-absorbable caffeine, which guards rapid metabolism, reduced appetite, high energy levels and a greater desire to act.

Idealica – Effects of use

Idealica greatly simplifies the weight loss process and makes you go through it freely, without obstacles and sacrifices. The product suppresses the desire for food, contributes to lowering the calorie content of meals and eliminates the habit of snacking between them.

Itadds energy, mobilizes to be more active and strengthens our motivation for losing weight. At the same time it works inside our body, stimulating the decomposition of fat tissue. The effects of this product are noticeable with the first application. You can observe a decrease in appetite, elimination of fatigue and a surge of vitality.

After a few days you will notice an improvement in digestion, reduction in abdominal circumference, elimination of body swelling e.g. around thighs, hips, shoulders. After about 4 weeks we usually weigh a few kilos less (or a dozen, if we were initially overweight). Successively we notice successive weight loss. The final effect depends on the amount of kilograms we had to reduce, the time of treatment with Idealica drops and our lifestyle.

Idealica – customer reviews

On the website of the manufacturer of the preparation we read stories of people who spectacularly lost weight with Idealica, such as 12 kg in a month. According to customer reviews, the average weight loss is about 5-7 kg in 4 weeks. However, regardless of the rate of weight loss, most comments say that Idealica drops are worth buying because they work well as an appetite blocker, natural energizer, mood stabilizer and fat burner.

Idealica weight loss drops


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