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Laser hair loss treatment – in the office or at home?

Laser therapy is successfully used to treat various types of diseases and beauty defects. As it turns out, irradiation with rays of special frequencies can also help in the problem of baldness. What is more, thanks to innovative devices, such as laser comb, each of us can fight hair loss not only in the clinic but also in the comfort of our own home.

Laser hair loss treatment in the office – advantages and disadvantages

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In the treatment of hair loss LLLT type lasers (low power) are used. For the irradiation to have the desired effect, they must be carried out often enough and last long enough.

Systematic treatment with laser light increases blood supply to the scalp and further stimulates “dormant” hair bulbs and follicles to start producing healthy hair again with an optimal long growth phase.

The advantage of laser therapy carried out in a clinic of aesthetic medicine or cosmetic surgery is the full professionalism of treatments. Exposure performed by specialists with the use of professional equipment guarantees good results.

The downside of the treatment is the necessity to carry out a long series of procedures, which altogether may turn out to be a considerable expense.

Home laser comb – opinions, effects, effectiveness

laser comb

The ViviComblaser comb is a device which brings together the advantages of in-office radiation treatments and at the same time eliminates their main disadvantage – frequent visits to the clinic and payment for each treatment. The laser comb can be bought by anyone and used as needed in the comfort of their own home.

The device works in a similar way to professional lasers – the irradiation is supposed to increase blood supply to the scalp, stimulate hair follicles and provoke inactive bulbs to intensive production of healthy hair.

Opinions on laser combs are generally favorable, especially coming from people fighting baldness in its initial stages. After 2-3 months of irradiation, most people noticed thickening of hair and inhibition of hair loss.

Laser comb – price

Laser comb ViviComb unfortunately does not belong to cheap – for the original device we will pay about $ 700. There is also available on the market another laser comb which enjoys favorable reviews – HairMax, but it has an equally exorbitant price (model HairMax LaserComb Ultima costs $ 600).

Admittedly, on the Internet you can also find half-price laser combs, but they generally have a much worse reputation than these flagship models. If you decide to buy this type of product, remember to avoid cheap fakes of unknown origin and “second-hand” products, which are not necessarily 100% safe for your health.

If you are generally skeptical about laser devices or do not have the funds to afford a one-time expense of 2 thousand zł, it is worth paying attention to another method of combating androgenic alopecia – treatment with a dietary supplement called Profolan.

Profolan product for baldness


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