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Keto Core – intensive drops to help you lose weight fast and regain control over your appetite

Keto Core are highly concentrated weight loss drops that work in an intensified way to benefit our figure. They increase the rate of shedding unwanted pounds of weight, and at the same time support us in the implementation of a diet with a limited amount of carbohydrates. The problem most people face with excessive body fat is a diet that is too calorific, snacking and a constant craving for their favourite treats, as well as excessive sugar intake. With Keto Core you can curb your excessive appetite and reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet without any effort or sacrifice. This will allow us to enter a state of so-called ketosis, after which we will efficiently and systematically lose weight!

Ketosis is the key to intensive fat loss

Ketogenic diet is a recently fashionable method for losing weight. It allows the body to enter a state of ketosis, in which the body begins to dynamically draw energy from fat reserves, and thus lose weight quickly and efficiently.

However, slimming down with the help of a ketogenic diet is not without disadvantages. It is associated with great sacrifices, strain on the body and nutritional deficits. In the classic ketogenic diet we reduce the consumption of carbohydrates almost to zero, and thus we condemn ourselves to a significant deterioration in well-being and a notorious lack of energy and vitality. In many cases, after the introduction of this diet, the work of the body is strongly disrupted, and in various aspects.

It is neither beneficial nor healthy for the body to completely cut off the supply of one of the basic nutrients, which are carbohydrates. A certain amount of them is necessary in our daily diet, otherwise our body starts to malfunction.

Keto Core is a smart way to get into a state of ketosis and start burning body fat fast, but without having to implement a radical ketogenic diet in its traditional form. With Keto Core, we can modify the keto diet and only reduce our carbohydrate consumption to a certain extent, and still see clear benefits from entering a state of ketosis.

 Keto Core

Thanks to a special composition of essential active ingredients, Keto Core regulates our carbohydrate metabolism, releases us from attacks of ravenous hunger, reduces the need for sugar, and at the same time mobilizes the body to produce ketone bodies and enhances the process of breaking down accumulated fat tissue into free fatty acids, which become a source of fuel for our body.

Keto Core versus a drastic keto diet

The ketogenic diet can unfortunately be a shock to our body. In its menu are allowed only such products as meat, dairy, eggs, butter, oils, low-carbohydrate vegetables.

However, not only sweets and sweetened drinks are forbidden, but also all grain products, including rice, bread, groats, pasta, grains, oatmeal, fruit, and even some vegetables (e.g. corn, peas, beans, lentils).

For most people such a menu is unacceptable. In normal conditions, carbohydrates are the basis of our menu, and their rapid reduction to a minimum causes deterioration of the body and a number of complications, sometimes serious.

Among the possible side effects of a ketogenic diet are: hormonal disorders (e.g. menstrual disorders), liver and kidney disorders, kidney stones, fatty liver, digestive disorders, hypoglycemia, weakened bones, concentration problems, impaired brain function, weakness, acidification, chronic fatigue and lethargy, headaches, heart palpitations.

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Nutritionists emphasize that any diet, in which we give up or reduce to almost zero the intake of any nutrient, is a deficiency diet, unfavorable for health. What’s more, such diets usually end up with a yo-yo effect, so dieting is completely pointless.

Keto Core is a good assistant in a situation when we would like to get all the benefits of keto diet (i.e. fast weight loss), but at the same time we don’t want to make so many dietary sacrifices. With Keto Core as our weight loss assistant, we can go on a less strict diet, allowing ourselves to eat a portion of cereal, fruit or grain every day, while still being in ketosis and drawing energy intensively from fat.

Keto Core is a large portion of active substances that reduce appetite, protect against the wrong types of carbohydrates (especially sweets) and gradually, gently, without sudden orthodox changes in nutrition, put our body into ketosis. Successively, the metabolic rate increases and the body begins to release fat.

Keto Core composition

While most weight loss drops are characterized by a poor composition of active ingredients, Keto Core drops have a much richer formula. They contain as many as 7 perfectly matched bio-substances, each of which supports the weight loss process.

 Keto Core weight loss drops

Active ingredients of Keto Core:

  • Extract from the leaves of the holly of Paraguay – perfectly affects digestion, speeds up metabolism, has a thermogenic effect, so that the rate of calories burned increases. It reduces the appetite and inhibits the absorption of fats and carbohydrates from food, which prevents further weight gain. Moreover, this ingredient prevents excessive water retention in the body, which causes swelling of the body and an increase in overall body weight. Horse holly is also an ally of an active lifestyle – it adds energy and has a beneficial effect on the body’s physical performance, which makes it easier to complete workouts. The ingredient also strengthens our immune system.
  • Extract from the rhizome of ginger – effectively stimulates the cleansing of the body from toxins and at the same time increases the rate of metabolism, making it easier to get rid of body fat. It also improves food digestion, makes the food pass through the intestines faster and prevents accumulation of fat tissue. Ginger also stabilizes blood sugar levels, which prevents such phenomena as: attacks of ravenous hunger, postprandial fatigue and sleepiness, excessive craving for sweets, snacking between meals. What is worth emphasizing, ginger is also one of the best ingredients improving our immunity.
  • Peppermint extract – dynamically stimulates secretion of gastric juice and bile, makes digestion efficient and trouble-free and, after a meal, we feel light and we do not have to deal with annoying ailments related to lazy work of digestive system, such as: the feeling of fullness, flatulence (causing the circumference of our stomach to increase), constipation, abdominal discomfort, heartburn, indigestion. The ingredient also regulates intestinal function and facilitates getting rid of toxins and fat deposits from the body.
  • Lovage extract – stimulates detox of the body, helps in removing excess subcutaneous water, reduces swelling of the body and water cellulite. By increasing the production of urine, it stimulates the excretion of harmful metabolites and toxins from the body. Lovage also improves digestion and metabolism, fights flatulence, adds lightness after a meal, facilitates weight loss and slimming of abdominal area and hips.
  • Dandelion extract – normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, prevents sudden jumps and drops in blood glucose which have a negative influence on our health and well-being. It blocks the feeling of hunger, reduces the desire for food and helps you stick to the diet plan you have set for yourself. Dandelion is also a specialist in eliminating harmful substances from the body which disturb metabolism and work of organs. The herb also supports the liver and improves fat digestion.
  • Theextract from the wild pansy – not only does it participate in slimming the figure, but it also has a positive influence on our appearance! By stimulating toxin removal, it improves the condition of the skin, smoothes and normalizes it, reduces seborrhea, eliminates pimples and blackheads. Slimming effect of wild pansy consists in acceleration of metabolism and detoxification of the body, improvement in fat digestion, increase in the feeling of satiety and suppression of appetite.
  • Salvia extract – regulates water balance in the body and improves disintegration of accumulated fatty tissue. It helps get rid of harmful substances accumulated in the body, ensures fast metabolism and impeccable functioning of the digestive system. Sage also helps in removing resistant fat and slimming down the abdominal area.


Why take Keto Core? Effects of use

 Keto Core drops for weight loss

Take Keto Coredrops once a day. Mix about 20 drops in a glass of water or juice and drink it. Due to its diuretic effect, it is better to use the drops in the first part of the day. This perfectly composed blend of valuable extracts will work to your advantage around the clock, suppressing your appetite, speeding up your metabolism and, most importantly, cracking down on lingering fat.

The main advantages of Keto Core:

  • they are convenient to use (with the help of a dispenser you measure out the right dose, mix with water and you’re ready to go),
  • They are perfectly absorbed by the body (liquid form facilitates rapid absorption and 100% effectiveness),
  • They work intensively and are maximally concentrated – they contain 100% active ingredients and 0% of bulking substances,
  • They have a multi-faceted positive effect on the body shape and additionally improve the immunity and condition of the whole body,
  • They are a great support in controlling your appetite and sticking to a diet low in carbohydrates and calories,
  • they maintain the state of ketosis even when not on a traditional ketogenic diet,
  • maintain the body’s rapid metabolism and systematic elimination of toxins,
  • accelerate the breakdown of fat tissue, make our body more willing and able to use fat as a source of energy,
  • intensify the burning of calories from food and release the body from excessive weight faster.

How much weight can you lose with Keto Core? It depends on the level of our excess weight and individual characteristics of the body, but certainly the process of fat reduction is much faster than without the participation of these drops.

If you are overweight, the rate of weight loss is very high (you can lose even up to 10 kg in a month). If you are less overweight, you lose about 5 kg per month on average. It is worth adding that the preparation gives clear and visible effects. From week to week we observe a more slender silhouette and a decreasing degree of body fatness.

Keto Core – opinions

Keto Core drops are one of the best rated products on the map of weight loss supplements. Customers emphasize that their systematic use has a very positive effect on the appearance of the figure and body weight. The product effectively switches the body into the fast fat tissue reduction mode, and at the same time allows you to maintain control over your appetite and calorie intake at all times!

According to many opinions, Keto Core gives better results than other slimming formulas. Many users also emphasize that the product is a great alternative to the draconian and exhausting ketogenic diet.

How to buy Keto Core?

As befits a modern, high quality product , Keto Core can be purchased online (via the official website ) in a fast and hassle-free manner. We can choose from several payment and delivery options.

We will receive the shipment in 1-2 days, so almost immediately we can start our way to a slim figure! A bonus for buyers are the price discounts we can get if we decide to buy two or three flacons of drops at a time.

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