Kaplanex – multifunctional capsules for weight loss. Are they the answer to the expectations of overweight people?

The growing interest in Kaplanex weight loss capsules is undoubtedly related to the fact that they are presented as an alternative to Meridia and Adipex. They are supposed to work similarly potent, but unlike them, they are supposed to be safe for your health. How does the popular Kaplanex actually perform? The reviews are inconclusive, but before we get to that, it’s worth finding out more about this specific.

Meridia? Adipex? Or maybe Kaplanex?

KaplanexAlmost everyone who follows the weight loss supplement industry has at least once heard about controversial products such as Adipex (containing fentermine) or Meridia (containing sibutramine). Their advantage was that they were fast and effective in losing weight. They caused norepinephrine release, which was associated with blocking the feeling of hunger for a long time, and thus reducing stored body fat.

However, they were not without a very significant drawback – they were based on strong chemicals that caused negative side effects (such as hypertension, heart disorders, increased risk of heart attacks, nervous system disorders, depression, addiction), and thus threatened health and even life. Kaplanex is supposedly a safe replacement for Adipex or Meridia – it is supposed to work in a similar way, but without the risk of negative side effects. At least this is what the manufacturer promises.

Multifunctional action of Kaplanex

rolled up measure and tabletOn the official website we read about three main actions of Kaplanex capsules. On the one hand, the preparation works thermogenically – by raising body temperature, it contributes to faster burning of stored body fat. On the other hand, it acts incretinically, which means it regulates carbohydrate metabolism, prevents hunger attacks, inhibits the absorption of sugars from the gastrointestinal tract and prevents their conversion into fat tissue. On the other hand, it acts lipolytically – it reduces the absorption of fats and limits further fat tissue growth.

Of course this three-phase action of the product is very useful for someone fighting excessive kilograms, but Kaplanex is not a revolutionary product in this field. Many dietary supplements work in this triple way, and the vast majority of them are more cost-effective than this product.

Kaplanex composition

Inside the Kaplanex capsules there are the following active substances:

  • Fucoxanthin
  • – a valuable substance extracted from algae. It has an antioxidant effect, supports liver function and prevents it from getting fat. It also has properties that support weight loss. Fucoxanthin stimulates the process of thermogenesis and contributes to more intensive decomposition of fat tissue.

  • Chitosan
  • – an unusual ingredient of slimming pills, obtained from chitin, of which the shellfish carapace is built. Chitosan binds with fats supplied in food and reduces their assimilability.

  • Chlorogenic
  • acid – an organic acid found in large quantities in green coffee. This substance reduces the absorption of glucose from the digestive tract, thus motivating the body to use accumulated reserves more actively.

  • Taraxacum officinale, or dandelion
  • , is helpful in weight loss and slimming as a diuretic and liver support substance. It facilitates digestion and helps get rid of excess water from the body, thus eliminating swelling, feeling of heaviness and water cellulite.

  • Gurmar
  • – comes from the tropics and is particularly important in regulating blood sugar levels. At the same time, gurmar limits appetite, especially for sweet things.

  • Capsaicin
  • – a thermogenic substance which improves metabolism, stimulates calorie burning and supports fat tissue reduction.

  • 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine
  • – under this complicated name is hidden nothing else but pure caffeine. It stimulates us to action by boosting energy and eliminating physical and mental fatigue. It also has a beneficial effect on metabolism and fat reduction.

  • Synephrine

– next to caffeine, another stimulant which increases energy levels and has a positive effect on our physical performance. It also contributes to increasing the metabolic rate and accelerates the burning of calories.

Kaplanex – weight loss effects

Thanks to the rich composition of active ingredients, Kaplanex demonstrates broad effects aimed at efficient reduction of fat tissue and regular weight loss.

apple and chocolate cubesThe manufacturer ensures that Kalpanex fully meets the basic requirements of a good weight-loss supplement – from inhibitingappetite, through supporting digestion and regulating sugar levels, to stimulating metabolism and supporting fat reduction. Kaplanex is recommended for people who are only slightly overweight, as well as those who have already gained excess weight in the form of obesity.

When it comes to the effects of slimming with Kaplanex, in each case the treatment may look slightly different. On the official website of the preparation we observe photos and statements of people who allegedly managed to lose weight with this preparation. In one case it is as much as 17 kg in 49 days. Nevertheless, how much weight we lose and in how long depends on the level of our excess weight, lifestyle or diet. All these factors are important, slimming pills never work alone, but in the assistance of a person who wants to lose weight.

Kaplanex – price

Kaplanex is an interesting specification in terms of its composition, which can facilitate and accelerate the shedding of excessive pounds. Its quality is comparable to several other preparations of similar composition, but its price is much higherthan those measures.

For one package containing 60 capsules you will pay 33 €, but beware, it is enough for only 15 days, because the recommended daily dose is 2 capsules twice a day. We can also buy a pack containing 30 capsules for 22 €, but then the profitability of the preparation will be even lower. Those who would like to have a month’s treatment at once must prepare themselves for the expense of 57 €, because this is the cost of a package containing 120 capsules.

Kaplanex – opinions

KaplanexAmong the weight-loss products available on the market, Kaplanex is currently one of the most popular. Therefore, it has received many comments from forum members and bloggers who had the opportunity to test this product. Opinions are divided – most of them speak about the average quality of this product, which means that during the treatment you only managed to lose 2-3 kg, which is much less than expected.

There are also less optimistic comments, according to which Kaplanex has nothing to do with Meridia or Adipex and did not help at all. However, there are also positive opinions, saying that the product fulfills its function well and helps in regular weight loss, especially if you add to the treatment a change in diet and some form of exercise.

Kaplanex or not Kaplanex?

Kaplanex is an interesting product in terms of its composition and action, but if you are looking for a “miracle saviour” of weight loss problems, you may be disappointed. Certainly, these are not capsules that will make us lose weight on their own, we need our help in the form of modifying our diet to a less caloric one and introducing at least moderate physical activity. This, however, does not guarantee that we will lose weight at an alarming rate. Judging by the reviews of Kaplanex, the effect is often less satisfactory than we expected.

A month’s treatment with Kaplanex is not cheap and the results may be far from our expectations. However, there are more efficient and at the same time highly effective preparations that accelerate weight loss.

SilvetsOne of them is Silvets. It is a high quality dietary supplement with a perfectly composed composition, which enjoys market reputation and high recognition among people fighting with excessive kilograms. Silvets has in its composition exactly what the body needs when it has accumulated too much fat tissue:

  • acai Berry
  • – a phenomenal ingredient that adds vitality and energy, making you more active, which will affect faster calorie burning. Berry acai will boost your metabolism and make your body get rid of fat folds more efficiently and faster.

  • Guarana
  • – another energy boosting ingredient. Guarana has a large dose of natural caffeine, which will not only propel you into action, but also stimulate your metabolism and make you burn calories at a faster rate.

  • Capsaicin
  • – a powerful thermogenic, which will make a positive revolution in your body in terms of accelerated metabolism and fat reduction. An additional advantage of capsaicin is the reduction of appetite (including for sweets!).

  • Green tea
  • – a noble extract from this plant inhibits excessive appetite and at the same time it stimulates fat burning and actively supports cleansing the body of toxins.

  • Bioperine
  • – reduces the desire for sweets, significantly improves digestion by stimulating the production of digestive juices. It leads to better absorption of valuable nutrients from food and at the same time supports burning of unwanted fat.

  • L-carnitine

– actively supports the process of transforming a fat body into a slim and fit figure. It leads to an increase in energy production by the body and uses fat for this purpose. In this way it accelerates the burning of fat tissue.

Silvets is an effective method to start slimming process. Thanks to Silvets treatment, you will get rid of problems with low metabolic rate, which caused weight gain and blocked fat burning mechanism.

Silvets will give you energy, improve your mood and motivate you to lose weight. It will deal with constant cravings for snacking, regulate digestion and metabolism, and accelerate the rate of burning accumulated fat. What more could you want from a slimming formula?

We recommend Silvets, especially that a month’s treatment with its use costs only 49 €. What’s more, if you buy a supply for 2 or 3 months, you will pay much less! More details in our review – click here.


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